Backing one Team a whole Season


Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

This is not something I advise if you are the type of person who is biased in favour of a particular team. Specialising in backing or laying just ONE team consistently is not for the faint hearted. It’s not recommended that you try this with your favourite team, because then your heart is much more likely to rule your head and that is the road to ruin. Backing just one team for a whole season might not sound exciting but by picking the right team you can make money, consistantly. The teams that win constantly are usually hard to back. That’s as it should be. However it’s still possible to get a return for your stake money.

The main aspect of betting one team is that you should know everything there is to know about them. Their weaknesses and their strong points. Whether or not they are going to be missing an important team member, (leading goalscorer or king-pin in defence), or maybe they decide to give a fringe player an outing. There are so many variables that it’s impossible to even try listing them. So you will need to use a good stats site. Or even two or more. The more info you have at your fingertips the better.

Now every match needs TWO teams, so you need to be able to assess their opponents as well. Are they a good defensive side? Do they possess a striker who scores for fun? What about their recent record? Maybe they’ve had a run when they’ve been a little slack in defence when normally they keep the opposition well in hand. Have they made an effort to control this defect? Another thing which needs to be looked at is historic results. Every team has at least one bogey team. No matter how well your chosen side is playing the bogey tam always seems to get that little bit of luck needed. And funnily enough this often happens when the bogey team are playing away. So give plenty of thought to previous results between the two teams.
There will of course be days when the visiting team are mainly there just to “make up the numbers”. Derby County’s recent excursion into the Premiership is the sort of thing I mean. Unfortunately under these circumstances the odds available are likely to be pretty short. This is one time when you need to trawl through the odds comparison sites to make sure you get the best odds possible. If necessary open an account with a bookmaker who you haven’t bet with before. You’ll probably get a Welcome Bonus too.
Backing just one team consistently means you’ll be backing a side which wins, hopefully, most of it’s matches. So you’ll be backing almost certainly at at ODDS-ON when they’re playing at home. So in reality your stake should be bigger for their home games. When playing away there are often little things which favour the home side no mater what the away side play like. So you should be able to back at slightly better odds when they’re on the road.
The main thing with this kind of betting is the need to choose the right team. With the right team in your corner you just need to be able to pick out the Hiccups which will come their way from time to time. You’ll also need to be able to make the best of the prices on offer. Backing at 1.4 or maybe less doesn’t give much room for error. So you need to look at previous games and see if there is a trend of low scoring games between the two. In such cases it will often be worth punting a couple or so Correct Scores for much smaller stakes , rather than lumping on at a short price.
As with any kind of betting, you need to have as much information as it’s possible to gather. Fortunately all this info is available on this site. Odds comparisons, league tables and results of previous clashes are all at your finger tips. And they cost nothing.
There will be times when it may be foolhardy to think of backing your chosen team. One such occasion might be the League Cup. This can be a minefield for even premiership sides. For some reason some managers treat it as a trial for their fringe players and no matter how you delve into news reports you can still find yourself backing a virtual second string when your opponents are fielding their strongest eleven. Other occasions can be when your side plays in the Europa League or the Champions League. This applies to the group stages, especially in the Champons League. There is so much to-ing and fro-ing attempting to make certain of missing out on the better teams when the draw for the K.O . Stages is made. It always pays to hold fire here, especially when teams are striving to miss the 3 rd places and entry to the unloved. Europa League.There have been many surprise results at these stages.

An unthought of thing at times might be to back against your favourite team. Don’t knock it. We’re here to make money and if the occasion arises when all the indications are that your selection might be in for a defeat, don’t rubbish the idea. You can salve your conscience by not exactly backing against your team but by laying it. On another occasion it might be worth looking at the Asian Handicap odds and dipping your toes in that particular water. Especially when it looks like a very tight outcome. Just think about it.

Something to remember is that you can choose your team not just from the premiership or any English league but you can wander far and wide throughout Europe and even South America in search of a side to help build your betting bank. The world really is your oyster as far as football teams are concerned.

Always remember you can now Cash Out in-play not o ly with Betfair but many popular bookmakers also offer the same facility.
So pick your team and burn a little midnight oil and Good Luck .