2016 US Presidential Election Betting Odds and Preview

Can anyone catch Clinton in White House race?

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Online bookmaker Ladbrokes have settled down to paint a very clear picture of the favourites for the running of the 2016 US Presidential Election betting. After the furore of incumbent Barack Obama taking on Republican candidate Mitt Romney this year, which Obama returned a second victory for another term in office at the White House, things will have to be all changed up in four years time. Come then, Barack Obama will have served his maximum of two terms in the hotseat and will have to pass the baton on to someone else. But not only is there the question of who will step up to replace him in January of 2017, but which party will the elected one come from. The Democrats will have had eight years in power and have won four of the last five popular votes, but come the 2016 Presidential Election betting, will there be a swing?

The Democrats are trading at Evens with Ladbrokes to hold on to the White House power, with the Republicans at 8/11. With Obama becoming the first African American President of the United States of America, will there be even more history made in four years time? Could there be the first ever female President sitting in the White House?

The bookies are suggesting so as Hillary Clinton, the current Secretary of State is trading as strong 11/2 favourite to win the 2016 Presidential Election. She is already the early favourite to be the Democratic nomination and her ratings in the world of politics has risen substantially under the Obama administration. Hers is the name in the list of potential candidates which will resound most loudly across the world, and could be the first ever First Lady to become President. She has already broken ground in becoming the first ever First Lady to hold a public office when she became Senator of New York, could she take it a step further?

Interestingly, a scan down the favourites in the 2016 US Presidential Election betting market, and aside from Clinton, there is a prominence from the Republican party. The basic upshot of why this is, is that no-one is likely to really stand up against Clinton as the Democratic nominee at the end of the day, so she is their Barcelona, their Frankel, their New Zealand Rugby team. The banker that they are going to stand behind in pushing forward for the next four years. Only incumbent vice president Joe Biden, a likeable down to earth figure is making any showing in the betting, but right back at 16/1. The fact that he would be 73 by the time the election comes around may not get to the front, although he has dropped several hints.

The Democratic Nominee race is looking pretty clear cut. Here are the odds for the candidates from the Democratic Party are Hillary Clinton 3/1, Joe Biden 8/1, Andrew Cuomo 12/1, Martin O’Malley 12/1, Elizabeth Warren 20/1

So what of the Republicans? Well, Marco Rubio looks to be the one who will push Mitt Romney’s 2012 running mate Paul Ryan the hardest for nomination. He is a big favourite of the Tea Party and was many people’s favourite to be the vice presidential candidate this year behind Mitt Romney. Would be a sensible move from the Republicans because Rubio, with his Cuban roots would automatically form a strong link with the hispanic vote, especially hailing from Florida. Paul Ryan is going to be touted as a strong nominee, although history is against him. Only once before a losing vice president candidate will have have won the presidential nomination four years later (first achieved by Walter Mondale back in the 80s – who went on to lose to Ronald Reagan).

Interesting candidate on the Republic side is George W Bush’s younger brother Jeb. Another hailing from Florida where he was the Governor. The interesting thing here is that he is pretty closely tied with Rubio. So that means they are highly unlikely to run against each other, but if one drops, the other will naturally make a strong candidate. Like Rubio, he could be a popular draw for the hispanic vote as well and he is already popular among the heavy Cuban base in Florida. Ironically, because he has a more liberal stance on immigration, it could hurt his nomination progress although it is something that would give him a bigger vote in an election. It would be him or Rubio, but Bush is the outsider at 8/1.

One outside shot could be Chris Christie who is a little bit of a maverick wildcard. He is firmly in the conservative right, but he has made waves and headlines by standing with independents and even Democrats when the situations have been ride. The Republican was vocal in praising Obama after Hurricane Sandy and has enough independent backing to make a surprise run of things. That is all dependent on whether or not he wins re-election in New Jersey next year.

The Republican Nominee race is a little closer than that of the Democrats, with Paul Ryan trading as favourite at 5/1 to lead the party forward. Close behind him comes Marco Rubio at a price of 6/1, with Chris Christie and Jeb Bush at 8/1.

It is a long way to go before the Primaries to see who will be stepping forward as candidates in the run for the 2016 US Presidential election. But it is worth scanning the prices now at online bookmaker Ladbrokes who are offering some great ante post prices on the 2016 US Presidential Election betting market. One of Britain’s largest bookmakers, betting site Ladbrokes offer a free £50 bet as a welcome bonus for new customers registering an account. They will match the value of a first stake on a new account when registering with the special bonus code FB50.

2016 US Presidential Election betting at online bookmaker Ladbrokes
Hillary Clinton 11/2, Marco Rubio 10/1, jeb Bush 16/1, Paul Ryan 12/1, Chris Christie 16/1, Joe Biden 16/1