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Online Gambling Tips

If there is one thing that every serious punter regularly dreams about it would have to be gambling tips. Not just any old gambling tips, however. Real ones. Good ones. The ones that are going to make this time the big time, to make this time the moment when you know that you’ll never have to go into the office again. Bwah-hah-hah-hah!

Then you wake up. Darn that stupid alarm! Why does it always have to bring reality crashing down onto blissful fantasies?

Sadly, reality is the winner here. Dream though one might of the big time, of that one piece of key information that makes the difference between losing and winning, between brown bag lunches and steak dinners, most gambling tips are not worth the hot air used to utter them. It doesn’t matter where you bought them or what you paid for them, gambling tips are basically useless.

Now, horse racing fans may claim otherwise. Knowing a jockey who can tell you that Baby Brown Shoes has a tendency to be skittish every other rainy Tuesday might qualify as a useful tip. However, any jockey worth their salt will also know how to compensate for that skittishness, and your tip is right back into useless territory again.

It pays to keep this in mind at all times. A simple web search will turn up an endless number of websites offering gambling tips, usually for a fee. Free gambling tips or picks are often given out as an incentive to get your name and email address for future marketing initiatives. If you would still like to have them it would be beneficial to sign up for some kind of free email account that you can use – otherwise you may have a hard time explaining to the boss how you can be hard at work and yet still have 27 gambling advertisements crowding up your inbox.

Booksellers are not much better than the online folks. Usually there will be a section of the shop with books geared toward the sports investor, and books of gambling tips can be found there. Give them as novelty gifts or use them as scratch paper, because they are not going to be worth any more than the paper they’re printed upon. It does sound harsh to say in print, but most really are useless and with all of the other profit opportunities available it just doesn’t seem right to let you go on wasting time chasing gambling tips when you could be living your dream if you put that time into finding another kind of more profitable wager.

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