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Value Bets

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Value bets in sports betting offer a different look to your conventional betting practices. In sports betting, taking a value bet is more of a mathematical bet, instead of picking an outcome first with form and stats. Basically you are looking for value in the bet regardless of what it is, instead of betting the other way around where you find an outcome which makes sense to you, and then you find the best price you can get on it. Simply putif you believe the odds taken are better than the mathematical chance which the team involved has of pulling off the outcome, then you have a value bet. This means, that if a tennis player has an actual mathematical 50% chance of winning a match, and the odds on that player are above Evens, then bet value is better than the mathematical odds, so that is a value bet.

Similarly if you think a football team has a a 50% chance of pulling of win (ignoring league standings at the like), then the same applies. This is pretty much betting on the underdogs where the better odds lie, and is a game of patience as a betting strategy, designed to pay off in the long run.

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