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If you are looking at leagues which may be slightly beyond the realms of your comfort zone, then it is good to have some extra information at hand. Maybe you have enjoyed betting mostly on the English Premier League but want to expand your horizons and the Turkey Super Lig is coming up with some action that you want to go and take a look at. Well, along with studying current form and league standings, there is another important aspect of things to look at.

Super Lig injuries and suspensions are key bits of information that you need to make informed decisions on games. It’s not just about a team sitting six places higher in the league standings than their opponents, it is about who is actually getting into the starting eleven on the day that the two of them meet. Maybe the underdog is at full strength while the stronger team has to soldier on with players on the physio table and sitting in the stands because of bans.

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Last update on 05 Jun 2020 at 5 hrs


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Salih UcanUnknown16 Feb 2020Back in training
 Lokman GörCruciate ligament injury07 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Manolis SiopisUnknown, Unknown10 Mar 2020Doubtful
 BaianoHernia, Unknown16 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Onur BulutSprained ankle16 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Juanfran Moreno FuertesKnee injury28 Sep 2019Early April 2020
 DjalmaUnknown12 Mar 2020Mid March 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 CharlesUnknown27 Dec 2019Unknown
 Harun KavaklidereUnknown27 Dec 2019Unknown
 Yekta KurtulusUnknown11 Feb 2020Unknown
 Ondrej CelustkaFlu11 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Gustavo Leschuk BlancoFlu11 Feb 2020Day to day
 Amilton Minervino da SilvaUnknown15 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Bahadir OzturkBack injury19 Dec 2019Out for season
 Adis JahovicBroken cheekbone26 Jan 2020Early March 2020
 Nazim SangaréBack injury29 Jan 2020Late March 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Faruk CakirUnknown18 Jan 2019Unknown
 Martin SkrtelUnknown28 Nov 2019Unknown
 Berkay ÖzcanBroken nose21 Jan 2020Unknown
 Enzo CrivelliLigament injury12 Mar 2020Doubtful


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Burak YilmazUnknown27 Dec 2019Back in training
 Jeremain LensThigh injury10 Jan 2020Back in training
 Dorukhan TokozDislocated kneecap06 Oct 2019Doubtful
 Kevin-Prince BoatengKnee injury12 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Adem LjajicAnkle injury, Virus21 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Gökhan GönülBack injury01 Mar 2020Unknown
 Pereira Dos Santos DouglasThigh injury, Ankle injury05 Mar 2020Doubtful


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Erten ErsuCruciate ligament injury17 Jan 2019Back in training
 Garry Mendes RodriguesLeg injury08 Feb 2020Back in training
 Hasan Ali KaldirimFoot injury07 Jan 2020Day to day
 Deniz TürücKnee injury14 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Emre BelözogluLeg injury15 Feb 2020Unknown
 Max KruseAnkle injury08 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Sadik CiftpinarCruciate ligament injury15 Dec 2019Mid June 2020
 Altay BayindirGroin injury, Groin injury14 Mar 2020Mid April 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Emre AkbabaBroken ankle11 May 2019Back in training
 Christian Luyindama NekadioCruciate ligament injury18 Nov 2019Back in training
 Florin AndoneMedial Collateral Ligament injury09 Nov 2019Day to day
 Henry Chukwuemeka OnyekuruMalaria18 Jan 2020Day to day
 Marcelo SaracchiUnknown26 Jan 2020Unknown
 Ahmet Yilmaz CalikMuscle injury29 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Mario LeminaHamstring/Strain16 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Adem BuyukBack injury09 Mar 2020Unknown
 Ömer BayramBroken arm14 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Radamel FalcaoThigh injury26 Jan 2020Late February 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Abdoulaye DialloUnknown22 Dec 2019Unknown
 Arda KizildagAnkle injury07 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Giovanni SioVirus, Unknown05 Feb 2020Unknown
 Daniel CandeiasUnknown05 Feb 2020Unknown
 Floyd AyiteUnknown08 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Rahmetullah BerisbekUnknown16 Feb 2020Unknown
 Sefa YilmazAnkle injury16 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Erdem OzgencUnknown26 Feb 2020Unknown
 Pierre-Yves PolomatKnee injury05 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Bogdan StancuKnee injury, Groin injury14 Mar 2020Doubtful


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Loret SadikuUnknown17 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Ramazan KoseUnknown17 Jan 2020Unknown
 Yusuf ErdoganUnknown17 Jan 2020Day to day
 Bengali-Fode KoitaUnknown08 Feb 2020Day to day
 Fatih ÖztürkShoulder injury03 Mar 2020Doubtful


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Pedro HenriqueHamstring/Strain09 Dec 2019Few Days
 Cristian SapunaruUnknown05 Jan 2020Unknown
 Hakan ArikanKnee cap injury06 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Nurettin KorkmazCruciate ligament injury14 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Ziya AlkurtUnknown18 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Miguel LopesKnee injury02 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Levent GülenCruciate ligament injury07 Nov 2019Out for season
 Alpay CelebiCruciate ligament injury14 Feb 2020Out for season


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Ferhat ÖztorunHernia24 Dec 2019Back in training
 Ali CamdaliBroken nose20 Nov 2019Unknown
 Ozan Can OrucUnknown05 Feb 2020Unknown
 Riad BajicIllness17 Feb 2020Day to day
 Ali KarakayaUnknown19 Feb 2020Unknown
 Marin AnicicAchilles tendon injury, Muscle injury06 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Robert MakLeg injury06 Mar 2020Unknown
 Erdon DaciBruised ankle06 Mar 2020Unknown
 Mucahit AtalayUnknown08 Mar 2020Unknown
 Farouk MiyaUnknown, Thigh injury08 Mar 2020Unknown
 Volkan FindikliUnknown11 Mar 2020Unknown
 Selim AyUnknown11 Mar 2020Unknown


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Mostapha El KabirBroken leg25 Aug 2019Unknown
 Nill De PauwUnknown09 Dec 2019Unknown
 Yan SasseUnknown09 Dec 2019Unknown
 Mohamed AbarhounPhysical discomfort, Gastrointestinal discomfort14 Mar 2020Unknown
 Aminu UmarCruciate ligament injury14 Mar 2020Out for season


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Serhiy RybalkaKnee injury25 Oct 2019Doubtful
 ClaudemirMuscle injury01 Dec 2019Day to day
 Aaron AppindangoyeHamstring/Strain14 Jan 2020Doubtful
 Petar SkuleticKnee injury08 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Marcelinho GoianoUnknown, Ankle injury08 Feb 2020Day to day
 Emre KilincUnknown, Groin injury08 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Ugur CiftciUnknown16 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Caner OsmanpasaUnknown16 Feb 2020Day to day
 Ali Vural SasalUnknown27 Feb 2020Unknown
 Samba CamaraUnknown06 Mar 2020Unknown
 Erdogan YesilyurtUnknown06 Mar 2020Unknown
 Ziya ErdalUnknown, Muscle injury10 Mar 2020Doubtful
 FernandoMuscle injury16 Jan 2020Mid February 2020


PlayerInjuryInjury DateExpected Return
 Abdulkadir OmurKnee injury29 Aug 2019Back in training
 Caleb EkubanHamstring/Strain11 Feb 2020Back in training
 Majid HosseiniGroin injury16 Feb 2020Back in training
 Joao PereiraUnknown01 Mar 2020Back in training
 Erce KardeslerKnee injury11 Feb 2020Unknown
 Yusuf SariKnee injury11 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Anthony NwakaemeUnknown16 Feb 2020Unknown
 Daniel SturridgeFinger injury19 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Mikel John ObiFinger injury19 Feb 2020Doubtful
 Kamil Ahmet CörekciThigh injury14 Mar 2020Doubtful
 Pape Alioune NdiayeKnee injury01 Apr 2020Doubtful
 Ahmet CanbazCruciate ligament injury08 Dec 2019Out for season
Player has returned to training
Player will return in the foreseeable future
Player out for a longer period

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Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray are some of the most famous names from the Super Lig in Turkey, those being the giants of the domestic game there. Those are the teams who are generally scrapping it out for the league title in Turkey and to try and get into the UEFA competition in the Champions League and Europa League. Only the top two from the tough league gets to go through to the Champions League.

Three teams take the drop down to the second tier at the end of the season so there is a lot of pressure in the season over the 34 games that each of the teams ends up playing. If you are looking at the Super Lig for betting, then knowing what is going on with current injuries and suspensions is crucial information that you want to look at. Just take a quick scan of the page to see which teams are at full strength, and which are not.