12,721/1 odds bettered in BetVcitor World Cup Competition

Staggering 17,042/1 odds bet tops the leaderboard


Operator BetVictor have been running a fascinating World Cup 2018 contest where the punter who lands the biggest odds win on the tournament will be in line for a £1 million prize. This has really set up huge looks at creativity in World Cup betting from those taking part. Naturally, most of the regular common markets are not going to offer up the kinds of odds that would get a punter to the top of the leaderboard in this.

However, for the #TheMillionPoundBet competition that BetVictor are running, punters have been lapping it up through their PRICEITUP option where punters can create bets of their own. Last week a punter from Scotland had topped the table with a massive 12,721/1 odds success which had fired them to the top of the leaderboard.

That staggering opportunistic bet was built in the final round of group stage matches when Brazil took on Serbia:
Brazil to win 2-0, Paulinho to score 1+ goals, Thiago Silva to score 1+ goals, Brazil Over 6.5 Corners, Serbia Over 2.5 cards, Nemanja Matic to be carded.
This was done through the PRICEITUP feature at odds of 12,721/1 and that punter had stuck a quid on the bet.

Think 12,721/1 odds can’t be beat?

That incredible win was the biggest successful bet at the time by more than 3,000 but then the punter must have been left heartbroken as someone else came up with something bigger on the Uruguay v Portugal round of sixteen match. Just when that 12,721/1 punter though that those odds couldn’t be beaten, along came this:

Uruguay to win 2-1, Uruguay Over 1.5 corners, Uruguay Under 2.5 corners, Portugal Over 9.5 corners, Portugal Under 10.5 corners, Uruguay under 0.5 cards.
Again this was a PRICEITUP Option but at 17,042/1 odds.

Getting the correct score on a match is often touch up but within the bet, the punter had called exactly two corners for Uruguay and exactly ten corners for Portugal. That is just staggering.

The Bet Victor#MillionPoundBet competition runs right through to the end of the tournament and you can check out full details of the promotion on their site.

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