A few thoughts on early season betting

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A few thoughts on early season betting

It seems that the bookmakers had a bad end to their financial year. The fact that they had an almost CLEAR BOOK on Mon Mome in the Grand National seems to have been dis-counted. Their big moan is that the top teams in the various leagues kept their form and kept-on winning their games. Not much said about the start to the last season when many "good things" were beaten. Many at home. Just think back to the start of last season, in the Premiership. How much was lost when Man U started at such a slow pace. At the end of September they had just EIGHT points . Whilst this was going on Hull City were applying their own brand of surprises. At the end of September they sported ELEVEN points. Even at the end of October they still had more points than United.However by the end of November things were returning to normal with the BIG FOUR occupying the top four spots in the league table. Now whilst these unusual results were coming thru’ the old Bookie was coining it in. The thing is, this sort of thing happens year in year out. Early season form is very erratic. It does take time to settle down. Even more so in the lower reaches of English football.

A point to remember is that the Transfer Window closes at the end of August. This is when the lower league sides attempt to bolster their squads with the best of the Premiership players who haven’t managed to find a new home for themselves. This is when the Loan Deals play havoc with current form.

What I’m trying to get across is, DON’T dive in too early in the season. Try to hold your fire for at least EIGHT games. More if possible. Don’t forget, there are still Summer Leagues to bet on. Their form is pretty well layed out. Don’t give the bookies the start to the season that they hope will "fill their boots".

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