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A great alternative to your regular format sports betting is Bookmaker Competitions. There are a lot of online betting sites out there which run weekly competitions where you have a chance at winning a cash prize.

What are bookmaker competitions?

Most of the bookmaker competitions that are running are really simple, quick and fun predictions, say, for example, having to predict the time and scorer of the first goal in a Premier League match. Some variations will look for a set amount of correct scores to be predicted on a given day. The bookmakers are putting your powers of prediction to the test and will reward handsomely for you getting it right!

The real beauty of most of those bookmaker competitions is that they are free to play and there are prize pots which can roll over as well if no-one wins them. They really are a great little aside to your regular betting and really with generally no stake needing to be put up then there’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Read about the best bookmaker promotions to find out what is available to play right now:

These predictions have nothing to do with odds, nothing to do with you putting up a stake to risk on the outcome of a game (some competitions will take a stake). You will be given pre-set matches to predict the scores on , or you will be given a match and asked to name the goalscorer, minute and the correct score of the game .

The prize on these bookmaker competitions of predictions are huge and are mostly operated on a pool format. That means that if more than one person in a given week gets the prediction right on the money, then the prize pot will be shared out between all correct predictions. Some bookmaker to roll prize pots over to the following week until it is gone. Things vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, so always check the rules.

So these bookmaker promotions are something to have a little fun with and don’t worry, we will keep you updated about the most current and most popular ones that are out there, right on this page. So if you are looking for a shot at collecting at least a share of a huge prize pot and think your predictions skills (as well as luck of course) are up to the challenge, then check out some of the best bookmaker competitions available.