Other Sports Betting Strategies

Other Sports Betting Strategies
On this page you can see some other betting strategies that users have sent to us.

We would like to present selection methods, betting styles interesting betting variants that can really help other users in their betting.

more sports betting strategies posted so far:

nr. sports betting strategy author
28) Backing under 2.5 goals for the first 5 minutes of a match Dan
29) Information and Statistics in Basketball betting Stan
30) Betting on Hockey Games (NHL) Valentina
31) Trading WTA tennis matches live RVN
32) Asian Handicap Betting Strategy Eric
33) Selection based on results and statistics John
34) Betting on up-and-coming teams Tibor
35) Betting against favourite teams Ben
36) Doubles on Team Goals Scored - 3 or above Dave
37) Single Bets with high Stake Alexander
38) Placing under bets and selling them in-play Phil
39) Analyze tennis bets Raymond
40) Betting with an Over/Under System Stephen
41) Betting only NHL handicaps Dorian
42) Single bets on NHL games Clement
43) Long Odds and Short Odds Betting Strategy for NBA Matches Luke
44) NBA Totals Betting Guide Max
45) Select the matches that you have the best knowledge of Franklin
46) Great tricks in Handball and Basketball Mike
47) Lay low and Back higher Andy
48) Look for games with great chances to win and decent odds Kevin
49) Betting that something won't happen Mario
50) Over/Under 2.5 in Football Vincent
51) Bet on teams with a better performance at home Angel
52) Horse betting system Charlie
53) Single bets with high stake Alexander
54) Matches with odds of 1.01 Lars
55) Odd or even number of goals strategy Bill
56) Focus all your bets on 3 leagues / 12 teams Lars
57) Using a favourite as insurance Bill