Current Bundesliga Injuries & Suspensions List - Germany

Injuries & Suspensions
One often overlooked aspect of Bundesliga football betting is who is actually not playing. While punters look for match winners in a side to influence their betting, if a team like Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund have a big list of absent players not actually available for selection, then they may be more vulnerable.
So it is always worth stopping and taking a look at the current Bundesliga injuries and suspensions to see how a side may be shaping up for their next fixture. A side may struggle without their lone, main striker who has accumulated too many disciplinary points for the season. Defensive frailties can arise if a centre half partnership gets weakened because of injury.
Last update on 23 Nov 2017 at 18 hrs


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Joannis GeliosBack injury17 Oct 2017Back in training
 Moritz LeitnerAnkle injury04 Sep 2017Doubtful
 Georg TeiglBack injury05 Sep 2017Doubtful
 Sergio CórdovaAnkle injury14 Oct 2017Doubtful
 Martin HintereggerAnkle injury15 Oct 2017Doubtful
 Rani KhediraMuscle injury21 Nov 2017Doubtful

Bayern Munich

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Franck RibéryKnee injury01 Oct 2017Back in training
 Thomas MüllerThigh injury21 Oct 2017Back in training
 Kingsley ComanTendon injury18 Nov 2017Doubtful
 RafinhaAnkle injury20 Nov 2017Doubtful
 David AlabaBack injury21 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Manuel NeuerBroken foot18 Sep 2017Late April 2018
 Thiago AlcantaraMuscle injury22 Nov 2017A few weeks
 Arjen RobbenCalf Injury22 Nov 2017Mid December 2017

Borussia Dortmund

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Eric DurmHip injury30 Jul 2017Unknown
 Sebastian RodeGroin injury06 Aug 2017Unknown
 Lukasz PiszczekKnee injury08 Oct 2017Unknown
 Alexander IsakKnee injury07 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Sokratis PapastathopoulosRib injury17 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Christian PulisicMuscle injury17 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Roman BürkiHead injury21 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Marco ReusCruciate ligament injury28 May 2017Late February 2018
 Hendrik BonmannKnee injury27 Jun 2017Early November 2017

Borussia Monchengladbach

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Mamadou DoucoureThigh injury13 Jan 2017Back in training
 Jonas HofmannKnee injury28 Oct 2017Unknown
 Ibrahima TraoréThigh injury01 Nov 2017Unknown
 Tobias StroblCruciate ligament injury04 Aug 2017Early February 2018
 Lászlo BénesBroken foot12 Sep 2017Mid December 2017


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Marius LauxUnknown08 Sep 2017Unknown
 Christian ClemensGroin injury08 Nov 2017Few Days
 Leonardo BittencourtThigh injury22 Nov 2017Unknown
 Jonas HectorAnkle injury14 Sep 2017Mid December 2017
 Marcel RisseMeniscus injury23 Sep 2017Early January 2018
 Marco HögerThigh injury01 Nov 2017Late December 2017
 Dominique HeintzThigh injury08 Nov 2017Early January 2018
 Simon ZollerThigh injury18 Nov 2017Mid January 2018
Frederik Sørensen Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
26 Nov: FC Cologne-Hertha Berlin

Eintracht Frankfurt

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Yanni RegäselBack injury05 Sep 2017Unknown
 Marco RussAchilles tendon injury15 Nov 2017Unknown
 Carlos SalcedoIllness21 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Kevin-Prince BoatengIllness21 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Omar MascarellAchilles tendon injury25 Apr 2017Mid January 2018
 Alexander MeierAnkle injury21 Jun 2017Early February 2018
 Timothy ChandlerMeniscus injury21 Oct 2017Late December 2017
 Jonathan De GuzmanDislocated shoulder, Muscle injury10 Nov 2017Early January 2018


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Manuel GuldeBack injury07 Jul 2017Back in training
 Jonas MeffertFoot injury10 Aug 2017Back in training
 Georg NiedermeierBack injury06 May 2017Doubtful
 Vincent SierroHamstring/Strain10 Sep 2017Doubtful
 Philipp LienhartKnee injury22 Oct 2017Doubtful
 Amir AbrashiAnkle injury22 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Onur BulutBack injury22 Nov 2017Unknown
 Mike FrantzKnee injury04 Nov 2017Early February 2018

Hamburger SV

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Pierre-Michael LasoggaThigh injury06 Aug 2017Day to day
 Andreas HirzelFlu03 Oct 2017Unknown
 Bjarne ThoelkeKnee injury, Foot injury25 Oct 2017Unknown
 WalaceKnee injury18 Nov 2017Unknown
 Christian MatheniaBack injury19 Nov 2017Day to day
 Andre HahnIllness22 Nov 2017Unknown
 Nicolai MüllerCruciate ligament injury19 Aug 2017Late February 2018
 Albin EkdalThigh injury10 Nov 2017Late November 2017

Hannover 96

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Noah-Joel Sarenren-BazeeThigh injury02 Aug 2017Back in training
 Uffe BechMeniscus injury09 Jul 2017Day to day
 Philipp TschaunerShoulder injury09 Nov 2017Few Days
 Ihlas BebouThigh injury22 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Edgar PribCruciate ligament injury16 Aug 2017Mid February 2018
 FelipeThigh injury15 Sep 2017Early January 2018

Hertha Berlin

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Julian SchieberKnee injury15 Feb 2017Day to day
 Niklas StarkCalf Injury05 Nov 2017Day to day
 Palko DárdaiToe injury07 Nov 2017Day to day
 Valentin StockerMeniscus injury08 Nov 2017Unknown
 Vladimir DaridaKnee injury15 Oct 2017Early December 2017


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Ermin BicakcicKnee injury14 Sep 2017Back in training
 Adam SzalaiGroin injury06 Oct 2017Back in training
 Pavel KaderabekKnee injury28 Oct 2017Day to day
 Benjamin HübnerAnkle injury02 Nov 2017Day to day
 Meris SkenderovićThigh injury06 Nov 2017Unknown

Mainz 05

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Aaron SeydelKnee injury21 Jul 2017Day to day
 Niko BungertThigh injury17 Sep 2017Doubtful
 Emil BerggreenThigh injury11 Nov 2017Unknown
 Leon BalogunBroken hand19 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Karim OnisiwoShoulder injury10 Oct 2017Mid January 2018
 Rene AdlerThigh injury24 Oct 2017Mid January 2018
Giulio Donati Suspended for 1 Match
Suspended for following matches:
25 Nov: Freiburg-Mainz 05

RB Leipzig

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Fabio ColtortiMuscle injury06 Sep 2017Day to day
 Stefan IlsankerBroken toe16 Oct 2017Day to day
 Marcel HalstenbergUnknown20 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Marcel SabitzerDislocated shoulder21 Nov 2017Unknown

Schalke 04

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Donis AvdijajAnkle injury10 Aug 2017Unknown
 Luke HemmerichFoot injury23 Aug 2017Day to day
 Leon GoretzkaLeg injury20 Oct 2017Doubtful
 Nabil BentalebHip injury14 Nov 2017Unknown
 Franco Di SantoThigh injury19 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Benjamin StambouliUnknown22 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Pablo InsuaHeart problems27 Sep 2017Early January 2018

VfB Stuttgart

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Carlos ManéKnee injury02 Jun 2017Day to day
 Matthias ZimmermannCruciate ligament injury31 Aug 2017Unknown
 Marcin KaminskiAnkle injury13 Oct 2017Day to day
 Alexander MeyerThigh injury25 Oct 2017Unknown
 Dzemis BurnicKnee injury10 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Daniel GinczekGroin injury17 Nov 2017Unknown
 Anastasios DonisDislocated shoulder18 Oct 2017Early December 2017
 Chadrac AkoloThigh injury17 Nov 2017Early December 2017

Werder Bremen

PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Michael ZettererWrist injury09 Nov 2017Unknown
 Aron JohannssonKnee injury18 Nov 2017Unknown
 Justin EilersCruciate ligament injury16 May 2017Early January 2018


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Christian TräschUnknown20 Jul 2017Day to day
 Adelino VieirinhaAnkle injury10 Aug 2017Few Days
 Sebastian JungAnkle injury07 Oct 2017Day to day
 Ignacio CamachoAnkle injury25 Oct 2017Unknown
 Marvin StefaniakThigh injury08 Nov 2017Doubtful
 Jakub BlaszczykowskiBack injury16 Nov 2017Unknown
Player has returned to training
Player will return in the foreseeable future
Player out for a longer period
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All that you need to know about Bundesliga bans and injuries can be found here. The clubs are listed alphabetically and you can see who is going to be sitting out through suspension, or who is not fully fit. This will aid your betting decisions and enable you to get to better, smarter conclusions. Keep this valuable Bundesliga betting information to hand and it is updated on a regular basis.

The Bundesliga is arguably one of the toughest leagues in Europe and not only is there the title race which takes a lot of focus, but also the races for places in the Champions League, the Europa League and of course, the often fascinating battle for survival at the foot of the table. When a side is not at full strength at any point of the season, it can set off bad runs of form, while the reverse is that the longer a squad stays healthy and suspension free, success can come flooding in. Make sure that you are informed of who is on the injury list and who is not allowed to play. That is where keeping up to date with Bundesliga injuries and bans can play a major part in your football betting decisions.