Coral Player Bets – an exciting alternative for football betting

Back indvidual stats in Coral Player Bets


Bookmaker Coral run a service which allows you to get a little creative with your wagers. Instead of the usual fare of looking at the match result of a football match, you can test your powers of prediction by weighing up options of how certain players will perform in a match. This is through the Coral Player Bets feature which is only available on their mobile services.

What you can do with Coral Player Bets is go and pick a player in a match and then place a stake on a variety of stats that you think the player will meet in his upcoming fixture. This is a real test of skills and prediction powers and you can land yourself some huge bragging rights for pulling this out of the bag.

For example, you can select from markets such as how many shots on target that the player will have in the match, how many tackles he will put in, how many goals etc. This is all really easy to do with the Player Bets builder on your mobile. You chose just which match you want and then add your player which will be the player for your chosen bet (for example Romelu Lukaku). Then select your desired statistic for that player and away you go.


A great feature of the Coral Player Bets is that you can combine players in a match to hit a certain target. For example, you can have a wager on Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford to produce at least seven shots on target between them in their game.

Head to Head

You can all of this a step further as well by picking two players to go head to head in a match. You can pick Eden Hazard to outscore Harry Kane in a fixture or back Cesc Fabregas to produce more assists in a match than Christian Eriksen. Note that not all stats can be combined.

Terms of the markets

Payouts will happen if a player hits their target. For example, if you have backed a player to score 3 or more goals, if they net three then you win in full. If there is a tie in a head to head market then the bet will be a non-winner because the player you backed to beat the other in a particular stat, didn’t happen. The bet will be voided if a selected player does not start the game. There is no Cash Out My Bet option for Player Bets. Also, note that they won’t allow you to combine two bets using two different players from the same team for certain statistics. For example, you couldn’t have Marcus Rashford to score at least two goals as one bet and Romelu Lukaku to have at least five shots on target in an accumulator and Coral won’t allow a user to combine bets for two players from the same team using “paired combination” statistics

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