Current Champions League Injuries & Suspensions List

Injuries & Suspensions
One of the biggest agendas for Europe’s top clubs is securing a good UEFA Champions League run. But not only does chances of success in the lucrative competition come down to form and resources, but it is about depth and quality of squad.
Chances of getting to the final of the Champions League will be greatly accentuated if injuries and suspensions are low in their respective tallies. So knowledge of Champions League injuries and bans can be valuable knowledge for a bettor to follow.

Missing key personnel in the top UEFA club competition could be crucial to the chances of a side pulling off a win. Will the goals be at a premium because a club’s top proven goalscorer is out with an injury, or has the defence been weakened because of a suspension to a centre half? The Champions League injury list can have big implications for your football betting and attention does need to be paid fully to it.
Last update on 04 Dec 2016 at 8 hrs   


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Yaya SanogoCalf Injury24 Apr 2016Day to day
 Hector BellerinAnkle injury08 Nov 2016Few Days
 Olivier GiroudHamstring/Strain, Groin injury29 Nov 2016Few Days
 Mohamed ElnenyStomach trouble30 Nov 2016Doubtful
 Danny WelbeckKnee injury08 May 2016Late December 2016
 Per MertesackerKnee injury25 Jul 2016Early January 2017
 Chuba AkpomBack injury30 Sep 2016Early January 2017
 Santiago CazorlaAchilles tendon injury20 Oct 2016Early March 2017
 Mathieu DebuchyHamstring/Strain27 Nov 2016Early January 2017
Francis Coquelin Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
06 Dec: Basel-Arsenal

Atletico Madrid

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Fernando TorresHip injury24 Nov 2016Back in training
 Alessio CerciKnee injury01 May 2016Day to day
 Augusto Matias FernandezCruciate ligament injury25 Sep 2016Late March 2017


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Jérémy MathieuCalf Injury25 Oct 2016Mid December 2016


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Manuel AkanjiCruciate ligament injury05 Mar 2016Day to day
 Kevin BuaHamstring/Strain26 Oct 2016Unknown
 Jean-Paul BoëtiusKnee injury18 Nov 2016Unknown
 Dereck KutesaUnknown25 Nov 2016Unknown

Bayer Leverkusen

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Lars BenderFoot injury29 Oct 2016Few Days
 Ömer ToprakKnee injury22 Nov 2016Day to day
 Jonathan TahIllness02 Dec 2016Day to day
 Benjamin HenrichsThigh injury03 Dec 2016Unknown
 Hakan CalhanogluHand injury03 Dec 2016Unknown
 Karim BellarabiTendon injury10 Sep 2016Late December 2016
 Admir MehmediGroin injury30 Nov 2016Late December 2016
 Kevin VollandThigh injury01 Dec 2016Late January 2017

Bayern Munich

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Milos PantovicBack injury11 Nov 2016Unknown
 Holger BadstuberIllness01 Dec 2016Unknown
 Xabi AlonsoUnknown01 Dec 2016Day to day
 Kingsley ComanAnkle injury, Knee injury11 Nov 2016Mid January 2017
 Julian GreenMuscle injury26 Nov 2016Late December 2016


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Alejandro Grimaldo GarciaHip injury05 Nov 2016Day to day
 JonasAnkle injury08 Sep 2016Mid December 2016
 André HortaThigh injury14 Nov 2016Mid December 2016
 EliseuThigh injury27 Nov 2016Late December 2016


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 RhodolfoKnee injury22 Nov 2016Day to day
 Dusko TosicBack injury24 Nov 2016Doubtful
 AdrianoUnknown26 Nov 2016Doubtful
 Veli KavlakBack injury29 Aug 2016Late December 2016
 Caner ErkinAchilles tendon injury23 Oct 2016Late April 2017
 Anderson Souza Conceição - TaliscaBroken toe29 Oct 2016Late December 2016
 Aras ÖzbilizShoulder injury30 Oct 2016Late December 2016

Borussia Dortmund

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Sven BenderAnkle injury18 Aug 2016Back in training
 Raphael GuerreiroMuscle injury18 Nov 2016Day to day
 Shinji KagawaFoot injury25 Nov 2016Day to day
 Mikel MerinoIllness29 Nov 2016Day to day
 Joo-Ho ParkBack injury02 Dec 2016Day to day
 Nuri SahinUnknown03 Dec 2016Unknown
 Roman BürkiBroken hand20 Nov 2016Mid January 2017
 Neven SuboticKnee injury25 Nov 2016Mid January 2017

Borussia Monchengladbach

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Joel MeroBroken leg19 Oct 2015Day to day
 Marvin SchulzHip injury12 Sep 2016Day to day
 Lászlo BénesOverload29 Nov 2016Unknown
 Alvaro DominguezBack injury16 Nov 2015Early December 2016
 Mamadou DoucoureMuscle injury06 Jun 2016Late December 2016
 Patrick HerrmannAnkle injury04 Nov 2016Late January 2017
 Ibrahima TraoréGroin injury23 Nov 2016Late February 2017
Lars Stindl Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
06 Dec: Barcelona-Borussia Monchengladbach


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Kris CommonsBack injury22 Jun 2016Back in training
 Scott SinclairHamstring/Strain23 Nov 2016Day to day
 Erik SviatchenkoIllness03 Dec 2016Unknown
 Leigh GriffithsIllness03 Dec 2016Unknown
 Kieran TierneyAnkle injury, Shoulder injury28 Oct 2016Early January 2017

Club Brugge

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Björn EngelsShoulder injury15 Sep 2016Back in training
 Abdoulay DiabyGroin injury02 Nov 2016Day to day

CSKA Moscow

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Aleksandrs CaunaAnkle injury19 Jul 2016Few Days
 Figueira Mario FernandesHead injury03 Dec 2016Unknown
 Ilya PomazunCruciate ligament injury06 Oct 2016Early January 2017
Roman Eremenko Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
07 Dec: Tottenham-CSKA Moscow

Dinamo Zagreb

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Marko LeskovicAnkle injury29 Oct 2016Back in training
 Jose Goncalves dos Santos GoncaloCruciate ligament injury29 Oct 2016Back in training
 Alexandru MatelBroken nose22 Nov 2016Unknown
 Domagoj AntolicMeniscus injury18 Oct 2016Early December 2016
Jonas Gomes De Sousa Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
07 Dec: Juventus-Dinamo Zagreb

Dynamo Kiev

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Aparecido Danilo SilvaKnee injury23 Oct 2016Unknown
 Valeriy FedorchukUnknown12 Nov 2016Unknown
 Georgi BushchanMeniscus injury11 Oct 2016Mid December 2016

FC Copenhagen

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Benjamin VerbicGroin injury02 Dec 2016Few Days
 Danny AmankwaaKnee injury17 Oct 2016Out for season
 Nicolai BoilesenKnee injury, Illness15 Nov 2016Mid March 2017

FC Porto

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Miguel LayúnThigh injury20 Nov 2016Back in training

FK Rostov

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Anton LazutkinCruciate ligament injury20 Feb 2016Unknown


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Paulo DybalaThigh injury22 Oct 2016Back in training
 Rolando MandragoraBroken foot30 Apr 2016Unknown
 Marko PjacaLeg injury04 Oct 2016A few weeks
 Andrea BarzagliDislocated shoulder06 Nov 2016Late December 2016
 Leonardo BonucciThigh injury27 Nov 2016Late January 2017
 Daniel AlvesBroken leg27 Nov 2016Early February 2016


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Jose Leonardo UlloaBack injury24 Nov 2016Day to day
 Kasper SchmeichelBroken hand03 Nov 2016Mid December 2016


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Christophe JalletBack injury19 Nov 2016Back in training
 Emanuel Hernán MammanaGroin injury21 Nov 2016Day to day
 Nicolas N'KoulouStomach trouble02 Dec 2016Unknown
 Anthony LopesUnknown03 Dec 2016Unknown

Manchester City

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Fabian DelphHip injury20 Sep 2016Back in training
 Raheem SterlingKnee injury26 Nov 2016Day to day
 Vincent KompanyKnee injury19 Nov 2016Early January 2017
Fernandinho Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
06 Dec: Manchester City-Celtic


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Benjamin MendyThigh injury26 Nov 2016Few Days

Paris Saint Germain

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Javier PastoreKnee injury19 Nov 2016Day to day
 Marco VerrattiThigh injury02 Dec 2016Day to day
 Adrien RabiotThigh injury15 Nov 2016Early December 2016
Marco Verratti Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
06 Dec: Paris Saint Germain-PFC Ludogorets Razgrad

PFC Ludogorets Razgrad

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 VitinhaKnee injury20 Sep 2016Unknown
 Marcelo Nascimento da CostaHamstring/Strain22 Nov 2016Unknown

PSV Eindhoven

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Luuk KoopmansShoulder injury12 Jul 2016Back in training
 Jurgen LocadiaGroin injury28 Aug 2016Back in training
 Jorrit HendrixKnee injury28 Sep 2016Back in training
 Joshua BrenetAnkle injury21 Nov 2016Doubtful
 Nikolai LaursenCruciate ligament injury28 Oct 2016Out for season
 Andres GuardadoHamstring/Strain11 Nov 2016Mid December 2016
 Jetro WillemsHead injury23 Nov 2016A few weeks

Real Madrid

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Toni KroosBroken toe06 Nov 2016Back in training
 Fabio CoentraoThigh injury25 Nov 2016Unknown
 Danilo Luiz da SilvaUnknown27 Nov 2016Unknown
 Alvaro MorataHamstring/Strain16 Nov 2016Mid December 2016
 Gareth BaleAnkle injury22 Nov 2016Early April 2017


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Michael Krohn-DehliKnee injury28 Apr 2016Back in training
 Benoit TremoulinasMeniscus injury06 May 2016Back in training
 Carlos Fernández LunaCruciate ligament injury06 Oct 2016Day to day
 Samir NasriHamstring/Strain10 Nov 2016Few Days
 Sergio EscuderoUnknown26 Nov 2016Day to day
 Ivan Lopez AlvarezSprained ankle25 Apr 2016A few weeks
Franco Vazquez Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
07 Dec: Lyon-Sevilla

Sporting CP

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Bruno Jacinto da SilvaTooth injury26 Oct 2016Back in training
 Lukas SpalvisCruciate ligament injury15 Jul 2016Late January 2017
 Luc CastaignosKnee injury01 Dec 2016Mid December 2016
 Ezequiel SchelottoCalf Injury01 Dec 2016Late December 2016
Joao Pereira Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
07 Dec: Legia-Sporting CP

SSC Napoli

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Arkadiusz MilikCruciate ligament injury08 Oct 2016Early February 2017


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Toby AlderweireldKnee injury15 Oct 2016Back in training
 Vincent JanssenAnkle injury03 Dec 2016Unknown
 Erik LamelaHip injury, Hip injury01 Nov 2016Early December 2016
 Ben DaviesAnkle injury02 Nov 2016Early December 2016
Player has returned to training
Player will return in the foreseeable future
Player out for a longer period
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In this section you can see the full and comprehensive Champions League injuries and suspensions, so that you can fully know the status of your betting. Don’t get surprised by tuning into a match and seeing the side you have backed missing a key figure. Keep up to date and increase your chances of success as well with our special section dedicated to clubs absentees.