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Betfair cash out option

Sports Betting Strategy of Dusan

I am sending you my betting strategy, which I find very successful.

I noticed someone talking about betting over 1.5 goals and also about betting exchanges as well. But no one has yet mentioned that on betting exchange Betfair, you have an option of cashing out your bet with one easy click.

It started a couple of months ago and is still improving with more events covered by the cash out option. The Cash-Out option at Betfair allows you to settle a bet before the event has actually finished(at a cost of course, with lower odds than your original bet being offered).

I will explain you what I do and success rate is very high for my liking.

As many punters will attest to, I can say for me personally, that I have engaged in football betting for several years. However, this has been with not the big success that it would take in order to make a decent living out of it. But with this economic crisis kicking in, I lost my day job and I couldn't find other work for some time.

I started to use more disciplined approach towards betting, because I knew that I can earn a decent living if I stick to a plan. Sticking to a betting strategy means discipline, and we all know that discipline is the most important in betting!

So what I do:

Every morning I look at the games which will be played later in the day. I look for goals in my selection. The games in which I think that most goals will be scored. My bets are mostly over 1.5 goals scored in a match and the odds which I am looking for, are from 1.20 to 1.50 in some cases. I put on a bet between 100-500 pounds. As soon as the first goal is scored I use the Cash-Out option at Betfair, which gives you a certain amount of money to take no matter how the match will end. Again discipline is very important. In some matches the first goal is scored very quickly and you think, well I'll just wait for another one and my bet will be won. NO! Use the Cash-Out option as soon as a goal is scored. If it is very soon they offer you up to 90% of the amount you would have won anyway, so it could turn out into nice free bet.

With this system I am in a nice profit and my standard of living has not fallen which makes me really happy, because I do what I like most!

Regards, Dusan.

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