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F1 Drivers Championship 2017 Predictions & Betting Odds

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Nico Rosberg was crowned the F1 Drivers World Champion on the weekend, despite Lewis Hamilton landing a in win Abu Dhabi. The two Mercedes drivers don’t exactly have a warm and cuddly relationship going at all and Hamilton even rolled out some dirty tactics in the race, by slowing down at the front in the hope that other drivers could catch and pass Rosberg as Hamilton needed the German to finish lower than third. It didn’t happen though and Rosberg got his podium spot to be crowned the champion.

Hamilton defied team orders to not slow the race down while out in front, but Hamilton told them to just let them race and went about his business. That’s pretty fair because after all, he was looking at trying to find a way to win the Championship himself. So Hamilton was left frustrated at the end of the season, but will he be around at the team next season? There is an outside chance that Mercedes suspend or even sack him for his defiance of team orders and for putting Rosberg at risk of not winning the championship.

Of course that would seem like a drastic step because Hamilton is the best in the business and boss Toto Wolff recognises that and it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to do so. Hamilton is trading at 15/8 with Bet365 to win the F1 Drivers World Championship 2017 title already but that could solely rest on him still being with Mercedes because no other team is close to them.

Hamilton is the best driver in the sport and he will be out looking for a fourth world title. Next season is going to be a little different as well because of the changes which are being made to cars. They will be heavier and wider than they were this season and fatter tyres will be used. That will all mean that the cars will be running even faster, an average of five seconds quicker is expected per lap next season.

So again that is something which plays into Hamilton’s hands because he pushes the boundaries like no other driver does and it is somewhat fair to say that Rosberg claimed his title this year on the back of mechanical failures in the large by Hamilton. Think back to the Malaysian Grand Prix when Hamilton was cruising to the finish at the head of the field only for his engine to fail. Had he won that, he would have gone into the season finale ahead of Rosberg on points and the whole complexion of the title race would have changed.

There is generally a bit of shuffling around and the changes to the cars next season may suit Red Bull, who seem to be getting a jump on things. That will bring the exciting youngster Max Verstappen into the picture who produced one of the races of the season with his third place in the rain in Brazil. He is a driver who likes to live on the edge, much like Hamilton and he finished fifth in the overall standings this season, despite not getting a drive until midway through the season. He has been installed as second favourite at a price of 3/1 for next season’s championship. A full on battle between him and Hamilton would be epic.

F1 Drivers Championship 2017 Betting Odds

Lewis Hamilton 15/8, Max Verstappen 3/1, Nico Rosberg 7/2, Daniel Ricciardo 10/3, Sebastian Vettel 16/1, Fernando Alonso 25/1, Kimi Raikkonen 40/1 Stoffel Vandoorne 40/1, 200/1 bar

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Betting Odds & Predictions

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It is the climax to the F1 season and the title is still on the line. With one race to go, it is Nico Rosberg who is in the driving seat as he holds a 12 points lead over Lewis Hamilton. So huge pressure on Rosberg to see out the drama in Abu Dhabi. After the intensity of Interlagos in Brazil recently, the drivers will take on the less remarkable track at the Yas Marina circuit which has been called mundane by drivers.

Everyting is in the hands of Rosberg here really because if he just gets himself on the podium it won’t matter what Hamilton does at all. The only way that realistically Rosberg is going to lose the world title is by finishing the race outside of the top three, while Hamilton, who has won the last three races in the season, lands first spot. It gets harder for Hamilton to win if he doesn’t finish first in the race, for example if he is second then he would need Rosberg to finish out of the top six, which isn’t likely.

None of the other teams are going to get close enough to the Mercedes drivers to make this particularly interesting at the Yas Marina either. So it would really only be down to a machine failure on the part of Rosberg to deny him the win. That would be somewhat ironic really because he is largely in the position he is in because of the unreliability issues that Hamilton has had with his car all season. For example, if Hamilton’s engine hadn’t given gout with 16 laps to go at the Malaysian Grand Prix where he was comfortably winning, the picture would be so different right now.

So the setup of the race lends itself to value in backing Hamilton to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Bet365 which is a price of 11/17 to do.

He is the one who needs to go out and push for the win, whereas Nico Rosberg can just sit back to some degree and play the percentages to just get on the podium. It doesn’t matter for him so much and that is why he is 5/2 to take the win. The form as well in the season is with Hamilton, who is running really hot right now with consecutive wins in the USA, Mexico and Brazil. But unfortunately for him, Rosberg has tracked him home in second place in each of those races and that is all that he has had to do. Pretty much expect more of the same and another 1-2 for the Mercedes drivers.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Betting Odds

Lewis Hamilton 8/13, Nico Rosberg 9/4, Max Verstappen 11/1, Daniel Ricciardo 11/1, Sebastian Vettel 16/1, Kimi Raikkonen 33/1, 250/1 bar

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Brazilian Grand Prix Betting Preview and Winner Odds

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Lewis Hamilton will head into the Brazilian with pretty much nothing to lose. The British driver has kept his title hopes alive with back to back wins but that hasn’t stopped his team mate Nico Rosberg inching his way to the finish line. Rosberg still a big 19 points advantage which means that if the German goes out and wins at Interlagos on the weekend, then he will clinch the F! Drivers championship.

Roseburg has come home second in the last two races and he won’t care if he gets to the title by coming home second in the last two either. Lewis Hamilton has never won in Brazil before, but he has fond memories because this is where he claimed his first ever World title back in 2008. Rosenberg on the other hand has won the last two editions of the Brazilian Grand Prix. But this is the time when the pressure of becoming the World Champion can cause mistakes, so there is a small window of opportunity open for Hamilton if he can go and win the last two.

Some poor starts and unreliability of his car has set back Hamilton this year. But with the standings the way that they are now, the shackles are off and as he has said himself there is nothing to lose. But of course, even if he wins the final two drives of the season, he still needs Rosberg to slip up somewhere. The final maximum fifty points on offer would move Hamilton to 380 points for the season, meaning that Rosberg would need to collect just 32 which will be achieved by a couple of second places or even a second and a third.

So Rosberg has one hand on the title but hie is rung as 2/1 second favourite at Bet365 to win in Brazil. Why second favourite because of his back to back wins there? It’s because he doesn’t have to push as hard as Hamilton does. Roseburg just needs to get himself on the podium pretty much and there’s no need for risks or anything crazy going down. That leaves Hamilton as the 5/6 favourite to go and land his first win at Interlagos here. The rest of the field are double figures and larger for the race win.

It could be wet on the weekend in Brazil as well so that will add to the drama. That will add to the dominance of the Mercedes cars only though and that means there will be even less pressure on the rest of the field. If it does turn out wet though, that perhaps will increase the pressure on Rosberg because Hamilton is in a different class in the wet and it can add to a nervy encounter all round.

Brazil Grand Prix Betting Odds

Lewis Hamilton 5/6, Nico Rosberg 13/8, Daniel Ricciardo 11/1, Max Verstappen 12/1, Sebastian Vettel 12/1, Kimi Raikkonen 33/1, 250/1 bar

Brazil Grand Prix Pole Position Odds

Lewis Hamilton 10/11, Nico Rosberg 6/5, Daniel Ricciardo 12/1, Max Verstappen 14/1, Sebastian Vettel 14/1, Kimi Raikkonen 25/1, 200/1 bar

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Malaysian Grand Prix 2016 F1 Betting Odds & Prediction

Lewis Hamilton

Is the season getting away from Lewis Hamilton? His Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg took a win in Singapore last weekend and now the pair have to go into battle in the humidity of the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend. The Sepang International Circuit is the setting and it is a pretty exciting track as well, some say one of the best on the entire F1 circuit. There are fast turns, great straights and tricky sections, everything you want for a mix of action and bravery.

Hamilton goes into the race trailing his teammate Rosberg by eight points. Not a huge gap to make up, but the swing of form is just running with Rosberg at the moment, the German having won the last three races on the bounce. So Hamilton’s purple patch looks to be over and he is hanging onto the coat tail of Rosberg at the moment, his disappointing third place finish in Singapore has raised questions about his ability to push on and defend his World Championship title this term.

Hamilton admits himself that he needs to be driving better in order to get his championship run back on track. Hamilton had won six of the previous seven before Rosberg’s run of form but ran into trouble in Singapore with a hydraulic failure. Add on to that his engine failures in China, Russia and Belgium, and the British driver has had some issues to contend with this season. Hamilton has been in Malaysia all week and will be shooting for a  repeat of his 2014 success there, his only win in the race. Hamilton did get off from Pole Position last season, but could only come home second to Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton has had three pole positions in Malaysia and has been on the podium five times as well.

Malaysian Grand Prix Pole Position Odds

Lewis Hamilton even money, Nico Rosberg 11/10, Daniel Ricciardo 12/1, Sebastian Vettel 16/1, Max Verstappen 16/1, Kimi Raikkonen 25/1, 200/1 bar

Rosberg has never won in Malaysia, but then, he because the first non-champion to win the Singapore Grand Prix last weekend. Interesting four of the last five winners in Singapore have gone on to win the F1 title that season. The pressure is really on Animation because Rosberg came good at the end of last season, winning the final three races of the season. That was far too little too late then to get anywhere near Hamilton, but with the recent swing of form going to the German, there are big reasons to be concerned for Hamilton. Can he turn it around and land a much needed win in Malaysia, not only to boost his own chances in the title race, but to knock some momentum out of Rosberg? Hamilton is running at a price of even money, but Rosberg is being heavily backed at a price of 11/8 to land the victory.

Malaysian Grand Prix Betting Odds

Lewis Hamilton even money, Nico Rosberg 11/8, Daniel Ricciardo 11/1, Sebastian Vettel 12/1, Max Verstappen 14/1, Kimi Raikkonen 28/1, 300/1 bar

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Hamilton 2/1 to land third Singapore Grand Prix title

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It is the F1 Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, the hot and humid race under the lights and Lewis Hamilton will be hoping for a repeat of his 2014 triumph there. There is just seven races left on the calendar for the season and the title race is still wide open. Hamilton goes into the Singapore event with just a two point lead over his teammate Nico Rosberg. It has been a great ding-dong battle between the two of them this season.

However, a lot of the successes that Rosberg have claimed have come through bad starts from Hamilton, just like the one at the Italian Grand Prix in the last race. That’s two races without a win now for Hamilton after his third place finish at the Belgian Grand Prix prior to Italy. Hamilton had though started at the back of the grid and still managed to remarkably land a top three podium finish.

The Singapore Grand Prix has largely been dominated by Sebastian Vettel in recent times, the German driver having won four of the last five editions, including last season’s win there for Ferrari. But Hamilton has landed the title twice, in 2009 and in 2014 and will that give him an edge with no successes as the race so far from Rosberg during his career? Hamilton is trading at a price of 2/1 in the Singapore Grand Prix Winner market. With Rosberg down at 7/2.

Sandwiching the pair is Daniel Ricciardo at 3/1 following three podium finishes in the last four races for Red Bull. During the second session of the first practice day, Hamilton suffered a break down, leaving Rosberg to set the pace just ahead of Ferrari and Red Bull. Hamilton had put in the fastest lap through in the first runs in the session. Last year the Mercedes cars were struggling in Singapore but they seem to be back up there after being a good second off the pace to Ferrari and Red Bull last season.

Singapore Grand Prix Winner Odds

Lewis Hamilton 2/1, Daniel Ricciardo 11/4, Nico Rosberg 7/2, Max Verstappen 9/2, Sebastian Vettel 15/2, Kimi Raikkonen 20/1, bar 200/1

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Formula 1 Drivers Championship 2016 – Betting Preview & Winner Odds

Lewis Hamilton

The new season of the Formula 1 Drivers Championship is upon us. This is a bit of a unique season as well because there are 21 Grands Prix across the season, more than which have ever been held before in a single season. So there is a tougher race to the ultimate finish line of winning the Formula 1 Drivers Championship 2016.

Lewis Hamilton kicks off the new season as the reigning champion in his Mercedes. That was his third title of his career and his second consecutive one after cruising to the 2014 title as well. Hamilton is running as 8/15 odds on favourite to win the Driver Championship yet again this season and his Mercedes team is 1/8 to take the victory again in the Constructors Championship. So heavy favourites all around there for the team.

For racing fans, they will be hoping that Ferrari have upped the ante a little bit and they were putting in fast time during practice out in Spain. However, they didn’t do nearly as much testing overall as the Mercedes team did. Will that hamper them down the line? Regardless, Ferrari look far closer to Mercedes this season than last and they have multiple world champion Sebastian Vettel still with them.

The biggest change that Ferrari need to nail this season is getting in better qualifications. They were very poor last season in that respect and they were on the back foot for most of the season because of it. But they can take hope from Vettel having gotten wins on the board last season, because they did mix it up with Mercedes on occasions. Vettel is running at a price of 9/2 to win another Formula 1 Driver Championship, with Nico Rosberg sandwiched in between him and Hamilton at a price of 3/1.

Formula 1 Drivers Championship 2016 Odds

Lewis Hamilton 8/15, Nico Rosberg 3/1, Sebastian Vettel 9/2, Kimi Raikkonen 40/1, Fernando Alonso 66/1, bar 80/1

Formula 1 Constructors Championship 2016 Odds

Mercedes 1/8, Ferrari 9/2, Red Bull 33/1, McLaren 33/1, bar 66/1

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Formula 1 Drivers Championship 2016 Season

So twenty one races to come this season. It all starts, as usual, with the Australian Grand Prix at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Melbourne on March 20th. The season wraps up all the way at the back end of November with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the 27th.

F1 Australian Grand Prix 2016

Australian Grand Prix: Australia Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne: 20 March
Bahrain Grand Prix: Bahrain Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir: 3 April
Chinese Grand Prix: China Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai: 17 April
Russian Grand Prix: Russia Sochi Autodrom, Sochi: 1 May
Spanish Grand Prix: Spain Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona: 15 May
Monaco Grand Prix: Monaco  Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo: 29 May
Canadian Grand Prix: Canada Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal: 12 June
European Grand Prix: Azerbaijan Baku City Circuit, Baku: 19 June
Austrian Grand Prix: Austria Red Bull Ring, Spielberg: 3 July
British Grand Prix: United Kingdom Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone: 10 July
Hungarian Grand Prix: Hungary Hungaroring, Budapest: 24 July
German Grand Prix: Germany Hockenheimring, Hockenheim: 31 July
Belgian Grand Prix: Belgium Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Stavelot: 28 August
Italian Grand Prix: Italy Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza: 4 September
Singapore Grand Prix: Singapore Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore: 18 September
Malaysian Grand Prix: Malaysia Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur: 2 October
Japanese Grand Prix: Japan Suzuka International Racing Course, Suzuka: 9 October
United States Grand Prix: United States Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas: 23 October
Mexican Grand Prix: México Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico City: 30 October
Brazilian Grand Prix: Brazil Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo: 13 November
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: United Arab Emirates Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: 27 November

So the difference this season is that there has been the return of the European Grand Prix. This race, which has moved around circuits throughout the history of F1 gets a running at a brand new street circuit in Baku, Azerbaijan on June 19th. So that will be a really interesting race to look forward too and the German Grand Prix goes back to Hockenheimring as they are now going to be alternating with the Nurburgring.

Also, as usual with F1 there has been tinkering with rules and regulations. Some of the changes this season includes a new tyre compound and extra chances for development through the season and perhaps the biggest one is that a ‘screamer pipe’ has been added to increase car noise, which is through a separate wastegate for exhaust pipes.

There has also been a change to qualifying as well, as it will now be operating on a knockout system. It has been designed to hopefully see the starting grids get mixed up a little bit from the usual processions. In this system, drivers will be eliminated from qualifying one by one, with the slowest driver not taking any further part in the qualifying until there are fifteen runners left. You then get another 15 minute segment in qualifying with the slowest driver being knocked out after six minutes of running and then a further driver knockout out after each 90 seconds have passed.

Formula 1 Drivers Championship Records and Stats

Legend Michael Schumacher is the most successful driver in the history of the sport with seven Formula 1 Drivers Championship title. Argentine Juan Fangio still holds second place in the list of all time greats with five titles, his last coming in 1957. Of the current drivers, Sebastian Vettel is closest to catching him having won the title four times in his career (level with greats like Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna) while Lewis Hamilton is just behind with three wins. The only other driver currently in the sport who has won the title on more than one occasion is Spain’s Fernando Alonso (2).

Great Britain have produced the most Formula 1 Drivers Championship winners in the history of the sport, with ten different drivers having claimed the title, including great likes Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill. In total they have combined for 16 titles.

German drivers have won eleven titles and it has taken just two drivers to amass all that, Michael Schumacher with seven and Sebastian Vettel with his four. Brazil are next on the list having taken eight titles with three drivers (Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet and AYrton Senna). The most constructor’s championships have been won by Ferrari, having notched up 15 of them, with McLaren holding second place with twelve of them.

With Lewis Hamilton winning back to back Championships, he joins an elite list of drivers who have won consecutive championships. Michael Schumacher holds the record with five consecutive wins (2000 – 2004) while Sebastian Vettel is close on four (jointly with Juan Manuel Fangio). Hamilton joins others like Senna, Alain Prost and Schumacher on two.

Formula 1 Drivers Championship Preview

Mercedes still look like the team to beat despite Ferrari looking an improved team during testing. If it is going to be Mercedes all the way then you will still put your money on Hamilton to bring home the bacon. Rosberg won three races in a row at the back end of season but that could have been down to Hamilton having won the title before those three races and he probably eased off a bit in his competitive edge. Rosberg was a little quicker than his teammate in testing, but when it comes to the crunch, Hamilton lives on the edge a little more in pushing his car. Hamilton to win.


British Grand Prix Betting – Motor Racing Odds July 5

Sports Betting

Most Grand Prix fans just want to see an exciting race but British fans at Silverstone this weekend won’t be satisfied unless their favourite – Lewis Hamilton – is first past the chequered flag.

Silverstone marks the midpoint of an F1 season but most questions already appear to have been answered. Mercedes are dominating again but there is only 10 points between Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the top of the Drivers’ Championship following the German’s convincing win in the Austrian GP. Ferrari appear to have the measure of Williams in the battle to follow Mercedes home in the Constructors’ Championship but bookmakers stopped taking bets on that market weeks ago and it’s inconceivable that the Brackley-based team won’t dominate again at Silverstone, where they’ve won for the last two years.

Inevitably, Hamilton and Rosberg dominate the betting this weekend. The Briton, who won in 2013, is 4/5 with Betfred – last year’s winner Rosberg is 2/1 with Coral and William Hill. Ferrari‘s Sebastian Vettel is a general 12/1 as he bids for his first win at Silverstone since 2009 and team-mate Kimi Raikkonen is 25/1 with most layers. There aren’t many offers on the British Grand Prix but betfair will refund your stake as a free bet up to £25 if you back a driver that fails to finish.

It might be worth backing WilliamsValtteri Bottas for a podium finish at the 9/2 with bet365, Betfred, sportingbet, BetVictor and Stan James. The Finn drove a brilliant race around Silverstone last year to finish second after starting from 14th on the grid. With the Williams getting gradually quicker, he should be much further forward this year and, while he’s unlikely to trouble either Hamilton or Rosberg barring accidents, those odds are much better value than the general 11/4 against an out-of-sorts Raikkonen and the best 4/9 against Vettel with Paddy Power.

Jenson Button has a woeful record in the British GP and the McLaren driver might be a worth a bet at 7/1 with BetVictor, Ladbrokes, William Hill or bwin in the market to be the first driver to retire, though the general 14/1 against Toro Rosso‘s Carlos Sainz in this market also make some appeal. It’s 5/11 with bwin that Mercedes enjoy another one-two and that might be the bet for those who can’t make up whose turn it is this weekend.



New Year Specials – Novelty Betting

Novelty Betting & Other Events Betting

As we head in to the New Year – and a Happy New Year to all readers – a few bookmakers are looking into what the next 12 months have in store for us. You can even have a bet on the first notable achievement of 2015, sporting or otherwise. Do you think Phil Taylor is going to win the BetVictor World Matchplay? ‘The Power’ is 3/1 with the sponsors and has the first opportunity to make money for his backers in the What Will Happen in 2015 lists. If Taylor can’t get the better of Michael van Gerwen, how about Serena Williams winning the women’s singles title in the Australian Open later this month? She’s 15/8 with Skybet – or England to win the Six Nations at 5/2 with the same firm? Thinking more long term, William Hill are offering 25/1 that the BBC cancel soap Eastenders in 2015 with Coronation Street at 33/1 to suffer the same fate. They will also give you 2/1 that Lewis Hamilton marries celebrity girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger this year. Cash to be made there, Lewis, if you’ve already popped the question! (though he’s one of the few men on the planet who doesn’t need any extra pocket money right now) Among the more bizarre betting markets is the Pope to confirm the second coming by the end of the year – that is 500/1 with William Hill. Just as unlikely but a fraction of the odds is Ant and Dec to stop working together (12/1 with William Hill) but there could be some mileage in the 25/1 the same bookmaker offers about the Elgin Marbles being returned to Greece in their entirety. Let’s be brutally honest here, everyone knows that the marbles belong in Athens – there is even a new museum under the Parthenon in which to house them. For too long, the debate about where they belong has been too much about national pride and not enough about the actual art. But the nationalism argument has been re-ignited over the British Museum‘s decision to allow part of the collection to be exhibited in Russia – the Greeks have described it as an affront to their people given the Brits always maintained that the marbles were too delicate to be moved. Talking of politics and relics of the past, Skybet make Boris Johnson a 6/1 chance to replace David Cameron as leader of the Conservatives in 2015 – if that happened there would probably be a few racing the Elgin Marbles to the first boat out of the country!


Bookies get it wrong as Hamilton wins 2014 SPOTY award

Bookmaker News

There was a bit of an upset in the predictions of bookmakers as 4/6 odds on favourite Rory McIlroy failed to land the 2014 SPOTY prize, beaten out by F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton stormed his way to the second F1 Drivers World Championship title and just a few hours before the awards ceremony, he could have been snapped up at a nice price of 13/8.

The bookmakers like online betting site Ladbrokes had been firmly expecting that the public would be rewarding golfer Rory McIlroy for his exploits this year. The Northern Irish star landed back to back Majors at the The Open Championship and the US PGA Championship and was for a long time, installed as favourite in SPOTY betting. To be fair, it was a brilliant season from McIlroy, especially amid a host of personal problems, including a massive court case.

However, the nature of Hamilton’s F1 duel with his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg could have kept the driver at the fore of the public’s mind, especially going deeper into the calendar year. Hamilton put in some brilliant form over the second half of the season, winning six of the final seven races of the season (the only exception a second place finish).

Hamilton won 209,920 of the 620,932 votes cast for the 2014 Sports Personality of the Year, with McIlroy getting 123,745 (20%) and third placed athlete Jo Pavey taking 99,913 (16%).

Real Madrid’s Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo lead a close-run Overseas Sports Personality race, beating out world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic.


F1 Drivers Championship Hamilton’s to lose in Abu Dhabi

Lewis Hamilton

It is all set for a grandstand finish to the F1 season as the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi offers up double points. In line for the Drivers Championship title are the Mercedes pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

It is a showdown between them and while Hamilton takes a 17 point lead into the race, if Rosberg takes a win as he did in Brazil last time out, and Hamilton finishes outside of the top two, then the title will be going to the German.

It is really Hamilton’s for the losing, because the British driver hasn’t been outside of the top two in any of the last six races. He has strung together a tremendous stretch of form, winning five in a row before having to settle for second in Brazil last weekend to Rosberg. As long as Rosberg doesn’t win the race in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton can afford to finish fifth or higher to still be crowned world champion.

So it will be an interesting race, because there could be a need to simply nurse home the car for the win, depending on the circumstances in the race. Hamilton is a 5/6 shot to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix outright, with Rosberg even money second favourite at online bookmaker Betway.

The last six races have produced a Mercedes 1-2, with Hamilton again, having won five of those six, beating his teammate into second. But will the German take the momentum from the Brazil victory forward?

Is there one final, dramatic twist left to the F1 season? Rosberg is a 3/1 shot to wrench the title out of Hamilton’s hands, with the British driver naturally an odds on 1/5 shot to win the F1 Drivers Championship.

There is great coverage for your Abu Dhabi Grand Prix betting at online bookmaker Betway. Place a race winner or podium finish bet, pre-race and if your selection fails to complete the first lap of the race, then Betway will furnish you with a free bet up to £25 back.