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Horse Racing Systems

In the beginning, there were the ponies. It was the only game in town, and all forms of wagering known today had their birth at the race track. Similarly, the first formal betting system was most assuredly a horse racing system. These systems, which claim to help predict profitable outcomes, have only multiplied with time.

Typically, a horse racing system will make some eye-popping claim, such as guaranteeing a win 4 out of 5 times, or promising consistent profits of 180%. Naturally, any system making such an outlandish statement should be disregarded by any punter worth their salt. However, because horse racing is complex and those with deep knowledge of the sport are at an advantage, having some kind of personal horse racing system in place can save time.

The internet is chock full of websites offering this or that horse racing system for a low, low price, today only. Beware of any offer that seems to good to be true, and look for those that offer real time updates if you are making a software investment. Additionally, many of the larger book sellers will have a section featuring books on the subject. One of the more popular sellers of late has been ‘How to Place Bets on Favourites for a Living’, which is often displayed next to the ‘Legacy & Saver System’ that has been out for three decades now but has been updated again. It is probably better to start with one of these books than to invest in something unknown off the web. They’ll give you some basics of the sport and a taste of what it’s like to bet within a system.

You see, as with any system, learning to bet within a given horse racing system takes a bit of practice. It takes discipline and self-control, and a determination to ignore instinct and emotion. While no system is foolproof, some do offer sound guidance that it would be prudent to follow and the statistical knowledge alone can prevent poor decisions. However, it is not fair to blame the horse racing system for ‘user error’ – do remember that nothing in the wide world of gambling promises to be successful every single time.

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