Contra D’Alembert Betting System – A Simple Progression

A simple Progression for beginners to use

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There are so many betting systems available out there that it can be a bit of a minefield to dig through them all and find out just which ones work for you. So if you are new to the world of betting and do want to explore the notion of Betting Systems then the Contra D’Alembert System may be a good place to start.

That is because it is a very simple and straightforward Positive Progression System that follows very simple rules. Here is our guide to teh Contra D’Alembert System.

Positive Progression

A system which is called a Positive Progression is where you increase your stake after a win on the next bet and decrease your stake after a loss. That’s it in a nutshell and that is what the Contra D’Alembert System is and it works off a base stake that you set for yourself. That base will all be dependant on your bankroll and how much you can afford to lose.

What is Contra D’Alembert?

The name of this systems comes from Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert who was a French mathematician who has a famous place in history for basically being wrong. He figured that the more times a coin was flipped on tails the more likely that the next flip would be heads. That’s proven false of course because no matter how many times you flip a coin you will always have exactly a 50/50 chance of the outcome.

That is what is known as Gambler’s Fallacy actually, the belief that previous results of bets influence the next. They don’t. But with his thoughts in place, d’Alembert decided to create a betting system where the train of thinking was that you were more likely to win after a loss and so the thing to do would be to increase your stakes after a loss.

So he came up with a Negative Progression System based on all of that called the D’Alembert System. This is basically the opposite of that and doesn’t get as expensive in comparison if you have a losing streak working against you.

How the System Works

As we have stated this is a very simple Positive Progression system and you just really have the two rules to follow once you have started. You do have to decide what your base stake unit is going to be. This is important because it will be used for the rest of the system. So if you have a £200 bankroll at the start of this you may want to use between 2% and 5% of that as you base stake. For our example, we’ll use 5% and that is a 10 unit stake.

That’s all there is to it. For sports betting you are going to want to pick out Even Money options as with most betting systems. That is where you would double your return and is similar to picking odd or even on a roulette wheel. Starting the system you have to use that base stake which you came up with. So the first bet that you place in the system in this instance would be £10.

Rule 1: Increase Stake after a win

That’s simple enough. If you were to win with your first bet you simply raise the stake for the next bet by one unit. So if you won that first beat of £10 you would put £20 down on the next bet. If that bet wins then you don’t double, you just add another base stake so the next would be £30 and so on. Everything here is based on that base stake and you don’t vary from it. You either go up £10 or down £10 on your stake. Which leads us to…

Rule 2: Decrease Stake after a loss

If you lose a bet then you will reduce your stake by a unit. It’s a simple as that. So if you just lost a bet at £40 stake then your next bet would drop down to £30 for the following wager. If you are right back down to your initial base stake (in this case £10) then you just keep playing that base stake on bets until you pick a winner. Then you go back up with another base unit.

So that is all there is to the Contra D’Alembert System. Nice and easy and straightforward to follow with no great complications along the way. That is why perhaps this is one of the more popular Positive Progressions systems because it is just so straightforward that you can’t miss a step. That’s not to say that this is perfect because as we are always keen to state, Betting Systems are not foolproof as there are always pros and cons to them.

Attention to details

No Betting System is going to guarantee you wins as no Betting System can predict 100% of the time the outcome of a situation. Because you are not increasing your stake after a loss with this system, then it does help you out in extending your bankroll compared to other Betting Systems out there. So it does slow down the bleed when you go on a losing streak and if you were lucky enough to get a winning streak going then it can return pretty healthy as well.

But winning streaks are hard to pull off because of the unpredictability of sports events. Depending on the sequence of results even though you are picking up wins you may not be ahead financially. After winning with your first bet, if you were to alternate between a win and a loss on the following six bets then you would be down on your bankroll despite having wins. Again, a Betting System is not foolproof.

But Betting Systems, especially straightforward ones like this for beginners can help manage a bankroll and ensure that you don’t get carried away with emotional betting. It does afford a bit of discipline at the end of the day. You simply follow the rules that are laid out in the System and hope that your selections come up trumps without getting away from the control of stake-actions.