Betting strategies (part 2)

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Betting strategies (part 2)

Mention Unders/Overs and I’ll wager most punters will immediately think of the 2.5 goals mark.
However Betfair patrons will be well aware that you can also bet on such Under/Over goal totals as 1.5 , 3.5 and 4.5 as well as the usual 2.5.
For those who are unfamiliar with these markets, it’s a case of "It does what is says on the tin". You choose the total you wish to BET or LAY and wait for the result. If you choose to BET Over 2.5 goals then providing the match doesn’t end, 0 – 0, 1 – 0, 0 – 1, 1 – 1, 2 – 0, or 0 – 2 then you have a winning bet. Should you BET Under 2.5 goals, then you want to see one of these scores. It sounds easy but you must be prepared to do a lot of research. Current scoring form of both sides. Who they’ve scored against recently and do check the Historical results of previous clashes between the two sides. What has happened in the past has a habit of repeating itself.     
Whilst many punters are happy to have a bet and then wait for the result, Unders/Overs tends to lend itself to Trading. Usual choice for Trading is on the UNDERS MARKET. Basically, before the game starts, you BACK at what you think is a fair price. Then when the price DROPS as the game progresses, you decide at what point to LAY and TRADE-OUT. Giving yourself a GREEN BOOK.

Sounds easy. If only it were that easy.
With this strategy you really must do your homework before having a bet.
As you want the game to stay goal-less for as long as possible, your first necessity is finding teams that are notorious for starting slowly. You also need to know which teams are "mean" defensively, or which teams find it hard to score goals.
CHELSEA are notorious for grinding out low scoring wins. So pit them against a team with a tight defence and you have the makings of a "Good Trade". 
The "BIGGIES" for this strategy are The Price at which to have your BACK BET, then how long to wait before you place your LAY BET. The price should be as near to 2.0 (evens), as possible. Experience, eventually, will tell you when to bet. Don’t be greedy, though. A harder task is the decision when to place your LAY BET. Here is where you do need to get the stats on your side. You can find necessary times, usually split into fifteen minutes periods, on the site mentioned below. The individual team stats are really useful.
Now this is yet another occasion when keeping records is essential. The more detailed the better. When patterns begin to emerge you’ll spot them straight away.

Many strategies are based on either Goals scored or Goals conceeded. Therefore you need to have all the stats at your finger-tips. There are numerous sites on the "net" that will provide you with most of what you need to know but to be absolutely certain you should try With this site you’ll not go far wrong. 

Something Entirely Different. ONE.

I don’t know whether there is anyone out there who still does the "Pools". They barely get a mention these days.
A little bet I used the have, revolved around a strategy called "WHEELING".
Basically for the Treble Chance pool.
Forget about form, after all this is aimed at winning the BIG ONE so form, unfortunately has to go out of the window. Choose your coupon numbers, (I chose eleven). Then add the number either side of each one you’ve chosen. This will give you roughly three times your initial choice. (Depends on whether you choose Nos 1 and/or 49). Naturally you need a good perm to go with these numbers, but they’ll give you a good run for your money.
In the far off days, after we’d just moved on from bows and arrows, I did hit the Jackpot. £349.75p. Around £10,000. in todays money.
If there is enough interest, I’ll keep this thread alive.
Incidentally, why not try this with your lottery numbers?

Remember the the"D’s".
DISCIPLINE and more,

Good Punting.

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