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Sports Bet

Ah, the joys and sorrows of the sports bet. Your favourite, out there competing… and damn well better be winning! Losing could mean a bit of shame about the office, or some serious coinage changing hands. Winning, on the other hand, means bragging rights, the chance to strut about, a free pint and hopefully a well-deserved payout.

Even though it is quite popular and many have had a flutter, sports bets are not always well understood. In some countries they are even illegal. In others, notably here in the U.K., sports bets are seen as a harmless bit of fun and entertainment that occasionally yields profit. Some frown on it due to the potential for loss and the extent to which some punters will dedicate their lives to the practice. However, most are able to bet comfortably for the entertainment and profit potential with no risk to their overall financial well being or social life.

To enjoy sports, it is not necessary to bet. However, the thrill of knowing the odds, or chances that your team or favourite will win can add a certain something to your viewing experience. Putting your money where your mouth is can really get you in to the game.

Most sports bets are placed with a bookmarker, commonly called a bookie, or through a betting exchange. This formalises the relationship, documents the odds, and facilitates the payout. The bet represents a wager on your prediction of how the match, race or tournament will end. In some cases sports bets are placed on specific individual performers, to win, place, score, or not score.

Betting is usually simple. You bet a set amount of money for a given outcome. The bookmaker keeps track of the predicted odds, which gives the 1/3, 2/1 and so on odds for your bet. Most bets pay out at a multiple of the odds. More complex betting is available to the experienced or serious gambler, sometimes also known as ‘Sports Investor’. However, this investing is much different from stock investing due to the greater level of risk.

Some of the popular sports bets are the straight up or moneyline bet (win/lose), a point spread bet (win/lose by a certain amount), and totals (combined scores). Others that you may hear of are over/unders, lay bets, and parlays. These group and counter bets are for the more serious sports investor. However, all viewers can add to the fun of the game with a small wager!

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