A look at Unibet Football Betting Coupons – Superscore and Supertoto

Football Betting

Unibet offer some great alternative coupons for your football betting, and could well be worth a look with the weekend’s Premier League fixture list coming up. Their Superscore coupon is something which can be both exciting and lucrative when played right. Fortunately it is all very straight forward and simple, and the coupon is based all round predicting the right scores of the Premier League matches listed. If you get all the predictions correct, then you are going to be a winner. But while score predictions can be tricky to pull off, this is where the Superscore coupon at Unibet does things just a little bit differently. Let’s take a Chelsea v Blackburn match for example which may be  highlighted on the coupon. As with most football prediction tests, what you have is just one chance of getting the scoreline right. Not with Superscore, as you can have pretty much as many chances as you want. Each team involved in a match on the coupon, will have a list of goal total to click in order to make your prediction, so Chelsea for example will have 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc, all the way up to 10+. So, if you think they are going to score 2 goals, you’ll check that, but what if you want a little more coverage? Well, you can also click the 1 goal, or the 0 goal option on Chelsea and add them to your coupon. You can add all eleven of the goal options for Chelsea if you wanted to do so, and that would certainly cover all of your bases. What kind of stake are you looking at? Well, you decide. You will pick the value of the row (which is each goal total per team) and that price is what will make up the total cost of your coupon. The more selections (therefore coverage) you make, the higher the cost of the coupon. As you tweak your coupon, you can see the odds for your combinations by looking under the tools. Once you are happy with your coupon, then you submit it to Unibet.

So, simply predict the number of goals that each team in a match score, and you can click one or more boxes in each column of the match). The bigger the row price that you select, then naturally the more rewards you will be in line to get. This is where the challenge of the Unibet Superscore coupon comes into play. Do you pick a small row price and cover your bases on a team, or limit your options on a team and go for a higher stake? The number of rows, multiplied by the amount of your row price selected, is what your coupon will cost you to play. What is really great, is that if you can’t really decide about some matches on the coupon, you can have Unibet do the groundwork for you, as they will fill in the combinations for you, all based on the odds of the match in their sports book. This can still be tweaked to your own fancy. This is a great way to play football predictions, and offers a great alternative to your regular outright fixed odds betting. The Superscore coupon has a guaranteed jackpot of one thousand for one winner. If you want more of this type of betting, then there is the Unibet Supertoto, which will be described now

The Supertoto is similar to the Superscore Coupon, but in this version, you simply need to predict the outcome of the matches on the coupon. You either pick a home, draw or away win (just as you would have done on the old style football pools coupons) and go from there. But just like in the Superscore coupon, if you are not quite sure about an outcome, you can click more than one option on a match. You can pick a home win and a draw for example. It will cost a little extra to play, as the more selections you make on your coupon like that, the more the cost of your coupon will rise. So again, this is where the balance comes in. The more certain you are, the less you risk and the more that you can win. But if out of the list of matches there is just one that you are really struggling to decide upon, you can at least take a little more coverage in the hope of landing all of your predictions. For a lucky winner, there is a guaranteed prize of ten thousand waiting for someone. This is another great alternative football betting method, and is well worth taking a little time to look ahead, ahead of the busy weekend of football in the Barclays Premier League.

Both of these coupons are pool betting games, and that means that all of the money which is paid in by punters putting in their coupons, is what goes into the prize pool. That prize pool then gets split up between the winners. The more people that play, the bigger the chance that you have. This can be quite an exciting edition to have in your football betting arsenal, and the fact that it is at Unibet makes a big difference as well. Unibet are one of the most highly recommended online bookmakers available, and are therefore worth joining for all of their impressive services, from their top value odds, to their brilliant live betting service and of course, their live streams. Unibet deliver a wealth of live sports streams for free, for funded account holders, and it really does add a little gloss to their website. They have a fantastic sports book and are well worth looking at for all of your sports betting. If you enjoy football betting, then you may want to look at the Unibet coupons, just to add something a little different for the weekend’s football betting. There is a £20 no risk first bet on a new Unibet account waiting for!

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