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Sports Betting Bonuses

If you are a fan of sports betting, then you absolutely must be sure to take advantage of any sports betting bonus that you can. After all, what punter likes to know they’ve left money on the table? Why not have a wager using someone else’s coin as your stake?

It does sound a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it is true that you don’t exactly get something for nothing. Most bonus betting programs are based on the punter doing certain things, usually in a fixed sequence. For example, one may need to acquire a code and enter it in a certain box before doing a given activity, or place a bet on a certain day of the week.

A very common betting bonus is the new account bonus. This bonus is earned when you first register with a bookmaker or betting exchange. Naturally, this means that you can only legitimately earn this bonus once per bookmaker. Don’t try to aim for it three or four times, as the bookmaker and betting exchange software is quite sophisticated these days and can track multiple bank account registrations. Since they are handing out free money for new accounts, they naturally take a dim view of repeat ‘newbies’.

Another common sports betting bonus is the deposit bonus. This bonus is earned by depositing money with the bookmaker or bet exchange site. Some sites offer a flat bonus of 5% or 10% of the amount deposited, regardless of amount. Other sites only pay a bonus if you deposit more than a given amount, for example, £100. Still others offer a 20% deposit bonus, but only up to a certain amount.

The next type of sports betting bonus programs are pure betting bonus schemes. Typically, these pay a punter a given bonus after they play through a certain amount. Run through £100 on the women’s tennis leagues, and you might earn a £10 bonus, as an example. Other bonus betting programs ask that you place your wagers in a designated area or type of bet to earn the bonus, for example, a 5% bonus on lay bets or 10% for spread bets with a value greater than £100.

There are many more betting bonus programs not covered here. To keep things exciting for punters, bookmakers and the betting exchange companies are always thinking up new promotions and bonus betting schemes. Simply pick your favorite bookmaker (or two or three) and follow them closely to make sure you don’t miss any of the promotions or any of the fine print on your way to the winner’s circle.

All the currently valid sports betting bonus offers can be found on our betting bonus page.

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