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Hedge Your Wagers with Match Betting

Hedge Your Wagers with Match Betting - © Doreen Salcher -

The Financial Times and the Wall St. Journal are full of stories of hedge traders and contrarians who’ve struck it big betting against the crowds. Mutual fund managers also hedge their bets, trying to ensure that they earn a decent return on their funds under management. With match betting, you can bring the same hedging practices to your sports betting portfolio.

Many punters never think of match betting.

To do match betting properly, you will need to have multiple accounts at different bookmakers. This is because one of the core features of match betting is the need to have a bet that represents the opposite of your play. If everyone, including you, is betting that Arsenal beat Manchester, and you can’t find a bet for Manchester beating Arsenal, then there is no potential for a match.

Thus, you will want to be registered with the major bet exchanges and bookmakers to be sure you can find the odds combinations you are after. In some cases you may not be able to find true matches, but similar odds will do the trick. It can help you at least feel partially hedged on your wager.

Properly done, you should at least cover yourself any stake laid with what comes back, regardless of the match outcome.

It can be a bit time consuming to match all of your bets, especially if you are a frequent better. You may develop a system where you hedge all bets over a certain pound mark. Or perhaps you will only hedge bets on certain sports.

It may seem odd to be bringing investment banking strategies into your home sports betting arrangements, but your wagers are investments, too. Many punters seem to treat their money like a throw away toy, without taking the time to care where exactly it goes. You can do better than that by treating your sports investing as a reasonable investment, and being every bit as careful about managing outcome here as you would be in your stock account.

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