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Best Football Betting Sites

When it comes to betting in the UK, one of the most heavily covered sports is football. It is extraordinarily prominent. There’s little surprise there really given the popularity of the sport in the UK. Through the domestic seasons, there is little chance to switch off from the action.

The games keep coming and throw in the main UEFA competitions as well and you have a tremendous amount of matches to cover in the course of a season. But that is just the tip of the iceberg as well when you broaden your horizon and consider the global game. It doesn’t matter the day of the week, the time of the year or the hour of the day.

Get online and you will, invariably, be able to find some football betting to get stuck into. Granted it may be from Ecuador’s second tier, but for lovers of football betting, the phenomenon of online betting has made the world a much smaller palace and a more exciting one from a football betting perspective.

There is also a lot of competition between the best football betting sites. They are all clamouring to get customers and they do this by offering competitive odds, coming up with innovative new features and expanding things like the amount of coverage in their live in-play. At the end of the day, if the beautiful game plays a large part of your wagering experience, then you are going to want to look at getting your action down at the best football betting sites.

Top 10 Football Bookmakers List

Football Betting Sites

Naturally, when you stop and think about it, you are going to be looking for a key few things when considering betting sites for football. The first of all is market coverage. If you are situated in the UK and you are mostly keen on betting on the Premier League then you are probably going to be well served dropping by any football betting site.

That is in terms of coverage. All bookmakers are going to be covering all the Premier League action and other top leagues from the UK in equal measures. The only difference between the bookmakers for such popular markets is going to be odds. Some will offer just that extra bit of value compared to other bookmakers.

But if you are someone who likes to do your football betting on other leagues and competitions from continental Europe and further beyond even, then you are going to want to find the best betting sites for football that have that extra quality of market variety. You want, at the end of the day, to be able to get to the markets that you want to bet on the most. So the football betting site’s sportsbook must cover what you want.

Market Variety

The number of markets on offer within a single game is also important to a lot of punters. This means for example, just how many different markets are on offer in one game. Take a look at the screenshot taken from Bet365, for example, a day before a weekend of Premier League action. The numbers on the right-hand column of each listed game is the number of different bets that you can play on that one game alone.

Click through and you would find popular options like the goalscorer markets, score markets and things such as scorecasts and winning margins. So you may be a punter who likes all that variety and digging deeper into a game than just weighing up the option as to who is going to win the fixture. This is going to be a personal thing because every punter has their favourite football betting markets.

Asian Handicap Football Betting Sites

One thing that the best football betting sites may carry as well is Asian Handicap betting. This is such a popular alternative market for football bettors because for the value it brings to the table. Asian Handicap eliminates the drawn outcome in matches. In a normal handicap market, say you have backed Arsenal at -1. Well if the Gunners were to win by a one-goal margin your bet would not have won as the Gunners didn’t cover the handicap.

But if you had backed an Arsenal -1 Asian Handicap and the Gunners would have won by a one-goal margin then you would have gotten your stake refunded. So Asian Handicap football betting adds a nice extra dimension to your wagering. For some punters, it has to be present to constitute an operator being the best football betting site. This is what we mean by personal preference.

Best Football Betting In-Play

There are times that you want to go beyond doing only pre-match wagering. Sometimes you may want to get some live in-play betting doing. This has become such a common thing in football betting now. The best football betting sites are going to have an abundance of live in-play betting opportunities for their customers.

Why this is such a big part of modern-day football betting is that it offers a lot of freedom and options that just weren’t there before the explosion of online betting. You don’t even have to be anywhere near a computer or a high street betting shop nowadays to do your wagering. You can just get your phone out, download the betting app from your favourite bookmakers and bet live on a game.

That is where live in-play betting comes into its own. It allows to you look at those extra betting options. It allows you to be a little bit patient and sit and watch the early action in a game. Then once you have a feel for the flow of it, get your wagering done. Perhaps it would be on the next goalscorer market if you see that one player in particular, is looking sharp in the fixture. You want an in-play betting service that is quick to operate, be that on a computer on your mobile device.

Best Football Betting Site Features

Features that enhance your experience of online betting are important things to consider as well. As we like to stress, every punter is different and different things mean different things to punters. For some, features like Bet Builders and Request A Bet are key features. A Bet Builder is where you are presented with certain markets for a football match and you pick and choose the number of selections from them.

For example, you may pick Man Utd to win, Over 7.5 corner and 4 yellow cards in a match. You build the bet that you want from the presented options. In a similar vein, there is now the ability to request a bet from bookmakers. You can just come up with something of the top of your head, much like in the bet builder options and (most commonly) tweet the bet that you want your bookmaker. They will reply with a link for you to wager if they price it up.

Among other features that the best football betting sites may have are cash out options, bet boosts and things like accumulator bonuses. Football betting is a multi-faceted thing nowadays. It often gets a lot bigger than just one single pick on a match outright, although there is nothing wrong with that of course!

Live streams

Live streaming services are another big part of the best football betting sites. Because of geographical restrictions, you are not going to be able to tune in and watch Premier League matches on your favourite UK bookmaker. Big broadcasting companies pay a lot of money for the right to do that.

But you will be able to watch a lot of football from other locations say action from the top flights of German and French football. So you will get the opportunity to tune and watch and bet all in one place, which is never a bad thing. The access to live streams will allow you to judge how a game is going to give you a little more insight on what to do with your live betting.

Best Football Betting Sites

We have looked around and checked out a lot of the online bookmakers to see what football betting services that they offer. All of the research is just our own opinions of course and never forget that you can sign yourself up with more than one of the best football betting sites . That can help you when you are trying to get all of the value that you can from a particular market. It means that you have options available to you.

We have looked at what we believe to be the most important aspects of football betting and that has helped us to determine what we think are the best football betting sites in the UK. Here are our top five recommendations but of course, there are plenty more football betting sites out there to explore.

Whatever you are looking for, be it the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, maybe the European Championships or even the World Cup to bet on you want to have the best services available to you.


How extensive the bet365 football section on their website is, is just remarkable. It is why they continue to be such a popular bookmaker for football betting. They are exemplary with the number of markets that they cover. They all pack a punch when it comes to live in-play betting on football as well. The coverage there with markets per game is another big factor in what makes them rank so highly. They boast strong odds, a great mobile app to pull it all together on the go and when you put it all together, it’s a tough package to beat.


Guts have a great operation running and they really deliver well with their football markets. A wonderful feature of the Guts website is just how clean and easy it is to navigate. That is always a big plus. Land on the site and you will immediately be immersed in a world of football betting. They are great as well for launching early-market prices.

William Hill

Being such a heavyweight in the UK betting industry then it is not a surprise that we are going to include them as one of our best football betting sites. Like a lot of the highly ranked bookmakers, one of the big things is just the depth of market variety. We feel it is such an important thing for a lot of punters to have as many options as possible with William Hill this extends through to their live in-play services. They have a great live in-play interface, they are stacked with statics and cover global football superbly.


Sportingbet are a longstanding operator who have always delivered a solid service. Their no-frills approach to betting offers punters access to quick wagering both on the website and through mobile platforms. There is great sub-market betting and quick access to plenty of football statistics right in the sportsbook.


BetVictor are a bookmaker which offers a lot of value through their odds. That is part of the reason why they get a high ranking from us. The football markets are great and if for example, you look at just the Premier League list of forthcoming matches, you can filter the results say by shortest to the longest priced home team. There is a lot, a lot of cash out options available on football markets at BetVictor and the number of different bets that they have on matches is fantastic. You will generally find bet boosts on a wide range of games as well (selected markets.

22 bet

It says a lot about a newer bookmaker when we can recognise them as being one of the best football betting sites in the UK. 22bet may not have the long-established backgrounds as some of the major names of betting, but they have burst on the scene to make quite a statement. One of the biggest areas in which we found that 22bet excel in, is live in-play betting. That is an area where they caught the eye, not only with the functionality of the service but odds and market variety.

Paddy Power

When you start digging around, just how extensive the football markets at Paddy Power are, punters will never feel as if they are missing out on something. They are one of the industry leaders for competitive prices as well, and they like to throw a lot of bonus offers out to their customer base. The football betting coverage is simply superb, and their app works fantastic as well when you are on the go.


888Sports can always be relied on for competitive odds. They generally are always right up there when it comes to odds comparison on a lot of the main football betting markets. With some good features to back up their football betting options, 888Sport deliver some fast and value-friendly football wagering options.


Betway are great for European football coverage and their overall service checks a lot of positive boxes for punters. The website looks amazing and along with features and odds, there an extensive football betting to be found there. They come up really well for following matches with live in-play betting as well.

So in summary, it’s hard to exactly pinpoint the one best football betting site. It doesn’t work like that, because a punter will probably not even settle on just having one bookmaker that they use. Some are going to rank higher than others, as we have done through our research and what we have given our opinions too. It’s all about trying to find that sweet spot and balance of value, variety and features.