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Golf Betting Online

Golf betting online is a great way to give yourself a break from the football pools. It’s also a good way to add some variety to your betting life. With golf betting, you have to learn the players, learn the tournament and learn the variations to be profitable. It’s quite different from football betting, so you’ll be able to expand your skill set as a sports investor when you take a turn at betting golf.

To make successful golf bets, you have to learn about the individual players. Only in rare tournaments are players linked, and those are often charity or celebrity pairings for a cause. It’s not prudent to bet on those matches as the civilian partner is a complete unknown, although it can be entertaining to place lay bets. However, accumulating deep knowledge of the professional players is what will really make your golf bets profitable.

The catch is that to accumulate that deep knowledge you will need to either become a fanatical follower of the sport or invest in some golf betting software. This may seem like an added expense, but golf betting software will help sift through the mountains of data. As golf matches run all year round and operate in a qualifying tournament system, have a software tool to track and analyze the data is important.

Learning the tournaments will also help you sort through the many statistics. Golf tournament betting is where some of the biggest profits lie, particularly for the PGA golf betting season. However, there are generally more upsets in the early qualifying rounds, so anyone who bets golf will want to be tracking players all through the process to watch for trends and weaknesses.

You can also specialize in certain aspects of golf tournament betting. Men’s and women’s standards are different, or you can mix it up by only betting on specific courses or days of the tournament. Knowing the prevailing tournament conditions will also help – is the weather always windy, or are the sand traps particularly vicious?

Once you have learned players and tournament tricks, the next level of golf betting online is understanding the many variations available in the bets. Golf betting tips can guide you to some of the more unique combinations, but you may want to start with lay bets. From there, your golf bets can be even more varied. In on line golf, UK site offer spread betting on strokes and daily totals, fixed odds on players and rounds, or over/under options.

PGA golf betting can turn out to be particularly complex, because you can layer bets over multiple tournament days. Yet by studying the game and getting a good golf betting tips service, you can use your knowledge to an advantage. Online golf betting offers just as many opportunities to profit as it does to mix it up, so leave the football pools behind at least once a year and place some golf bets.

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