Euro 2016 Fixtures and Results

The match schedule for the Euro 2016

Euro 2016 Fixtures
When and where? When is your nation kicking things off in the Euro 2016? When is their next match-up? When may they be playing a knockout stage fixture? The big tournament arrives on our doorstep on June 10th and runs through to July 10th. That's a month of top quality football, that is a total of fifty matches in the space of a month, so what a treat for football fans across the continent.

Euro 2016 Group Stage - Fixtures and Results

June 10th - June 22nd
The group stage starts on June 10th with hosts France taking on Romania at the Stade de France, Saint-Denis. It should be a cracking atmosphere and from then on the action comes thick and fast with Wales and England getting their campaigns off to a start the following day, with the Welsh taking on Slovakia and England facing Russia in Group B.

There is no break in the group stage action from the 10th through to the 22nd when Groups E and F are settled. The Republic of Ireland in action on the 22nd against Italy and there is also a big clash between Sweden and Belgium, all in Group E. The top two nations from each group will make it through to the next stage along with the four best third-placed teams of the six groups.

Group Stage Matchday 1

Date Time Gr. Fixture Result
Fr. 10th June 20.00 A France v Romania 2-1
Sa. 11th June 14.00 A Switzerland v Albania 1-0
Sa. 11th June 17.00 B Wales v Slovakia 2-1
Sa. 11th June 20.00 B England v Russia 1-1
Su. 12th June 14.00 D Turkey v Croatia 0-1
Su. 12th June 17.00 C Poland v Northern Ireland 1-0
Su. 12th June 20.00 C Germany v Ukraine 2-0
Mo. 13th June 14.00 D Spain v Czech Republic 1-0
Mo. 13th June 17.00 E Ireland v Sweden 1-1
Mo. 13th June 20.00 E Belgium v Italy 0-2
Tu. 14th June 17.00 F Austria v Hungary 0-2
Tu. 14th June 20.00 F Portugal v Iceland 1-1

Group Stage Matchday 2

Date Time Gr. Fixture Result
We. 15th June 14.00 B Russia v Slovakia 1-2
We. 15th June 17.00 A Switzerland v Romania 1-1
We. 15th June 20.00 A France v Albania 2-0
Th. 16th June 14.00 B England v Wales 2-1
Th. 16th June 17.00 C Ukraine v Northern Ireland 0-2
Th. 16th June 20.00 C Germany v Poland 0-0
Fr. 17th June 14.00 E Italy v Sweden 1-0
Fr. 17th June 17.00 D Czech Republic v Croatia 2-2
Fr. 17th June 20.00 D Spain v Turkey 3-0
Sa. 18th June 14.00 E Belgium v Ireland 3-0
Sa. 18th June 17.00 F Iceland v Hungary 1-1
Sa. 18th June 20.00 F Austria v Portugal 0-0

Group Stage Matchday 3

Date Time Gr. Fixture Result
Su. 19th June 20.00 A Switzerland v France 0-0
Su. 19th June 20.00 A Romania v Albania 0-1
Mo. 20th June 20.00 B England v Slovakia 0-0
Mo. 20th June 20.00 B Russia v Wales 0-3
Tu. 21st June 17.00 C Ukraine v Poland 0-1
Tu. 21st June 17.00 C Germany v Northern Ireland 1-0
Tu. 21st June 20.00 D Spain v Croatia 1-2
Tu. 21st June 20.00 D Turkey v Czech Republic 2-0
We. 22nd June 17.00 F Hungary v Portugal 3-3
We. 22nd June 17.00 F Austria v Iceland 1-2
We. 22nd June 20.00 E Italy v Ireland 0-1
We. 22nd June 20.00 E Belgium v Sweden 1-0

Euro 2016 Round of 16 - Fixtures and Results

June 25th - June 27th
Yes, there is an extra round of European Championship action this time around with the competition having been expanded. The Round of Sixteen at Euro 2016 is played across the three days, starting on June 25th and finishing on June 27th with three games on the 25th and 26th and two on the 27th.

Date Time Fixture Result
Sa. 25th June 14.00 Switzerland v Poland 4-5 (pens)
Sa. 25th June 17.00 Wales v Northern Ireland 1-0
Sa. 25th June 20.00 Croatia v Portugal 0-1 (AET)
Su. 26th June 14.00 France v Ireland 2-1
Su. 26th June 17.00 Germany v Sloavakia 3-0
Su. 26th June 20.00 Hungary v Belgium 0-4
Mo. 27th June 17.00 Italy v Spain 2-0
Mo. 27th June 20.00 England v Iceland 1-2

Euro 2016 Quarter Finals - Fixtures and Results

June 30th - July 3rd
There's a small break between the Round of Sixteen and the Quarters. June 30th sees the arrival of the Quarter Finals and you get one match each day through to July 3rd.

Date Time Fixture Result
Th. 30th June 20.00 Poland v Portugal 4-6 (pens)
Fr. 1st July 20.00 Wales v Belgium 3-1
Sa. 2nd July 20.00 Germany v Italy 7-6 (pens)
Su. 3rd July 20.00 France v Iceland 5-2

Euro 2016 Semi Finals - Fixtures and Results

July 6th - July 7th
Again, a break between the Quarter Finals and the Semi Finals. The first of the semi final fixtures at Euro 2016 kicks off on July 6th with the second one coming the very next day.

Date Time Fixture Result
We. 6th July 20.00 Portugal v Wales 2-0
Th. 7th July 20.00 Germany v France 0-2

Euro 2016 Final - Fixture and Result

July 10th
Then it is down to the showcase match. There is no third-placed match at Euro 2016 and the final of the entire tournament is held back in Saint-Denis on July 10th. Who will be there?

Date Time Fixture Result
Su. 10th July 20.00 Portugal v France 1-0 (AET)

You can follow the result of Euro 2016 as they happen right here. You aren't going to miss any of the outcomes here and of course, you need to be in the know to see if your bets come up and the Euro 2016 Results will have a big influence on your further wagers in the tournament. Catch all of the 2016 Results here.

So there are the fixtures for Euro 2016 but with plenty of home nation interest in the tournament this time around, here is a quick breakdown of when to catch England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland.

England Euro 2016 Fixtures (all times UTC)
June 11th v Russia (8pm)
June 16th v Wales (2pm)
June 20th v Slovakia (8pm)
June 27th v Iceland (8pm)

Wales Euro 2016 Fixtures
June 11th v Slovakia (5pm)
June 16th v England (2pm)
June 20th v Russia (8pm)
June 25th v Northern Ireland (5pm)
July 1st v Belgium (8pm)
July 6th v Portugal (8pm)

Northern Ireland Euro 2016 Fixtures
June 12th v Poland (5pm)
June 16th v Ukraine (5pm)
June 21st v Germany (5pm)
june 25th v Wales (8pm)

Ireland Euro 2016 Fixtures
June 13th v Sweden (5pm)
June 18th v Belgium (2pm)
June 22nd v Italy (8pm)
June 26th v France (2pm)