Betting Systems and Betting Tipsters reviewed

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Betting Systems and Betting Tipsters reviewed

You have an internet connection and all the bits pieces that go with it. That, unfortunately includes Spam amongst your e-mails. If you’re like me, included in your e-mails will be vendors and their offshoots (affiliates) trying to sell you some marvellous system. ( Ever wondered why these guys don’t just use the sytems and swell their bankrolls? ). Offering you virtually INSTANT MONEY. You know what I mean. THE GREATEST SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. Or words to that effect. Start with pennies and by next week you’ll be betting in hundreds of pounds. Or it’s the WORLD’S BEST TIPSTER. who’ll make you RICH BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS IN NO TIME AT ALL. The one question I always ask myself, and you probably do too, is, if the system or tips are so wonderful, why are they being sold?  I’m certain you also know the answer to that one. Would you let anyone else into your system that was skinning the bookies? Of course not. These guys seem to be able to conjure these systems out of thin air. Sometimes the names change but the trade marks are all there to show where they originate from. One such outfit, known as the Rochdale Road gang, seem to have a new, Best Ever System, every two or three months. Have you noticed the number of new systems around in the last two weeks?

Many of the systems on the market are just cobbled together. You can do much better on your own. Hopefully I can give you some useful pointers for you to make your own betting niche.
Why not subscribe to the FREE REVIEW SITES that are liberally available via Google, or any other search engine. You’ll quickly realise which are genuine and which are just there to point you in the wrong direction. Spend an hour or so sorting them and you’ll be doing yourself a BIG favour. A SORT OF "LOOK BELFORE YOU LEAP" , in case you do decide to subscribe to an offer
If you decide to "come along for the ride" decide what type of football betting is for you. 12x, unders and overs, laying the draw or perhaps laying in general.
Whichever you decide upon, your first step is RESEARCH. Researching a particular thread will prove more profitable than diving in head first and betting willy-nilly.
Research takes time. And will give you headaches. So instead of doing a ten team accumulator and heading for the pub, break out the Paracetamol.
System builders and tipsters all  use the same basic building blocks. Namely STATISTICS. They may source the stats from different places but they will all be using stats that are freely available.
The difference between systems and tipsters is the manner in which the stats are used.
One manner is RATINGS. If you can find the elusive  way to evaluate the stats you intend to use, then you have a great start. Unfortunately finding these correlations is the HOLY GRAIL of a successful ratings plan.  Even if you do find them, there is one factor you just can’t include. The HUMAN BEING FACTOR. you know what I’m hinting at. The goalie has an off day. the striker misses a handful of sitters, the ref gives a penalty that never was.These things you can’t do anything about. So you must make the best use of all the "normal" stats.

How hard do you think it is to make a reasonable profit? What do you consider to be a reasonable profit?
I recently read of a well known tipping service which "SPECIALIZES"  in short price matches. (Backing the favourite, naturally).  They had FOURTEEN  wins from only EIGHTEEN selections.  The losers were 1.44, 1.33, 1.25 and 1.37.     Incidentally, 1.44 was the LARGEST PRICE of any selection, AMONGST THE WINNERS, too. After eighteen bets there was a level stakes LOSS  of  0.74 PTS. Now couldn’t you do better than that?
Over the next few weeks I hope to find the "bits and pieces" that when knitted together will not only make sense but lead to finding some of those elusive winners. At decent prices too. Not the "nailed on" 1.3’s etc.

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