Weekend Betting & Football Fixtures 7th-8th April 2012

Top UK & European Fixtures this weekend

Betting Fixtures

The weekend really was invented for football betting wasn’t it? When the weekend comes around fans flock to stadiums, the TV and the internet to follow their clubs in action. Europe of course is a hot bed of some of the top football action in the world, and be it in the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the German Bundesliga, when the weekend comes, there is always action to follow. Here you can find the forthcoming fixtures from all of the top leagues in Europe, as well as direct links to match previews and football betting tips.

Football Fixtures 7th-8th April 2012

Date/Time Country Football Fixtures this weekend League
6 April/16.30 Swansea vs Newcastle (English Premier League)
7 April/12.45 Sunderland vs Tottenham (English Premier League)
7 April/14.30 Wolfsburg vs Dortmund (German Bundesliga)
7 April/15.00 Chelsea vs Wigan Athletic (English Premier League)
7 April/17.30 Palermo vs Juventus (Italian Serie A)
7 April/20.00 Lazio vs Napoli (Italian Serie A)
8 April/11.00 Levante vs Atletico Madrid (Spanish La Liga)
8 April/13.30 Manchester United vs QPR (English Premier League)
8 April/14.30 Schalke 04 vs Hannover 96 (German Bundesliga)
8 April/16.00 Arsenal vs Manchester City (English Premier League)
8 April/17.00 Athletic Bilbao vs Sevilla FC (Spanish La Liga)
8 April/20.00 PSG vs Marseille (French Ligue 1)
8 April/20.30 Real Madrid vs Valencia (Spanish La Liga)