Bet365 reveal 80% of sports betting revenue comes from live in-play betting

Live betting explosion at Bet365


Some astounding details have been released by Bet365 regarding the betting habits of sports betting punters. It was revealed that 80% of all sports betting revenues have come from in-play bets alone. While the figures were released by Bet365 is a common theme across the entire online betting industry. Live in-play betting, where punters can get down wagers on a sporting event as it is happening, is a major deal and the popularity is increasing even further.

Live bets, live betting, live in-play bets, call it what you will, the industry has really benefitted from the birth of that particular form of wagering. It is a great alternative or supplement to pre-match wagers, because punters can enjoy the dynamic experience of engaging in the game, judging the flow of action and, therefore, the likelihood of who scores a goal next for example.

Thanks to live in-play betting, punters can see who is on top of their game in a match and who is likely to bag some value in the live goalscorer markets. Or if an underdog takes a lead early in a match, then the price on the favourite will drift a bit and that could be a great time to jump on the favourite to turn things around at the extended value.

Bet365 help the live in-play betting process along fantastically with their statistics and graphical representation of live games. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at live betting on a desktop or mobile, you will still get the same unique betting experience. It is actually the mobile explosion which has helped the live in-play betting industry grow and grow.

Now punters can actually sit in a stadium watching the action live in person, pull out their mobile and get a live bet down on the game. It doesn’t get much better than that, but you could be sitting on your couch watching a game, down the pub watching on the big screen, those dynamic, rapidly-changing live markets are there to be taken advantage of, right at your fingertips.

Online bookmaker Bet365 do have one of the most comprehensive live in-play betting portals around. For a top football match, they will generally have over 70 active live in-play betting markets to choose from Next Goal, Match Goals, Match Corners, Half-Time Result to the Full-Time Result. Open a new account with Bet365 and enjoy the game.