European Championship Quiz

Are you a European Championship Expert?

European Championship Quiz
Euro 2016 will be filling our summer with a feast of international football from host nation France. We have a European Championship quiz running to whet your whistle ahead of this summer's tournament. How many of the past winners can you remember?

Test your European Championships memory by trying to name every nation which has finished as either the winner or runner-up of the previous twelve competitions? Simply hit play and you will be on the clock to remember as many nations as you can!!!

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  • 1996
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Instructions: Just type in the name of a European nation and if they have either won or finished runner up at the UEFA European Championships, their name will be automatically filled into the grid. Remember, that you are on the clock and have only three minutes to remember all of the teams who have reached the final of a tournament.

So how much do you remember about the European Championships from days gone by? Can you remember who shocked the field to claim the title in the 2004 in Portugal? Who was it that waltzed to the title at England '96 when the hosts fell short at the semi final stage in what was the first occasion that the European Championships had been expanded to 16 teams?

Can you cast your mind all the way back to 1960, the inaugural UEFA European Championship, which was contested between just the four nations? So far only one European Championship final has been settled on a penalty shootout, which was way back in 1976. Who was it that took the dramatic victory and who was on the cruel losing end of that shoot-out?

Test your memory skills in our European Championship Quiz 2016 and then challenge your friends to how much they can recall!

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