Cyril’s betting advice (part 1)

Football Betting

I was around at the birth of betting shops.

How could anyone not immediately fall in love with the wonderful facilty-lacking places? And that marvellous fog like atmosphere. I loved it so much that I  taught myself to settle. I blagged myself a job as a relief settler/boardmarker. That was in July 1963. Thank God the owner didn’t know a bet from a bat. Fortunately I hit it off with the settler/manager and what I didn’t know he taught me. I WAS IN!!!

The years in between now and then, have taught me a lot.  Mainly, only bet when the chances of winning are greater than those of losing. Being able to do this takes a lot of hard work and studying.

Although I earned my living accepting bets, mainly on horses, I myself prefer football for my betting interests. Foinavon in ’67  taught me the error of my ways where horses were concerned.

The way to making money on any field of betting is strewn with traps of many kinds. The biggest cause of losses is indiscipline. No matter what your field of interest  you must be disciplined if you want to make money.

I have three basics in my betting phylosophy
1. Discipline.
2. Specialise.
3.Money Management.

Each is as important as the other.

Discipline speaks for itself. Never bet for the sake of having a bet. Always know why you’re betting on whatever will carry your money. "This one’s due to win", isn’t a good enough reason to back it.

Specialise in your selections. When you realise how many horses there are in training, or how many teams in the multitude of leagues available for you to bet on, the mind boggles. Not forgetting Greyhounds, both real and cartoon. Sorry that should be, real and computer generated. Then there’s the various numbers games to entice you.

Finally you need to keep a good grip on your betting wallet. Have a set amount to bet with and divide it between your selections in a way that makes good sense. There are many staking plans available to the punter. The only one I dismiss out of hand is the Martingale.

All these things will be discussed more fully as the weeks pass …

(Cyril is a betting expert with more than 50 years of experience – he will share  valuable advice, betting systems and a lot more here, so come back regularly to read more!)