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Footy Betting Online

Footy betting is the popular weekend sport of choice for millions of armchair coaches all over the world. It is especially popular in the U.K., where bets places weekly can top a million pounds. During peak season or a World Cup year, the amount of money spent on footy betting is positively shocking, yet the bookmakers insist there is room for more growth in the industry.

In fact, despite the economic downturn, make bookmakers have been enjoying strong years. Some claim that the gaming industry is immune to economic troubles. But is it really recession proof?

The analysts are doubtful, because they point out that most middle-class punters are facing rising costs on all sides. This limits their ability to have a go with footy betting for fun as the electric company and council tax men are all queuing up for their share of that paycheck as well. However, the gaming industry points out that they don’t sell gambling . . .they sell hope, something there seems to be a place for in every budget.

Admittedly, it isn’t a very large place. The bulk of the growth in the last few quarters has been in the £10 and under bet class. The volumes do make up a bit for the small amount being bet. Technological advances have also helped bookmakers stay profitable on razor-thin margins. Footy betting promotions for existing account holders have also helped.

In fact, loyalty rewards and deposit promotions have been a notable feature of bookmakers’ strategy to keep football punters coming back for more even as other things scream out for their patronage. Those one-time new account opening bonuses are still popular, but more and more punters are taking the time to evaluate ongoing loyalty programs as well. Bookmaker review sites help punters separate the wheat from the chaff.

This distinction between bookmakers will be a key survival metric in the lean years before the 2010 World Cup. Naturally, in World Cup years, the rising tide lifts all ships as footy betting goes through the roof volume-wise. In the meantime, however, punters would be well advised to shop around before laying their wagers.

Promotional deposit bonuses, low transaction fees and points programs are all things to look for on bookmaker’s sites. Some may seem like small rewards, but frequent bettors know that a little at a time is a key part of long term profitability. Also, even small rewards, if awarded consistently, can be as satisfying as one big reward once in a blue moon.

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