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Clever BTTS Betting – Both Teams to Score

More BBTS - Championship stats

12th December 2012 / cyril
Cyril's Betting Advice

Now it’s time to look at the BTTS (Both Teams to Score) in the Championship.
These stats were compiled before weekend 7/8/9 December.

At this point, teams have played 20 games each, so still haven’t reached the half-way stage.
The Championship have the second best record of the top 5 leagues in England.

At present almost 62% of matches finish with both teams having scored.
Only Brighton have so far failed to reach a 50% average in games of BTTS.
Leading the way, at present are Bolton Wanderers. The guys from the Reebok averaging 75% of games with goals for each side.

I have listed, below, in total goals order the twenty four sides and shown for and against totals.

Goals - statistics

Team Goals GF/GA
Bristol City 70 21/49
Burnley 67 33/34
Watford 65 37/28
Blackpool 64 35/29
Cardiff 63 38/25
Crytal Palace 63 39/24
Leeds 62 30/32
Derby 61 30/31
Middlesborough 61 34/27
Ipswich 60 19/41
Sheffield Wednesfay 59 22/37
Millwall 59 33/26
Bolton 58 28/30
Birmingham 58 26/32
Petersborough 57 21/36
Huddersfield 57 26/31
Wolves 55 28/27
Hull 54 29/25
Notts. Forest 54 28/36
Leicester 53 35/18
Blackburn 53 28/25
Barnsley 51 19/32
Charlton 50 26/24
Brighton 46 27/19

It is easily seen from the breakdown figures that some sides are finding it hard to score yet others, Leicester and Brighton stand out, are as mean as Scrooge when it comes to conceding.

Finally I’m listing teams in order of the number of games they’ve contested and ended with both sides scoring. All teams having completed 20 games.

Both Teams to Score - Championship

Bolton 16
Watford 14
Leeds 14
Notts. Forest 14
Middlesborough 13
Bristol City 13
Blackpool 13
Wolves 13
Crystal Palace 13
Derby 13
Cardiff 13
Blackburn 13
Millwall 12
Hull 12
Charlton 12
Birmingham 12
Burnley 12
Ipswich 12
Sheffield Wednesday 11
Leicester 11
Petersborough 11
Huddersfield 11
Barnsley 11
Brighton 9

How to use these stats for betting is the problem. The temptation must be to just go with the sides that have the best average. Maybe, maybe not. Consideration must be given to the lower down sides, depending on their opponents. Attention should be given to “streaks”. These can often point us in the direction of an upset. Don’t forget, all streaks are there to be ended. Teams which often play in games which have both teams scoring are just as likely to hit a barren patch as any other side.
A good example of this is WOKING in the CONFERENCE. Their record in 18 BTTS games from 22. Their LAST THREE games have fallen outside of the BTTS net. Who’d bet on their next match ending the same? Theoretically it’s an even money shot, either way. Unfortunately out friendly neighbourhood bookie won’t see it that way. All we need to do tho’is decide whether or not the “streak” will continue, or not.
The beauty with this approach to football betting is that it’s readily available at the local bookies. At least one of THE BIG FOUR offer a special coupon for this type of bet.

Still to come are the two Npower Leagues and the Conference. I’m in two minds whether this approach is worthwhile on the other major European leagues. AS time presents itself I’ll give them my attention.

Remember, bet sensibly. Only bet with money you can afford to lose. Best of luck.
-> BTTS for Premier League

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