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Who will win Eurovision 2012? Betting Odds, Preview and Prediction

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With the build up to Euro 2012 gaining momentum, let’s not forget that other great European battle which will resume its 2012 edition on Saturday, May 26th. That’s right, it is finally 2012 Eurovision betting time again and it will be worth scouring through the betting odds to see what value you can pick up for this dramatic night of action in Baku. All of the big guns will be putting the final touches on their performances and keeping their vocal chords in check ahead of Saturday night’s extravaganza and it is Sweden who are trading as clear outright favourites to win it. Sweden are being represented by Loreen, a Gothic rock looking lady. She was overwhelming favourite in the Sweden selection contest and enters with a song called Euphoria, which is her third single release and has been rocking along at the top of the Swedish charts. The single has also gone Platinum and the uplifting anthem will no be cross quite a few genders to gain votes. Sweden are in at 15/8 with SkyBet in the Eurovision betting market. Sweden aren’t in the grant final though, they have to go through the semi finals.

There is a divide then back to Italy and Russia who are trading around 7/1 with BetFair. Italy are in the grand final, with L’Amore E Femmina (Out of Love) from performer Nina Zilli. As to be expected, Nina is a very passionate Italian and has the ability to turn music into emotion apparently She has a Gold selling album behind her and had a sell out tour as well. Out of Love is actually a mix of Italian and English, so again, could well be a popular option. Russia too have to go through the semi final stage as well, as Buranovskiye Babushki takes his performance of Party For Everybody to the stage. This is a bit off an odd entry if you like, in a good way, because these are, let’s say, mature ladies (their name translates as Buranovo Grannies) and they had a crack at representing Russia before, back in 2010, but only came in third. They cover popular songs from the likes of the Beatles and Queen and have a bit of a cult following. It could be their um, cuteness, uniqueness and novelty which gets them far.

The UK are in the finals, being represented by veteran crooner Englebert Humperdinck. The septuagenarian has a long career behind him, and has his place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (and the Las Vegas Walk of Fame). The mysterious heartthrob was the one who actually made popular the jumpsuits, popularised and most associated with Elvis Pressley, who Humperdinck jokes “stole” the look from him. Humperdinck enters with Love Will Set You Free which is a mellow love song. Online bookmakers are a bit divided over the UK Eurovision chances though, because they are ranging anywhere from 9/1 out to 20/1 and everything in between. So it could just be worth a punt at longer odds of 20/1 at Bet365 because his a class live performer. Serbia, Romania and Iceland are all hovering around the 14/1 mark in Eurovision betting odds and Jedward go for Ireland with “Waterline.”

Who are the dark horses of the competition? Well two names jump off the page, Greece and Cyprus. Both have gone for aesthetics as Greece are fronted by Eleftheria Eleftheriou and this could just he chorus of all chorusing which will bury its way into your head and stay there. The song is Aphordisiac and don’t be surprised to see her pushing hard with her image, well toned back up dancers and that darned chorus. Cyprus have Ivi Adamou gunning for the title and she too will attract a lot of attention. More of a classical style and feel to the Cypriot entry and definitely and underdog who could easily achieve in 2012 Eurovision betting.

2012 Eurovision Betting Odds at BetFair
Sweden 6/4, Italy 7/1, Russia 8/1, UK 9/1, Serbia 14/1, Romania 16/1, Iceland 20/1, Denmark 25/1, Spain 25/1, Germany 33/1, Norway 33/1, Ireland 25/1, Greece 40/1, Cyprus 40/1



2012 Eurovision Song Contest Betting – Englebert Humperdinck draws in UK wagers

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2012 Eurovision Song Contest Betting took an upward swing for the UK after it was announced that legend Englebert Humperdinck will be representing the UK. The Finals is not until May the 26th, held out in Baku (which is the capital of Azerbaijan to save you time hitting Wikipedia), but the Grammy Award winner has called on the nation to get behind him in his quest to bring some much needed respect and talent to the UK Eurovision song contest entrant. You don’t get legends like this rocking the Eurovision stage very often, and although Humperdinck doesn’t know just what song he is going to be performing yet, he has made the UK on of the favourites in Eurovision Song Contest betting now. Humperdinck has been plying his trade for nearly fifty years now, is a multiple Grammy Winner, a Golden Globe Winner and has 63 Gold and 24 Platinum records. Being the trooper that he is, he is still going strong, touring around Europe a lot and so it is not a gimmick of coming out of retirement to have a last flourish in the spotlight or anything. Humperdinck means business, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame star should really be able to make a lot of his experience in the business and give the UK a tremendous shot at Eurovision victory. Even his reputation alone should secure him some great votes at the contest. He will be 76 by the time the finals come along, but he has tried to stay in touch with the younger generation. For anyone who has seen the new Beavis and Butthead movie, that’s Humperdinck singing the theme song, Lesbian Seagull.

Englebert Humperdinck (real name Arnold George Dorsey) hit the heights of fame in the late sixties, and he is probably most famous for his song “Release Me” (theme title to the Fast Show for anyone who is not sure). Another interesting fact about Humperdinck, a name which you are going to be hearing a lot of in the coming months no doubt, is that the somewhat mysterious crooner actually made jump suits and big sideburns famous, and not Elvis Presley. What is Humperdinck going to produce as the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest UK entrant? Can Humperdinck deliver the goods in 2012 Eurovision Song Contest betting? Will it be a crooning ballad? Will be an up tempo toe tapper to get the UK rocking? We will have to see about that, but not only does he bring his talent to the table, he also has a fantastic backing behind him in production, so it could be a big night in Baku for the UK. Humperdinck is far removed from Jedward, but he has helped attract some good money on the UK, who can still be taken at a decent price of 16/1 to win in 2012 Eurovision song contest betting.

Still, Humperdinck hasn’t put the UK as favourite in the betting market. That falls on Sweden, who haven’t even picked an entrant yet (still in the selection process). Serbia and Russia are also strong contenders as well, along with Denmark and Ireland.

2012 Eurovision Song Contest Winner Betting
: 9/2 at Boylesports
Serbia: 9/1 at Paddy Power
Russia: 12/1 at Ladbrokes
Denmark: 12/1 at Ladbrokes
Ireland: 12/1 at Ladbrokes
Norway: 12/1 at Totesport

UK: 16/1 at SkyBet

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