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Online Sport Betting

Ah, those curious days of old, when a punter would actually have to get up, get dressed, and march all the way down to the track to place a bet. Well, my friends, enough of that nonsense. With the advent of online sport betting, you don’t even have to walk as far as the nearest pub or bookmakers office to do your business. From the peaceful comfort of your own home you can bet to your little heart’s content wearing nothing but… well, wearing whatever you happen to have on at the moment. Don’t share.

Yes, online sport betting, whilst a relatively new development in the world of gambling, has certainly caught on. Just try to Google it and you’ll get more than half a million hits for betting exchanges and specialized sport betting sites, and more options than a punter could get through in a month of Sundays for places to lose every penny in the bank. I mean, there are more options than a punter could get through in a month of Sundays for making a fortune and retiring to the South of Spain once and for all. Unless, of course, the site turns out to be a fraud and they close before they pay out on your winnings.

That is one drawback to all the online sport betting options presently available. Unlike the reputation for complete reliability and honesty carefully cultivated by your local offline bookmaker (and enforced by the Gambling Commission), online sport betting exchanges and advice sites are free to be as dodgy as they like. Okay, not exactly free. The Gambling Commission does try, and the Gambling Act of 2005 has several sections dealing specifically with online sport betting. However, new sites spring up and come down constantly and it is hard for even the most diligent enforcer to stay in front of the curve.

As a result, greater responsibility lies with the punter for self-protection from fraud. When looking for investment opportunities in the stock market, especially this stock market, you’d never risk your life savings on some completely unknown little company. It’s the same online, yet far too many punters seem to think that online sport betting is somehow different, and the old standards don’t apply. Online or off, the same rules do apply, and common sense is needed. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is, and better to stay with one of the bigger, more established names than something that just popped up this past weekend.

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