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Learn to Better Understand a Betting Slip

Learn to Better Understand a Betting Slip
As one of the basic features of betting, you'd think that the betting slip would be the most perfectly understood elements of the punter's world. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be true. One constantly sees reports of punters losing their shirts because they didn't understand what they were doing when they filled out their bet.

With offline betting, this was a bit less common. To place a bet it was necessary to have an actual conversation with a real, live, bookmaker. If you didn't know what you were doing, you couldn't just muddle through without getting asked a question or two that would set you to rights. Most bookmakers rely on having an absolutely stellar reputation for honesty and character to keep them in business, so even if their clients lost their wagers, they would ensure that everyone understood what was being wagered.

With the rise of online betting platforms, that safety measure no longer exists. Even on the online branches of offline bookmakers, there is no live person walking you through the process of placing your bets. With the siren call of exotic betting luring in more and more punters each year, the room for error has grown by leaps and bounds.

In some ways, the new online betting slip programs do try to make things simpler. There are drop boxes and tick boxes so that you can click, click, click through the whole process in seconds for simple bets. However, it's all the little option boxes that can distract and put you in a bad place.

For example, would you like to bet a multiplier? Hmmm . . .what's that? What are these multiple bet options? The online betting slip is encouraged to present all the possible options, because it has no way of knowing what you are planning for your bet. As a result, all of the temptations are right there where they can be accidentally or intentionally ticked.

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As ever, if you don't fully understand your wagers, you needn't be making them. This rule is the same online or off. Just because the betting slip shows the option does not mean that it is a required choice. Online betting slips are wonderful receipts for simple bets, and they can fulfil that role to perfection. You needn't turn the humble betting slip into the tool for your own personal bankrupting. Mind the little boxes, and stick to what is familiar, knowing full well all the options will be presented as a temptation for the unwary.

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