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Online Cricket Betting

Betting cricket is one pleasure the Americans can’t ruin – they can’t understand the Laws of Cricket! Yet for new punters, online cricket betting can be a bit of a stunner. There are quite a few ways to bet on cricket, and getting started can be the hardest part.

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Cricket betting needn’t be unnecessarily complex. Most punters who seek out online cricket betting have no doubt regularly bet cricket for year down at their local pub or with one of the offline bookmakers. However, if you are coming online now, then you are looking for something a little more fast paced and interesting that simply laying a fiver on the win on a Saturday afternoon.

The trick to keep from losing your shirt when you bet cricket is to not get too carried away with all of the options for cricket betting. Yes, you there. The one click, click, clicking on all the spread betting options. This comment was specifically directed at you!

Spread betting cricket has really taken off now that the technology is there to support it. However, when you are first making the transition from offline to online cricket betting, spread betting can be a real pratfall. It’s much better to stick to some of the old favourites and learn the ropes of the online bookmakers before you over-wager and have to walk away.

In addition to a bet for the win, some of the usual cricket betting categories are top batsman, lead score, and leading wicket taker. It’s easy to get your mind around the odds for these bets, and if you are a real fan of the sport then you will have the knowledge you need to bet with confidence on the player’s abilities. No wasting your cricket bet budget on those you know will be dismissed!

You can also bet on cricket safely by betting on teams, particularly for placements in the championship rounds. Not only will you have the force of tradition behind you with the team legacies, but you will also be able to dabble in the different styles without breaking the bank. For example, volumes on the Twenty20 games to be held in England later in 2009 are already quite high, even though this format is relatively new.

Thus, by sticking to more basic cricket bet patterns when you move online, you will have the opportunity to learn the ropes before trying some of the more colourful and riskier arrangements. It’s best to learn the techniques with small bets at one trustworthy bookmaker and then later you can start betting cricket through multiple accounts. Starting slowly will allow you to prolong the thrill of cricket betting and ensure that you will have a successful, profitable adventure in the online cricket world.

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