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  • Superb live betting
  • Excellent coverage of esports
  • Good market prices

Online-Betting Rating:

+++ Guts will be closed for UK customers from 10th of December 2020 onwards +++

As Guts is not available in the UK anymore we recommend checking out other excellent bookmakers like Bet365, William Hill or Sportingbet


This is our Guts review which comes after having experienced their website and services for ourselves.

They are one of the newer bookmakers who have pushed forward with the use of modern technology to try and deliver a high-quality sportsbook.

Guts started their operations in 2013 and it was originally oriented towards casino and gaming.

But less than a year later they launched their online sportsbook for customers and it is on that we deliver our Guts player review.

They boast that they have built their services based on what any punter would want at an online sports betting site in addition to luck, money and well, more money.

Right off the bat for this Guts bookmaker review, we have to say it’s a pretty strange name. But at the same time, it is cool and let’s face it, unforgettable.

The operation was created by a group of highly qualified iGaming professionals according to their About page on the website.

Our Guts Review Rating:

Betting markets & odd quality: 6/10
Sign Up Bonus N/A
In-Play Betting: 8/10
Extras & Features: 5/10
Payment Options: 7/10
User-friendliness of website: 6/10
Mobile App: 6/10
Customer Service: 6/10
Total Score: 6/10

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Betting markets and odds quality 6/10

betting markets

Diving straight into the heart of the matter for this Guts sportsbook review, we took in as much of what was on offer at the time, as possible.

We studied the variety of different sports that were on offer, as well as the different bet types that were happening.

The immediately noticeable thing about Guts is the layout. It’s different.

A lot different from most of what punters are likely to come across in online sportsbooks.

The main left-hand driven menu to access and drive the sportsbook is hidden behind a Browse button in a horizontal menu.

Instead, navigation is mostly done by a big section-menu across the top of the website which jumps between the sports.

Then the access to the Guts sportsbook comes from a listing of the matches, say for football, underneath.

We will take a more in-depth look at the user-friendliness of the Guts website later in this Guts UK review.

Just immediately when accessing the sportsbook, it may be a usual sight that presents itself to players.

But let’s move on in this Guts bookmaker review and look at the quality of available markets.

Dipping into the Guts sportsbook it was mostly about football. The home page was awash with current action as well as plenty of futures.

The first thing we looked at in our Guts review was the variety of different markets within the sportsbook.

The big major sports like football, tennis, cricket were all in the main focus.

The coverage from North American markets was fair but nothing spectator and in weighing up the Guts sportsbook against those of other major bookies, the variety was perhaps not the strongest.

In looking around for more niche markets and the less-covered sports, there did appear to be a bit of a shortfall there in the Guts sportsbook.

But on the flip side of that, what was available in the sportsbook was very good when it came to betting depth. So in our experience of Guts, it feels more of a focused, concise sportsbook.

A huge positive was there was a sizable presence of Esports and they seem to be really into that action.

One notable sport that was missing from the Guts bookmaking service was horse racing. That may leave some punters short of some key action.

That’s something that could not be left out of our Guts UK review.

Sample of sports available in the Guts sportsbook

American Football
Ice Hockey

Reasons to join Guts *

  • Register an account at Guts
  • Enjoy a quality sportsbook
  • Excellent in-play options available

While Guts do not currently offer a welcome bonus for new customers.

But there are many excellent features of their operations that punters are likely to find more than makes up for that.

They do have a quality sportsbook and a truly superb Esports betting coverage available.

Read on further in this Guts review to see the features and things like bet variety that they offer.

Guts Football Review

Browsing around the Guts football markets on offer, we did find that Guts were good when it came to variety.

An MLS soccer game between Orlando and Columbus had over 140 betting options available on it. Some obscure matches from the Belarusian top-flight had over 80 pre-match markets.

Again, going back to the layout of the web, there is a dedicated section for football on the site.

Then once that has been clicked it brings up a row of the competitions that are available.

There is also the option to just browse through the Overview section or the ‘Starting Soon’ section with the football section.

Check out Guts’ sportsbook

It is worth mentioning we feel, looking at individual markets for football betting, that Asian Handicap betting options are available at Guts.

That’s a good touch that scored positively for us. When you do click on a football match, the list of available markets are listed directly beneath.

Because the background of the website is all white, it is really easy to see the prices and market options because it’s very well laid-out.

Football is very well covered at Guts and therefore for any punter who predominantly does their wagering on football, is going to be well served.

The excellent coverage of market variety extended out to the in-play services that they have running for football as well. There are extra touches as well there that enhanced the Guts football betting too.

There are statistics to back up the football action there, as well as live scores.

Another key aspect of the football experience at Guts was being able to cash out and the market value that we found there as well.

The futures options were actually pretty good and one such example was an English Premier League game between West Ham and Manchester City.

We took a look at the odds on offer, Manchester City being 1.29 favourites at the time and put them into a comparison.

We looked around to find other bookmakers having the Citizens anywhere between 1.25 and 1.3. So the odds on offer from Guts for that particular market was towards the top end of the industry.

Guts Esports Review

Esports betting at Guts has always been strong and this is a very notable positive in our experience of the bookie.

First things first, the difference in navigation comes into play again here. With most online bookmakers you will see just an Esports section.

But in the Guts sportsbook, things are done a little differently.

The individual Esports games are listed in the menu instead as individual sports.

So if you were looking for Counter-Strike or Dota 2 then you would have to scroll through the alphabetical list of the sportsbook (under the Browse link) to find the Esport that you were interested in.

That is of course if the sport was not listed in the easier main horizontal menu in the sportsbook.

Because there is very good coverage of Esports at Guts then markets will appear on the home page, if the event is big and relevant enough and other things are not burying it.

In this Guts review, we have to express from experience that they are one of the best bookmakers around for this area of sports betting.

We found Esports action from Argentina to the Netherlands happening. And t is not just the major Esports action that is covered like finals.

There is a lot of regular league season action that can be found at the bookmaker.

Then, taking things even further, you start digging around the markets available in a single match and we were impressed there.

Some Flashpoint league action had 10 pre-match markets going on, the Clutch Season group stage had an average of 7 pre-match markets per game and the ESL fixtures had an average of 10 markets.

This is in our experience, a lot more variety than a lot of other bookmakers offers.

So for our Guts UK rating, they score very highly for Esports betting.

Guts Sportsbook Summary

The more we looked around at the Guts website, the more user-friendly the sportsbook layout became.

We would still argue that the overall navigation could be better, a fixed, dedicated menu would help on the website we feel, to speed things up.

But the sportsbook is so easy to read with all of the space that is afforded in the layout. It was extremely easy on the eyes and the markets are not cluttered at all.

It ended up being a huge positive for us and the bet slip is legible, functional and in no-way intrusive to browsing around the sportsbook.

But still, for this Guts review the lack of horse racing was huge.

Frankly, the inclusion of some greyhound and horse racing would have taken it up the rankings.

For those punters who never touch racing betting, then it is not going to have any impact of course.

But for others that is likely going to be a huge omission and something to consider if you are looking to sign up at Guts.

10Bet Overview:

Headquarters: Malta
Founded: 2013
Industry: Sports Betting

Odds Comparisons


In this Guts review, we have already looked at what we felt was a good strong return of odds from a Premier League football game.

Of course, when looking at multiple markets across a larger spread of markets things are going to even out a bit.

But even with that said, looking at some tennis and boxing markets along with the football, we didn’t find the bookmaker margins to be too bad at all.

So that is a strong factor which helps Guts. So, all in all, there was a pretty good sportsbook, but then we do have to come back around to key elements of live streams and lack of racing.

In-play betting 7/10

live betting

The Guts website is good for live in-play betting.

That is clear as soon as you land on their sportsbook. If you click on their Live section then you get a very good variety of markets.

Not only that, but we also looked at a match from the Brazilian top-flight halfway through the first half of the game and found a good amount of in-play options, to the tune of over 80 markets to have a poke around in.

The variety of sports was also excellent in the Guts live betting section.

There was tennis from around the world including good coverage on lower-ranked tournaments when there was a Grand Slam going on, basketball, volleyball, baseball, darts and when we looked at esports as well.

The layout of a given event, when clicked, was also nice.

A live football market had a decent enough graphical view of the main action that was going on.

It will serve most punters pretty well, we feel, will the Guts live betting section. Let us next explore some of the main in-play markets that we found available at Guts.

Guts In-Play Football

The in-play betting at Guts is excellent. There are a couple of key factors for that being so.

The first is that the spacious layout that is on the website makes live in-play betting very easy.

That is because there is no clutter and it’s just so quick and easy to find matches and markets. That speed is a big factor for in-play betting.

The football markets in-play are super extensive at Guts and that is the other reason why their live betting service gets a high rating from us.

It’s not uncommon at all to find at least 80 in-play markets on a football match and we found that number to be fairly consistent across the board, no matter the quality of the match that was happening, be it the Premier League or a match from Australia’s A-League.

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Current matches are all listed down the left-hand side of the screen. So that’s a massive positive.

So what about the overall operation of in-play markets? Again, this is another area which ticks a lot of boxes.

Markets are clear, odds-changes are easy to spot and the fluid operation of the in-play (particularly when it comes to the Guts mobile app) was some of the best that we have experienced.

So much so that we feel that the Guts experience is really only fully gathered through the live betting portal. It’s that good.

We hopped around between a few different sports and still found plenty of market variety around to explore and enjoy. Bet variety gets a huge A+ from us for in-play football betting.

There is a great graphical look at the action in a match as well. That sits over on the right-hand side of the screen and stacks up a lot of information.

It will never replace being able to watch a live game of course, but there is a chart of action that indicates which way a football match is going, plus all the major incidents.

In terms of the amount of statistical information that’s there, it was better than some others we have seen.

Guts In-Play Esports

We mentioned early in this Guts UK review that they were doing very well for Esports betting.

We explored how many markets they covered for the genre and this came across in their live in-play betting as well.

Esports is a massive thing nowadays in sports betting, but it has been a little bit overlooked when it comes to in-play betting.

However, Guts is all over that Esports in-play betting. To an impressive degree.

We looked at an eLiga MX game from Mexico and found such good coverage of live markets, such as the 3-way handicap, draw no bet, total, team totals and Asian Handicap betting on the action as well.

That all stacks up to something very impressive.

There is exemplary word-wide coverage of everything under the sun from Counterstrike, Dota 2, EMotoropsot, King of Glory, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Starcraft and more.

This Guts betting review will single out their Esports betting (live and pre-match) once again as a real highlight.

Extras & features 5/10

extras and features

Earlier in the Guts bookmaker review, we mentioned that there are not a lot of promotions around besides the main Guts welcome offer.

The same has to be said of their extra features on their website. There is very little around to add those extra little layers that some punters like.

There is, for example, notably no live streams available on the website. There is no virtual betting either. Those could be little bugbears for some punters.

Features and promotions are not the be-all and end-all of any bookmaker service at all.

At the end of the day, it is really all down to the sportsbook variety and odds value. But it is nice to have certain things in play.

#Value Town

Guts do have a feature #Value Town. The name makes it sound like it is going to be an enhanced odds offer or something, but it’s not.

It looks like a Bet Builder but it’s not. This where they list any pre-selected same game multi options.

Punters can visit #ValueTown for daily specials-markets and pick up unique special prices which they offer across a wide range of sports.

Just to mention a few of the sports that they run their #ValueTown offers on, there is football, UFC and tennis.

What it basically is is a pre-set Bet Builder version of a tool, for example, De Bruyne to score, Salah to get an assist & Sokratis to get booked and Any coach to get sent to the stands & his team still wins the game.

Cash Out

There is a Cash Out feature that runs at Guts as well and this applies to pre-match and live in-play markets.

It probably doesn’t reach across as many different sports markets as the average punter will like, but it is prevalent in football betting and again here, we have to mention that in our experience, the football betting at Guts is so good.

The cash out is pushed as a promotion (meaning that you can find it in the Promotions section).

But this is just standard fare of a cash out tool that you would expect to find at any online betting site nowadays.

Any active bets that are eligible for a cash out option are clearly marked in the My Bets tab of the bet slip.

Check out the Guts extras & features

Payment options - deposit and withdrawal methods 7/10

payment options

Guts themselves do not charge for any deposits through e-wallets on accounts.

Double-check first because deposits through debit cards may apply.

That of course, doesn’t speak to whether or not your financial institution will charge anything or not. The Minimum Deposit amount across the board is £10.

Because of regulation changes in 2020, accounts are no longer fundable through credit cards, nor by any e-wallets at which a credit card is linked as the payment method.

The ways to get funds into your account aside from usual banking methods, include Paysafecard, ecoPayz, Debit, zimpler, Skrill, Neteller, Euteller, Mastercard and Sofort.

The deposit methods on offer of debit cards and e-wallets all offer instant processing times.

The same options are used for withdrawals and they will first try to send withdrawal back to the main source of funding.

How to make a GUTS withdrawal

Initiating a withdrawal at Guts is done through the same cashier at which the initial deposit was done at.

When you are in that section of the account management, there is a tab at the top which allows you to switch between the Deposit and Withdrawal functions.

Once there, just click on the Withdrawals and enter how much you want to pull out and it will let you know where it can be withdrawn too as well.

For the first deposit, they are naturally going to need to verify your identification.

Guts Withdrawal Methods:

Payment Option Duration Fee Amount
Visa und MasterCard immediately none £10*
Skrill immediately none £10
Neteller immediately none £10
WebMoney immediately none £10

*Debit cards only

10Bet Deposit Methods:

Payment Option Duration Fee Amount
Visa und MasterCard immediately none £10*
Skrill immediately none £10
PaySafeCard immediately none £10
Neteller immediately none £10
immediately none £10
EcoPayz immediately none £10
Bank Transfer immediately none £10
immediately none £10

*Debit cards only

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User-friendliness of website and mobile app/mobile version 6/10


And here for this Guts review, we come back around to that layout.

We have mentioned that it is easily readable and that is such a big aspect of the overall design.

It’s a very quick website to load, it’s fluid, legible and really easy on the eye because of how light the theme is.

There is just no area of the website which feels crammed with info.

Guts recommend the latest version of Google Chrome and for Mac users, we recommend the latest version of Safari.

So reading markets, reading prices is great and the bet slip is very good as well. So there is a strong package there.

The menu navigation is just a little bit cumbersome if it comes to a point where you need to look around to find a sport/market that isn’t immediately accessible through the main top menu.

The menu of all sports does pop up over the top of the main screen, it’s small, but it just feels like an extra step.

It is something that it is easy to get used to, of course, it’s not inherently a bad design, it is just something that most punters won’t be too familiar with.

With that thought, we have to draw ourselves back to a positive and that is how well the service operates on mobile.

Let’s move ahead in our Guts review to take a look at that.

Guts Mobile 6/10

Mobile Betting at Guts

So there is no direct Guts app review to look at. That’s because they do not, at this time at least, have dedicated apps.

But there is a mobile version of their website to look at. Just in general any mobile website will struggle to be as efficient as it’s dedicated app counterpart.

But the Guts mobile betting does stand up fairly well to heavy usage.

The whole vibe that Guts give off is one of freshness and clarity. It is quite a nice looking layout that they have on mobile.

Here though we have to make mention of their menu. It’s not the traditional left hand driven menu. You basically have boxes at the top of the screen, each representing a sport.

You can customise those boxes to pick your preferred sports.

If you wanted to add boxing, for example, you would hit the browse button and click on Boxing and then it would appear at the top.

When you have clicked on one of your sports you will see underneath the links to jump to a specific competition.

Otherwise, you would just have to scroll through the entire page to get to what you wanted to look at.

Again, we have to highlight navigation as not being the greatest, but the Guts mobile experience wasn’t all that bad.

22bet Customer Service & Support, Security & Reliability 6/10

customer service

The customer service at Guts we felt relied heavily on a FAQ section. It was a little bit vague in some areas, especially when it came to specific questions about what deposit methods could be used.

There is a chat agent available as well which can be found down in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

You have to fill in name, email, DOB and the street address to gain access to an agent through that particular platform.

One thing we couldn’t find was a direct telephone number for support.

They can be contacted through email which is [email protected] with any questions.

They use industry-standard encryption technology to keep your data safe. You will have to verify your account as well through ID channels like passports, driving licence and utility bills.

Our Guts review rating: 6 / 10

Guts review

We recognise that of the bookmakers that we have featured for reviews, Guts is one of the newer ones.

They have over 30,000 markets to bet on in their sportsbook and the bones of the Guts sportsbook is good.

In our experience of looking around at the services on offer for this Guts review, we found that the two huge strengths of theirs are football betting and Esports betting.

Those are excellent areas.

But Guts do fall down in a couple of places, like not being heavily into offering features such as live streams, virtual betting and even a dedicated betting app.

The lack of horse racing and greyhounds in the sportsbook as well is something that can’t be totally glossed over.

The operation of Guts is somewhat refreshing because they offer something a little different in terms of the look and feel of what is going on there.

There is the Guts welcome bonus and registration for their site is quick and easy, while account management on the back end of this has a solid, efficient feel about it.

So, all in all, there are aspects of Guts that we found to be highly enjoyable, like how legible everything is, and the strength of certain aspects of their sportsbook.

But for this Guts UK rating, there are areas in which the experience could have been enhanced and therefore them ending up scoring better in our ratings.

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