US Election Prediction & Betting Odds – Who will be President?

Clinton the victor in crazy election year

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So who will win the US Election? We’ll find out when the polls are done and dusted on November 8th in the US and the world will then be waking up to a new Commander in Chief at the White House. It is has been a Presidential campaign battle the likes of which have never been seen before. You have the long political career of Democrat Hillary Clinton going up against businessman Donald Trump who has not an ounce of previous political experience.

So this has been a very divisive US Election campaign, sheerly because of the presence of real estate mogul Trump, who likes to bring the drama and controversy with him where he goes. He was around 100/1 back last year to even get the party nomination to go for Presidency, but here is, on the doorstep of the White House. What makes the presence of Trump so remarkable is that even a lot of his party, including Republican Senators have refused to give their backing to him. Why? It’s because he is simply so polarizing.

Trump has mocked a disabled reporter, made derogatory comments about women and about Mexicans, said that he wants all Muslims screened, made reference to wall between the US and Mexico and said that the fact that he hasn’t paid taxes in years was brilliance on his part. The Donald is portrayed by the Democrats as an unstable bully, and a danger to be in a position of power where he has access to the nation’s nuclear codes. He is seen as being very dangerpus and he has admitted himself, and part of his campaign is based on him shaking up Washington and he’s not going to care who he steps over to get his way.

So you have that in the Red corner and over in the Blue you have Hillary Clinton, former First Lady of course when her husband Bill was in power. Clinton has so much experience in the political arena, but she isn’t seen as being all that trustworthy either, particularly because of leaked emails which she sent out from a private server opposed to on an official government one. This was investigated by the FBI because of handling of national security, but she was exonerated. So you pretty much have the two candidates who aren’t particularly likable but it is Clinton who has been holding the lead in the electoral race and still continues to do so.

The road to the White House is longer for Trump than it is for Clinton at this stage of processing. 270 electoral college (see below) votes are needed to put the next President in place. Clinton has been hovering pretty much around that figure for some time, with Trump back just over 200. So the solid Democratic support, particularly on the west coast and the north east, is stronger than that of the Republican, which pretty much covers the mid west. There are still going to be some key battleground states of course, which could bring the polling closer.

US Election Prediction & Betting Odds

Hillary Clinton 4/11, Donald Trump 3/1

US Election Prediction & Betting

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US Election Electoral College

US Citizens going to the polls aren’t actually voting for the President. They are voting for a member of the electoral college who in turn then votes for the President’s. So the people are basically choosing “electors” who have pledged their support for a particular candidate. This is where the 270 votes come from because that is the magic number as there are 538 electors in the US Electoral College. The Electors in the college are apportioned to each of the 50 states (and Washington DC) which means that a state will have the same number as Electors as the number of Congress members that it has. So for example, there are 55 Electoral votes up for grabs in the important state of California (solid Democrat) and 29 in Florida (solid Democrat) so those two states alone give the Democrats a huge boost. Other big states are Texas (solid Republican) Illinois, Ohio and New York. So while the Republicans generally own the midwest, the Democrats hold power in the states where there are more Electoral college voters. Back in 2012 for example, Barack Obama won the popular vote in 26 states giving him 332 electoral votes, while his opponent Mitt Romney had the popular vote in 24 states and despite being just two states shy of Obama’s total, captured just 206 votes.

US Election Prediction & Betting Odds

Last month bookmaker Paddy Power paid out early on Hillary Clinton winning the Presidential election, bravely shelling out around $1 million to their customers on the market. That was after a video tape was leaked out showing Donald Trump saying some derogatory remarks about women. That may well seem like a tipping point in the contest because it came just before the second of three Presidential debates. But the truth is, is that Clinton has been well ahead for some time at Coral and it will remain that way and she is running at a best price of 4/11 with Betfred to show that. That leaves Trump at 9/4. Don’t expect Trump to go quietly though if he loses this race because he is a man who likes to stick around and get in as many faces as possible. He has already said that he may contest the result if it’s close. Come November 9th when the dust settled on what has been a crazy US Presidential race, there will be a lady in the White House for the first time ever, sitting in that famous chair behind the desk in the Oval Office.