Betting strategies (part 1)

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Betting strategies (part1)

I prefer you use strategies rather than systems. I differentiate between the two as, Systems, A rigid set of rules without any leeway for "free thinking". Strategies A set of guidelines that can be used to help to assess form but can be manipulated to fit the occasion.

Anyone hoping to make money from betting must have more than one string to his bow. The reasoning behind this is that when one strategy is having a hard time others that you employ can help you thru’ the bad run.

One of the most popular strategies I’ve come across is "Lay the Draw". Unfortunately what was once a "good thing" now labours somewhat due to it’s popularity. In the early days of the Exchanges the odds were favourable until the moneymen started to make their presence felt. For those who may not know the workings of this strategy it’s fairly straight forward. Before the game starts you put a LAY bet on the match to be drawn. Then, when a goal has been scored you BACK the match to end as a draw. Here, is now, where the snags occur. If the AWAY side score first, it’s very likely that there will be little or no movement in the Draw price. Especially if the AWAY side is the unfavoured team. Another occasion when the price doesn’t move very much once a goal has been scored, is when both teams are "well-matched".

A possible alternative is to wait for half-time. Then consider LAYING suitable games that are still goal-less. One big point in your favour is that the price for the Draw will have dropped, favourably.
I’ve looked at quite a few different leagues to find those that have the fewest 0 – 0 games.
Those playing during the summer are:-

Iceland Div 1.                               3.6% ending goalless.
Sweden Superettan                   6.3%
Norway Div 1.                              7.14%
Irish Div 1.                                    7.14%
Irish Premier                               7.62%

Leagues that are presently "resting" include:-

Italy Serie "A"                               4.73%
Spanish Premira                          5.00%
English League 1.                        5.8%
English Conference                    8.15%
English Premiership                 11.05% 

These leagues may not be to your liking. Just check a few more and choose carefully. All the help you need is there for the taking just go to BASIS / STATISTICS. Nine marvellous websites at your disposal.          

The big bug-bear in this strategy is the 0 – 0 result.  By choosing your games carefully you can overcome this to some extent. The alternative is to BACK the 0 – 0 score for a small stake, to cover yourself. Of course this will mean a smaller return in total. So that makes it "Decision Time". Cover 0 – 0 or take a chance.

There is, of course, another way you could play safe. That’s by BACKING ………. on the 1 goal or more market. The prices on offer for both markets are usually very similar but they often depend on  how the game looks to those watching and waiting.
Your belief in your own ability at choosing your matches, will make that decision for you.

Next times I’ll look at the UNDERS/OVERS markets and some of my own tips in a do and don’t format. 

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