Sports Betting Strategies by User Rating

Sports Betting Strategies
The sports betting systems and strategies on have been available to our readers for many years already. It is an area which continues to grow as well, offering advice, tips and betting strategies.

At the moment there are more than 70 betting strategies, and every now and then, new strategies and betting systems are added to the list.

The advantage of such a rich offering of information, does perhaps come with the slight disadvantage of having to read through an overwhelming number of articles.

Since 2012 we have added the possibility for you to rate the individual strategies and many of our readers have made use of that opportunity.

Therefore it was obvious for us to offer you a ranking of the betting strategies by user rating, which we are doing now with the list below. Please note that we are listing here only strategies that have a certain minimum number of user ratings, in order to avoid distortions.

sports betting systems by readers' ratings:

Rating Scale: 5 = very good, 1 = bad

Rank Strategy Rating
1Long Odds and Short Odds Betting Strategy for NBA Matches5
2Successful Soccer Betting Tips4.55
3Betting on Scored Goals (over) - Winning bets with Strategy4.51
4The Most Important Things in Betting4.51
5Over/Under 2.5 in Football4.5
6Moneymanagement Strategy with Sub-Accounts4.43
7Losing Series Asian Handicap4.34
8Betfair cash out option 4.22
9NBA Totals Betting Guide4.2
10Live-Bet-Surebets at Betting Exchanges4.06
11Betting on Tennis (Correct Score Sets) - Winning bets with Strategy4.06
12Moneymanagement 10 percent Strategy4.05
13Single Bets with high Stake4.03
14Single Bets on NHL Games4
15Backing under 2.5 goals for the first 5 minutes of a match3.95
16Fibonacci Betting System3.94
17Trading WTA Tennis Matches Live3.93
18Asian Handicap Betting Strategy3.91
19Hedge Bookmakers Bonus-Offers without Risk3.89
20Hedged Win of the Favourite3.81
21Bet on Teams with a better Performance at Home3.74
22Using a favourite as insurance3.74
23Information and Statistics in Basketball Betting3.72
24Betting on Hockey Games (NHL)3.7
25Laying false favourites in horse racing betting3.7
262 Favourites and a Draw Out of 103.65
27Betting on Underdogs in Cup Competitions3.63
28Betting only NHL Handicaps3.5
29Betting on Up-and-Coming Teams3.5
30Distance in Kilometers Between Teams3.48
31Betting on Draws3.48
32Betting on surprise wins in WTA tennis3.46
33Under/Over with Statistics Strategy3.45
34Draw Bets with Handicap -1 in Tight Matches3.44
35Estimating and Comparing Probabilities3.42
36Money Management for Single Bets3.4
37Focus all your bets on 3 leagues / 12 teams3.39
38Money Management Strategy and Low Odds Accumulators3.38
39Lay the draw - Winning bets with Strategy3.38
40Lay low and Back higher - Winning bets with Strategy3.38
41Lucky 15 on HT/FT 1/X Bets - Winning bets with Strategy3.3
42Martingale Progression Explained3.25
43Value-Strategy + Stakes acc. to Kelly3.2
44Money Management Fixed Profit3.18
45Look for Games with Great Chances to Win and Decent Odds3.17
46Money Management Stakes Increased in Steps - Winning bets with Strategy3.16
47Over and Under 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy3.15
48How to place Under Bets and Sell them In-Play3.14
49Horse Racing Each Way Betting Strategy3.13
50Laying a Golf Bet3.09
51Great Tricks in Handball and Basketball- Winning Bets with Strategy3.07
52Betting with an Over/Under System3.07
53Take Advantage of Bonus Offers3
54Lay Correct Score 0-0 Strategy2.98
55Group Stage Strategy (World Cup, Champions League)2.91
56Doubles on Team Goals Scored - 3 or above2.72
57Odd or even Number of Goals Strategy2.67
58Draw System with Progression2.62
59Matches with Odds of 1.012.37
60Select the Matches that You have the best Knowledge of - Winning bets with Strategy2.34
61Betting That Something won't Happen2.32
62Analyze Tennis Bets2.25
63Money Management with Drawing Every Day2.2
64Guaranteed Profit with Multiple Bets - Winning bets with Strategy2.06
65Betting against Favourite Teams2
66Money Management Lose Only in Your First 2 Bets1.78
67Money Management Progression1.7
68Betting on the Draw with Progression1.46
69Horse Betting System1.34
70Selection Based on Results and Statistics1.34

If you want to share your own sports betting strategy that you are using sucessfully, please send it to us (to so other readers can also apply it to their own bets.