Betting Permutations (Perms) Explained

Betting Permutations (Perms)

Betting Permutations (Perms) Explained
There is a way to find 7 bets from only 3 selections, making use of what have incorrectly become known as permutations or perms. Consider the following 3 selections: Bolton to beat Charlton, evens Leeds to beat Liverpool, 6/4 Southampton to beat Tottenham 5/4 First off, each selection can be taken as a single match bet. Secondly, there is one treble available at odds of 11.25, calculated by multiplying together the odds for each of the 3 singles (2 x 2.5 x 2.25). However, there are also 3 doubles available too, by "perming" any 2 games from the 3 selections.

Such a series of bets is commonly known as a 'Patent', or a 'Trixie' if the singles are left out leaving only 4 bets. The greater the number of selections to choose from, the greater the number of combinations available. Combinations are not, of course, restricted to doubles. If we wish to choose from 4 matches, there are 6 combinations of doubles and 4 combinations of trebles available, in addition to 1 fourfold and 4 singles.

Betting permutation table

Bet Type Singles Doubles Trebles Four-folds Total bets
Patent Bet 3 3 1 0 7
Trixie Bet 0 3 1 0 4
Lucky 15 Bet 4 6 4 1 15
Yankee Bet 0 6 4 1 11

Betting permutation calculator

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