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Betting sites like Bet365

Betting sites like Bet365

Bookmakers like Bet365

Bet365 are one of the leaders in the online betting industry. With innovation and a devoted customer base, they are one of the most recognisable, most prominent names around. They have built themselves a strong and powerful brand that players trust. That has led to the bet365 best betting site for a lot of punters.

Of course, the bookmaker themselves have to deliver the consistent quality of a product as well, which they do with competitive odds, mobile services and things like in-play betting and streaming. But they, of course, are not the only ones available to do your online betting with.

There are other sites like Bet365 which punters may also want to take a good look at. It is of course, always a good idea to keep your options open.

Bet365 Similar Website

Why might you want to go and have a look at the sites that are similar to Bet365? Well, the primary reason is for choice and convenience. If you have only signed up for an account at Bet365 and they are your only bookmaker, you are going to completely locked down to their services and more importantly odds, which they offer.

But if you have an account at more than one bookmaker then you are going to have an advantage. You will be able to jump on whichever bookie happens to be offering the best odds on a market option that you wanted to go back. So there’s that, plus you can also take advantage of different promotions that different bookmakers offer.

The Sportsbook Similarity

Bet365 similar sites are not going to vary too much. You may well have the best365 best betting site as your main operator at which you do your betting. Then, as mentioned above, shop around until you can snag better odds somewhere, such as a runner in the Grand National.

But at the end of the day, one sportsbook is pretty much the same as another. Where you are looking at Bet365 or Bet365 alternatives such as William Hill, Ladbrokes or Paddy Power, then you are going to be looking at a similar sportsbook.

If you are focusing on the big popular market such as European Championship Qualifiers, the variety between the operators isn’t going to be huge.

More of the same

Of course, there may be some differences, with some offering better coverage on alternative markets such as Asian Handicaps and specials, or offer different options when it comes to a Bet Builder where you create your own wager. But overall, with maybe slight odds variations in play, there isn’t going to be a lot of differences between sportsbooks.

But that is a good thing for punters. It means that whichever Bet365 alternative site that you are going to look at, it is going to be easy to get done what you want to get done. For example, most sportsbooks will have the big main sports featured so you don’t really have to go searching around too much. Most of them are driven by a simple left-hand menu and so on. So if you quickly have to flip to another bookmaker, then it’s still easy and quick to get your betting done.


So it is good to look around and find websites like Bet365 because it is only going to enhance your batting practice at the end of the day. Another factor about having more than one bookmaker is access to features both on websites and through mobile features. Features is one big area in which operators will vary quite a bit.

For example, while Bet365 and Paddy Power, for example, offer live streaming, the streams that they provide may well be different. We’re not talking about one being better than the other, but if you are looking for a specific stream then one bookmaker may have it over another.

Cash-out options will vary as well between bookmakers and again, as well as things like markets offer in Bet Builders, prediction games, rewards clubs, the depth of coverage on promotions such as money back specials and other such features. Again, the more variety you have at your disposal, the greater coverage you have for yourself.

Best Bet365 alternatives

There are so many excellent bookmakers out there and every punter will have their own set of specifics which they want. Here are some of our top recommendations of sites like Bet365 so that you can explore and still receive high-quality services.


Guts are one of the newer Bet365 alternatives but one of their big features is a high quality live in-play betting service. They have a heavy leaning towards football in their sportsbook, which has more of a unique layout and operation than standard. You are guided through the site through blocks and section as opposed to a common left hand driven menu.

They deliver a great amount of alternative betting on popular markets as well. GUTs deliver well with features and going back to their live in-play betting, we found a notably high amount of betting options on even more obscure football matches. Much like Bet365 they don’t run many extras and features but deliver a very good sportsbook on an innovative interface.

William Hill

William Hill are one of the biggest sports betting operators in the world. What that means for customers is that they will be jumping on board with a trusted, established name. That counts for a lot for some people, but they have the weight and power behind them which brings peace of mind that good customer service is going to be delivered.

They make for one of the top sites like Bet365 and they pack a punch. Their sportsbook is extensive and covers even the more niche markets around very well. There is a top racing section that they have, odds that sit at the top end of the industry for value and so many accessible features like cash-outs and creating your own bets.


BetVictor have been around for a long time and again that is something which builds trust. BetVictor have always been extremely reliable when it comes to producing highly competitive odds. The sportsbook that they have is easily comparable to the likes of Bet365.

There are high limits as well as BetVictor and the coverage that they deliver with their cash-out options is great because it really goes a long way. You can get access to live streaming including soccer and basketball, and they have one of the top-rated customer services and support as well. Betvictor also deliver a really quick and efficient betting platform on mobile devices and they rank highly as a Bet365 alternative.


22bet swung onto the scene in 2017 and have made quite the impact since doing so. They are already well established and they deliver an extremely rich in-play betting service. It just the wealth of market variety and betting types that they offer there which really makes it stand up.

It is not just based on the big popular leagues and competitions, but more obscure sports events are covered really well. All in all, 22bet have shown up well time and time again in odds comparisons, and even though they are relatively new compared to some of the longer established bookmakers, but they are an extremely viable website like Bet365.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power are a popular bookmaker and they have always been a little bit edgy. While you have the more austere feel when you are looking at Bet365, Paddy Power are more on the loud, brash and flashy side of things. That has helped them really establish such a big presence in the industry. They are highly popular for the number of promotions that they deliver, which includes a rewards club.

Their sportsbook is stacked to the rafters with options and if you are looking for more unique markets then Paddy Power is going to be a fantastic website to visit. While they are one of the top sites like Bet365, Paddy Power do offer plenty of features to make them exciting and dynamic and they rank highly for their mobile services too.

In Conclusion

While for many at the top of charts is the bet365 best betting site, there are plenty of viable options around. Just remember that all UK and Ireland bookmakers are regulated by the Gambling Commission so you are going to have that backing in terms of quality and everything in order.

But read reviews and check out some sites like Bet365 just to expand your horizons and to be able to shop around for odds. It’s a big online betting world out there and Bet365 is really just the tip of the iceberg.