Betting Strategy for enhanced odds offers

Pssst, wanna make 30%?

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

When it comes to football, are you a gambler or a investor?
If the former, this won’t interest you, unless you change your habits and really you should. If the latter it may well be something that you haven’t seen before.

As any serious punter will know, being able to bank 30% from a “No-lose” bet is very rare and not to be sniffed at.

On Friday morning when reading the sports pages I was struck by an advert proclaiming enhanced prices. I was interested until I noticed that it referred to the France v Germany match later that day. I wasn’t interested in the match as is appeared to be a very close affair. France were in a purple patch of form and the Germans were, well they were the Germans. Controlled and Disciplined. At the time I was sure one goal would settle the tie but I wasn’t optimistic enough to go for either side.

However the prices quoted as enhanced were, 3/1 Germany and 4/1 France. Now 10 pts on each would guarantee at least an even money winner provided the game didn’t end up level after 90 minutes. So all that was needed was to find a way around the DRAW possibility. The answer lay with any bookmaker offering over EVENS. In fact a 10 pts staked “DUTCHED” on the three odds of 3/1, 4/1 and EVENS would show a minute profit of .53 pts. O.K. So it’s nothing to write home about but it was possible to get approximately 9/4 with Betfair. (It was 3.2 actually). So substitute the 3.2 for EVENS and the return is 3.11 pts. This meant slightly more than 30 % profit whatever the result.

Now with the advent of enhanced odds, it gives us a new game to play. We need to pay attention to the bookmakers odds lists and watch for whoever is being the most generous. Of course there are bound to be some draw backs so it will pay to read the terms and conditions of the offers. One bookmaker, I noticed, would only pay out in cash to the original price but the “enhanced” payment would be in “free bets”. If you’re happy with this situation all well and good.

The main thing with this “strategy” is that it gives an “EDGE”. For how long before the bookmakers “pull it”, is hard to say.
It will be necessary to have more than one online account. In fact the more the better. There will be occasions when you will need to have three accounts for a particular match. One or maybe two of these accounts should be with an EXCHANGE. Also you will need a good dutching calculator. Oddschecker is my first choice.

Don’t forget, when you open an account with an online bookmaker you’ll almost certainly be given the offer of a free bet. If you delve back in my previous articles you’ll find details of how to make these free bets pay dividends with no chance of losing money.
It will take a certain amount of patience and study to find these “enhanced” offers as they will probably be held back for “special occasions”.