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This system was on the market in 1988. Not surprisingly the vendor had a high opinion of his work.
Looking at it and taking it at face value it does give interesting possibilties.
The system rules will take some time to arrive at acceptable selections. It is based upon form figures and rating these figures and other considerations, to give possible selections.
The original system operated on most races. I am suggesting that ALL-AGE STAKES RACES  will prove a better proposition for what I have in mind.
The vendor boasted of 32% winners and over 70% return on investment. This covered all aspects of different race types.
Keeping to Stakes Races only, should see that percentage rise considerably.

Form Figures. The way these were assessed was rather confusing. ONLY horses with form figures consisting entirely of 1’s  and 2’s on their last THREE runs were considered but ONLY THE LAST TWO FIGURES were used for rating purposes. Weird or what? Form from a previous season is allowed. Then to muddy the waters even further having stated only horses with 1’s or 2’s in their form line will be considered, he awards points for 3rd and 4th places. Still with me?
So let’s try to bring a little sanity to proceedings.
My suggestion is that we consider form figures comprising of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and 4’s with the proviso that there MUST BE a 1 amongst the three figures.
On this basis let’s sort out the ratings figures.

First  5 pts     Course and Distance Winner (C/D) 3 pts.
Second 3 pts     Distance winner            (D)   2 pts.
Third  2 pts     Course Winner              (C)   1 pt.
Fourth 1 pt.

So it is obvious that the top rating can never be more than 18 points. We do not rate for more than ONE instance where COURSE and DISTANCE points are concerned.
On the odd occasion when there are two or more qualifiers give preference to the shortest priced in the betting forecast.
We now have selection(s) which have good recent form. They are also consistent.
How should we back them? I always advocate LEVEL STAKES. If you can’t make money at level stakes you’re in worse trouble with staking plans.

What kind of races are we going to back in?
Obviously we want races that are most likely to be won by form horses. STAKES RACES, are therefore an ideal vehicle.
Stakes Races means without GROUPS 1,2 AND 3 RACES. Listed Races are best left alone as well The remaining races can be broken down as follows. All-Aged AND 3-Y-0’S.

Claiming Races.     75% are won by the first THREE in the betting.
Maiden Races        78%                  ""                      .
Other Stakes Races  74%                  ""                      .


Claiming Races      75%                  ""                      .
Maiden Races        75%                  ""                      .
Other Stakes Races  78%.                 ""                      .

Maiden races do pose many quandaries. Stats appear to say that the lower the class of the MAIDEN RACES the better the chances of the first three. Class 5 and below seem to be the answer. 

Selling Races, Amateur Riders Races and Apprentice Races are NOT qualifying races under any circumstances.

Obviously these are just the bare bones and much can be added, or subtracted, by anyone. 
Try adding you own filters, maybe trainers (especially by month/course) and or jockey stats will be useful to some people.
A short while back I gave a table of all racecourses and rated them according to their FAVOURITES RETURNS. This could well be a useful guide to use when deciding whether to invest or not.

I’m always wary of someone blowing their own trumpet. However I’m about to have a go.
Did you have a profitable Royal Ascot?
The Merciless Barrage System did.

Starting on Tuesday 1st choice POWER did the trick @, 4/1. There was a supplementary bet (not counted for PROFIT and LOSS purposes).
Frederick Engels @ 9/4
Wednesday was no better than second place.
Thursday got back to winning ways. 1st choice, Bapat Chinta doing the business at a very acceptable 6/1.
Friday was a let down. Only a 2nd place @17/2.
Rounded off on Saturday by Maybe, 1st choice, winning at 5/2.
Staking as follows – 1st Choice 20 pts 2nd choice 10pts. Gives a 160 pts PROFIT for the ROYAL MEETING.
As the system was already 30 pts ahead for the month at the start of the meeting that puts it 190 pts in front so far this month

Up to date. June .
9 qualifying races.
5 winning races.
4 losing races (includes a 20 pts non-runner).

Can this good run continue?
We’re fast approaching 400 pts profit since starting on May 4th.

Bet selectively and responsibly.