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The only shocking thing about internet betting is that more people don’t internet bet. Rather than wandering down to the local bookmakers or calling up their bookie on the phone, there is now a much more convenient way to bet. Internet sites are just one click away and open 24 hours a day.

Naturally, some people are a bit leery of anything that moves money around on the internet. Bet without actual money changing hands in a way that can be seen and felt? Ludicrous . . .and more popular by the day. There are even new forms of money transfer to the web being invented each year so that punters can be even more confident when they put money on deposit with an online casino or bookmaker.

Many of the new internet bet funding mechanisms also add an element of speed to the process.

Unfortunately, many of the bank transfer methods do involve a bit of a wait. Those few business days for the transfer to go through are inconvenient if the game you want to wager on is being played that same evening. However, with a call to the casino or bookmaker directly, you may be able to negotiate entry to another program that allows for much more efficient transfers.

UseMyWallet is an invitation based system that allows one to dramatically boost the level of trust on both sides of the equation and bring immediate speed to your internet bet funding. As it is invitation based, you will need to call the bookmaker or casino and request an invitation from their customer service group. Within 2 day an invitation will arrive in your mailbox with the sign-up information included.

Now this initial sign-up lag means you will have to plan a bit ahead as you bet. Internet transfers are immediate once you have set up the program, however. You’ll be able to be perfectly free and impulsive in your betting from that point onward.  

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