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Formula One Betting Online

Who doesn’t like fast cars? Big crashes? Photo finishes? It’s all very exciting stuff and it is all par for the course with Formula 1 betting.

When you are looking for Formula 1 betting, you will see it as formula betting, formula one betting or F1 betting. It all means the same thing . . . heart-wrenchingly close matches based on skill, strategy and speed. Lots and lots of speed.

Betting F1 is not for the faint-hearted.It moves to fast and has too many risk factors. Regular football punters are taken aback when a pile-up on the course takes out the leader, but steady F1 bettors know that it is all a part of the game. It keeps things interesting and edgy in ways that a 3 – 2 football match will never equal.

It also ensures that the odds on a Formula One betting set-up are never going to be miserly. Money line odds of +250 seem to be the minimum. Long odds are frequently to be found, and win the nasty smash ups that can take out a whole leader board they are not to be idly dismissed.

Naturally, the drivers do their best to be careful. Racers can and do die as a result of some of the accidents, although given the speeds at which the vehicles are traveling a surprising number escape unscathed. An accident one week can mess up an entire F1 betting system, however, as drivers may be fine but cars can be out of service for weeks.

For some of the larger tournaments this time out can have a major impact, as drivers must compete in a certain number and level of match ups to qualify for the Grand Prix events. Some downtime can be made up by exceptional finishes. However, if your favorite driver and car are both out of commission your entire F1 betting schema will have to be revisited.

Fortunately, when betting Formula 1 there are options other than betting on straight winners. Straight winners is the most popular bet, but one can also lay a wager on fastest lap times, podium finishes or overall finish. This provides more opportunities for punters if their favorite straight winner is out of the picture.

It also allows punters to bet on multiple elements of a single race. For large events like the Grand Prix, this can add excitement to every part of the production. Longer races are also more enjoyable when one bets on laps times and placing rather than straight winners. With all the different options and the speed of play, it is a mystery why more punters don’t bet on F1 races.

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