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Betting on Up-and-Coming Teams

Sports Betting Strategy of Tibor
Betting on Up-and-Coming Teams - Sports Betting Strategy of Tibor
Good morning,
I want to share a strategy I follow with good results for years, that is based on monitoring and aspirations of up-and-coming teams.

****Betting on up-and-coming teams****

This strategy needs more information gathering than those based on pure statistics (which are often irrelevant when it comes to a team's present and expected performance).

The principle of it is to identify and get as much information as possible about the so called second-line teams, which proposedly aim a good result in a season. Good example for them are smaller and previously weaker teams in a national league, that have pronounced their wish at the beginning of the season to reach an Europa League or even Champions League position at the end, behind or together with the big guns of the league. These teams are characterized by newly acquired key-players, their emphasis on defence and 1-2 quality strikers, more of which they can't afford, because of their relatively lower budget.

The main idea of the strategy is that these teams can't afford losing points with weaker ones, so they are almost sure to win or draw matches with such teams, to have momentum and enough points to make them affordable the rather inevitable point-losses with the bigger teams. Bookmakers usually judge them by their past performance, and assign higher odds to their win-or-draw than their present form and aspirations would require. I especially like to take them when playing a smaller team after losing a match with a big gun. On these occasions they are rather merciless to show their stockholders that they are capable of doing the task and reaching their goals set. This strategy also works for second league teams that had a bad performance in the first league previous season and aim to reach back there. Best regards,

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