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  • Fantastic value odds across all sports.
  • Excellent website design.

Online-Betting Rating:

Casumo has been around since 2012, initially starting as a casino operator, bringing new innovations to the table in that particular realm.

But along with their globally recognised Casino operations, the Casumo Sportsbook also comes highly recommended.

In this Casumo bookmaker review, we take a look at all the services that the operator has available for the sports bettor.

That includes a dive into their sportsbook to look at the type of variety that they have, as well as the value of their odds.

Among other things, we look at the Casumo app and other features that can be found on their website.

Our Casumo Review Rating:

Betting markets & odds quality: 9/10
In-Play Betting: 9/10
Extras & Features: 7/10
Payment Options: 9/10
User-friendliness of website: 10/10
Mobile App: 7/10
Customer Service: 8/10
Total Score: 9/10

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Casumo Betting markets and odds quality 9/10

Betting markets

One of the immediate outstanding features of the Casumo sportsbook is that it is fully customisable for the user.

It is a simple platform and whether you are on the Casumo Sportsbook or the Casumo app, you can choose your favoured sports.

Within Football, for example, you can add additional filters like only seeing the markets for the Premier League or the Bundesliga.

So that’s an immediate nice touch because it makes for some good, quick, user-friendly navigation.

It is a very clear layout on the site and it’s basically the list of sports across the top and then the markets listed below.

There is more than just the match outrights available on the main sportsbook screen.

There are quick filter links to get different bet types presented for the given coupon of matches.

So if you are looking at Casumo football betting, for example, it is easy to click on a Double Chance or Both Teams To Score bet type to see the options for all of the day’s Premier League games.

If it’s American Football betting at Casumo, then there are Match Outright, Handicap & Total Points listings presented.

Beyond that, we noticed for this Casumo UK review, that clearly presented are how many more wagers are available beyond what’s displayed.

If it’s just the match outrights for Rugby Betting that is being presented on the coupon, a box sits beside each fixture listed informing the user of how many more betting options there are.

While everything is very simply presented, it is done so well that the site feels light and easy to use.

It’s an excellent design, and the Casumo sportsbook is super easy to get around.

Moving on in this Casumo review we are going to take a look at some of the individual sections of the sportsbook.

That’s to get a deeper insight into what the bettor can find.

+++++UPDATE: Please note that there is no Casumo welcome sports bonus at the moment. We expect it to come back in February. ++++



Casumo Football Betting

As football is the biggest sport for betting in the UK, we are starting with the Casumo football section.

Punters are going to be duly satisfied with the amount of variety that is on offer in the sportsbook.

On individual matches from the Premier League, we regularly saw over 300 different bets available per game.

Clicking on an individual game will raise the main game page where things are well organised by filters. So it’s easy to switch between different bets.

A particular section that we saw for Casumo football betting was Pre-packs.

These are pre-set bets combining two options, such as Both Teams to Score + Total Goals Over 2.5.

Those are quick picks to browse through and adds to the overall quality of football betting.

Every type of bet that you would expect to see is available, from Team To Go Through on cup tie fixtures, to a Total Goals option (which is controlled by a slider option), 3-Way Handicap fixture and Asian Lines.

If you are just on the main landing page for the football betting section, the latest bigger games that are coming up are listed.

That’s where an overview of any live in=play football matches can be seen as well.

Again, everything that you want to see on the screen is customisable, simply by selecting the league/competitions that you want.

Casumo Horse Racing

The next section for this Casumo sportsbook review is the horse racing section.

Along with football, this is another huge area of UK sports betting.

There is UK & Ireland to be found on the site and importantly integrated into the betting markets is Racing Post information.

For each of the races that are listed at Casumo, there are brief details about the runner and jockey.

Call up an individual race and you will see not only the details of that fixture, along with things like form but also other available bets.

The other types of bets (beyond the outright winner market for horse racing) sit in a separate box on the right-hand side of the screen.

This is where Forecast bets and any other type of wager that they may throw out there, can be found.

Horse racing bets include things like Forecasts and Tricasts on selected races.

As with everything that we came across in this Casumo Sportsbook review, everything is very well presented and straightforward to use.

The toughest of insights through the horse racing stats do help and the cards loaded quickly on the screen.

That was important just in case you happened to be in a rush to get a wager down before the horses went to post.

Casumo Esports Review

Another impressive section in this Casumo Sportsbook review was the Esports betting on the site.

There was another strong presence of market variety on show in this particular area.

At the time of this Casumo review there were a lot of different sports from CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft and Overwatch.

Even more impressive than that, there were a huge number of matches from across the world.

There were a total of 36 matches from the ESL Pro League at the time of analysing the website.

A lot of the fixtures went much deeper in terms of bet variety than just the match outright as well.

There was, on average, more than 20 different bets available on each of the ESL Pro League matches live.

We will look at the live in-play sports section in another part of this Casumo Review.

Similarly, with League of Legends, there were a dozen matches available for betting on. In our opinion, the eSports section of Casumo was really strong.

North American Sports at Casumo

Among a lot of other strong areas of the sportsbook was the variety and focus that they put on North American betting markets.

That’s coverage of American Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and more.

Again the entire operations in terms of size of bet variety was extremely good.

An impressive pick of the features of things like NFL betting was the opportunities to get future propositions.

The MLB baseball and NHL Ice Hockey seasons were both in their season breaks, but we could still find good futures there.

The tournament outrights for the following season and other options like Conference Winners were still there

Impressively as well within the sports of Basketball, Baseball and Ice Hockey, things had a much broader reach than just North America.

There was a good range of European basketball for example in the Casumo sportsbook, along with Asian baseball markets and ice hockey from top European leagues like Russia’s KHL.

For us, it was just another indication of the overall depth and breadth of the Casumo sports betting options.

Novelty Markets

Under the TV & Novelty market, there was a reasonable range of different options.

That is a section that could be filtered by country, so for example, if it was just Australia Big Brother you wanted, it was possible to skip there quickly because of the filter.

There were different Reality TV options available from the likes of Dancing With The Stars and The Voice.

But there was also a nice selection of alternative markets from other varieties and novelty markets.

Awards sections were prominent like the Time Person Of the Year, Emmy Awards and the different Nobel prizes.

A lot of variety was in there from global markets including awards and

Casumo Sportsbook Summary

To summarise the experience that we had looking around for the Casumo sportsbook review, there were a lot of very strong features to focus on.

The top one of those was the variety of markets and bets that were available. They are very strong in that department.

Another strong area of Casumo is that the overall navigation and user-friendliness is just fantastic.

Everything is very easy to read, markets are easy to find and with plenty of tools to customise things, it checks a lot of boxes.

As can be seen in the Odds Comparison part of the review, the bookmakers’ margins are decent, giving punters some good value.

In our experience, they are are bookmaker who are well worth considering.

Odds Comparisons

odds comparisons

We do like to do a test of odds comparisons to size up the margins that punters could find on fixtures.

We looked at a couple of top Premier League matches from England to focus on the match outright.

There was a bookmaker margin of 4.98% and another was at 5.38%. For a look at the variety, we assessed the margins from an NFL game.

There was a 5.34% margin available on the match outright there in Casumo Sports betting.

Casumo sign up bonus, free bets & current promotions -/10

bonus offers

+++++UPDATE: Please note that there is no Casumo welcome sports bonus at the moment. We expect it to come back in February. ++++

Casumo In-play betting 8/10

live in-play betting

Landing on the Casumo sportsbook in the top left corner there is a red button for Live sports.

A click on the button and that will raise all the live in-play betting options that are currently in action.

All of the different sports are all listed on that one page. But they are all well organised and can be filtered by sport.

So there is the option just to see the live tennis matches, or the live baseball matches or of course, live football betting markets.

For the next part of this Casumo review, we are going to look deeper into some of the main live betting areas.

In-Play Football

One of the sports that have the biggest in-play betting coverage is football.

That’s no surprise, of course, targeting the UK bettors. This is another strong area of Casumo.

Naturally, there were more live in-play betting markets from the Premier League, than can be found from something like the Brazilian second tier.

However, even during a quiet midweek time, there was some good live in-play football from the likes of Colombia and Brazil.

There are Instant Betting options available in the Casumo live betting section.

That’s where rapid-fire football bets such as Next Throw-In After 10:00 of 1st Half can be found.

Bet Builder options are available when you can create live in-play football bets to your own configuration by combining options.

There is a small graphical representation of the flow of the given match in-play.

That indicates the main events of the action and it is possible to look at stats such as Shots off target.

In-Play Tennis

There was more impressive in-play betting to be found in the tennis section of the Casumo sportsbook.

Match options were available from the ATP and WTA, but we did also see some matches from lower-tiered tournaments.

Among the plentiful variety of bets, there were options like Set 2 Winner, Total Games Set 3, First to 3 Games in Set 3 and Tie Break in Set 2.

So there were terrific options in the Casumo tennis betting and there were also Instant Betting options.

Those were focused on the winner of the next point to be played in the match.

Alongside the wealth of in-play markets, there were also good match stats to back things up.

Casumo shows the scores from each of the sets and goes even further breaking down the current scores live in a game.

There was, on average, around more than 30 live in-play betting options available on a tennis match. Naturally the higher-profile the match, the more options could be found.

In-Play Esports

Given the boom of Esports betting that has happened in recent years, there is good live coverage of it at Casumo.

This is another area of the Casumo UK review that was really strong and that is because of the number of different bet opportunities that were available in live Esports matches.

There was a good average of more than 20 bets available for CS: GO live matches that were to be found in the sportsbook.

That covered things like handicaps and the round winners of maps in a match.

Esports matches in the Casumo listings came in from around the world, seeing matches from Dota 2 from the likes of Asia and North America.

Other bet types that we found included first kill types and full time spreads as well on the shooter-type fixtures.

Extras & features of Casumo 8/10

Extras & features

Any extra features that can be found in a sportsbook are things that can help further the positive experience of the end-user.

In this next section of the Casumo review, we take a look at some of the features that can be found around the site.

Cash Out

There are cash-out options available throughout the sportsbook. This betting option allows users to settle a bet before the event has finished.

When a betting selection is added to the bet slip, if the cash-out option is available, then there will be a Cash Out label visible.

Once a bet has been struck, within the My Bets tab you will be able to see any open bets that have the Cash Out feature available.

The Cash-Out button can be pressed for a bet to be settled at the given price.


Bet Builder options were found throughout the Casumo sportsbook and that was on a variety of sports as well.

The tool allows bettors to create a wager to their own liking on an event.

In a football bet builder, for example, there are market options like Total Goals, Corner Markets, Card Markets and Match Outrights that a punter could pull from.

The maximum amount of selections that can be put into a bet builder is twelve.

Odds Boosts

It is possible to find instances of odds boosts available within the Casumo sportsbook as well.

These are special occasions when the operator will increase the odds on a wager.

An example of that would be Chelsea boosted to a quote of 6/4 from even money to beat Liverpool in a Premier League match.

Also to be found on the website there are profit boots. There are percentage boosts.

So a 100% profit boost for example would boost an expected £10 return up to £20.

Casumo payment options - deposit and withdrawal methods 8/10

deposit and withdrawal

Next for the Casumo review, we are looking at the deposit and withdrawal options that are available at Casumo.

To fund an account with the operators, customers can deposit using:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafe
  • MuchBetter
  • Mobile Billing
  • Instant Banking
  • Paypal

How to make a Casumo deposit

There are no deposit fees charged by Casumo for customers. Aside from any Bank Transfer transactions, all deposits that are made to a Casumo account are credited instantly.

Click to check your balance on the Casumo site and from there, the deposit method can be selected.

How to make a Casumo withdrawal

When you are on the Casumo website, in the main navigation area there is a money icon. A click on that will take you to the option to make a withdrawal from an account.

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of £1, however, it is worth noting that withdrawals under £10 incur a £3 fee.

Any withdrawals that are requested are intended to go back to the same method from which it was deposited from.

Depending on the method of withdrawal in use, there will be different processing times.

Most of the options are instantly processed, but Bank Transfers and VISA withdrawals will incur some time.

There are no withdrawal fees issued by Casumo. It’s always worth checking with your financial institution to see if they charge any.

User-friendliness of the 10bet website 9/10


The user-friendliness of the Casumo website is excellent and definitely rates highly.

There is a lot of space throughout the layout, making things very too easy to read and browse around.

Navigation is well done, which is away from the usual left-hand driven menu. There is more of a sense of using filters.

Employing the filters to narrow what is displayed in the sportsbook, can really help in terms of speeding things up.

The display of the bet slip is nice and clear to read. When you make the first selection, the slip appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Displayed on the Casumo bet slip is the potential payout from wagers and which wagers have the Cash Out options available.

Overall, the user-friendliness of the Casumo website is excellent.

Casumo App review


While there is a dedicated Casumo mobile app for Casino, for sports betting on mobile platforms, the mobile website is the way to go.

Everything displays very well and that open-feeling that is available on the main website is there when browsing on a smaller screen as well.

That means there is quick betting to be done throughout the Casumo sportsbook.

The Casumo sign up bonus can be claimed by doing an account sign up via a mobile platform as well.

Because it is a mobile website that you are looking at, things are streamlined well and the markets were quick to load when we tested for this Casumo review.

Live betting, account management and everything else are there.

To access, just visit the browser on your mobile device and the site will automatically direct through to display the mobile version.

Casumo Customer Service & Support, Security & Reliability 8/10

customer service

The first port of call for the Casumo customer support is accessible through the main navigation menu on the left.

The Casumo FAQ section can be accessed from there. Within that help section, there are a good amount of common questions and answers.

It is quite detailed as well, and it does cover all Deposit and Withdrawal questions, which was a nice thing to see.

Note that the FAQ section does include both Casino and Sports betting answers from Casumo, but things are organised well by section.

So it is easy to get around and find what you are looking for.

There are times, of course, when you may need further help. There is an email link by which to contact the operator for support.

The Casumo support email address is [email protected] and both sports and casino help can be requested from there.

There is a Casumo live chat portal to consider at as well. The main link for that can be found in the main navigation menu.

When the Casumo live chat is started there is an option to either send a message to them or browse through their help articles via a search.

Our casumo review rating: 9 / 10

casumo review

Now we move on to sum up the conclusion of this Casumo sportsbook review for UK users. Overall they rated very well.

As a brand, they are a big, famous player in the world of online gaming and casino, but their addition of a sportsbook has been very well done.

Account management is strong and while the site doesn’t have live streaming of sports or a dedicated sports betting app, there is a strong and highly recommended service.

The website is very well designed and easy to get around. That’s one of the first and biggest factors to look at.

The other is the number of betting opportunities within the sportsbook itself and that gets a very high rating as well.

Whether it was football, cricket, snooker, American Football or even those novelty betting markets, the number of betting options was substantial.

That includes live in-play betting opportunities, which were easy to size up and find within the betting site.

With some competitive odds through reasonable bookmaker margins on football markets that we looked at, there is overall a very good package of positives to be found at Casumo.

We make a note in particular that they were very strong for football betting options overall, helping us give them a great rating for UK users.