Democratic VP Nominee Betting Odds – Who will Biden pick?

Who will Biden pick as a running mate?

Kamala Harris/ California ©imago images / MediaPunch 15.04.2020

With Joe Biden more than likely to officially get the Democratic Nomination for the 2020 US Election, it opens up another interesting aspect of political betting.

Biden, who was Barack Obama’s Vice President, has already stated during his campaign, that he would have a female running mate for 2020 if he were to get the nomination.

Who though, is that likely to be?

Democratic VP Nominee Betting Odds

Kamala Harris 6/4
Gretchen Whitmer 5/1
Amy Klobuchar 6/1
Stacey Abrams 6/1
Elizabeth Warren 10/1
Catherine Cortez Masto 16/1
Michelle Obama 25/1
Hillary Clinton 25/1
Val Demmings 33/1
50/1 bar
* (betting odds taken from Betfair at 21:46 GMT on Saturday 11th April 2020)

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Harris heads up the market

This is a fascinating market as well. The front runner is Kamala Harris who dropped out early in the Dometic nomination race.

Biden threw out a not-so-cryptic “I’m coming for your kid” statement towards Harris during a recent online talk.

Harris, who is a California Senator would be a powerful pick to stand alongside Biden, but Biden himself has confused the option a little bit.

That’s because he has also said that he would nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court and lawyer Harris would be a perfect fit.

There is also the fact that Harris had a fairly poor candidacy campaign as well.

Who else is in the frame?

Other heavyweights in the market are Amy Klobuchar and Stacey Abrams at b* (betting odds taken from Betfair at 21:46 GMT on Saturday 11th April 2020).

Abrams was put front and centre by the Democrats as the one to rebut Donald Trumps’ 2019 State of the Union address. With her not going into a senate race in 2020 either, then it would leave her wide open to be a strong running mate for Biden.

Despite Abrams trading well in the market, there hasn’t been the chatter about her through political pipelines like there has been about Harris.

Abrams lacks the governing experience that senator Amy Klobuchar has as well.

Klobuchar suspended her Democratic Candidate campaign in early March and she then went on to endorse Joe Biden. She is very closely aligned with Biden on issues.

Whitmer gaining ground in the market

Gretchen Whitmer has been shortened in the market to be Biden’s running mate at the 2020 US Election. She is now a 5/1 option* (betting odds taken from Betfair at 21:46 GMT on Saturday 11th April 2020).

The Michigan Governor has been vociferously outspoken against Donald Trump and has been fighting publicly with the President during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

Trump reportedly told his vice-president Mike Pence to not call “the woman in Michigan” after Whitmar has put in a request to the federal government for ventilators, PPE and virus testing kits.

Whitmer influential in key areas

So here is a Whitmer holding power in a key state, fighting for the safety of Michigan the president. That would be some massive voting pull for the Democratic ticket at the polls.

It sounds like an ideal fit to be Biden’s partner in this one. The presence of Whitmer on the ticket would also have a bigger influence in that all-important midwest region.

Warren could pull in the left

The other potential surrogate would be Elizabeth Warren. She is more liberal than the other candidates and would likely attract a lot of votes from the left, who would have gone for Sanders.

So that may be on the mind of Biden when he comes to choosing a running mate and Warren was at one-point the odds-on favourite to be the Democratic nomination. that was before Bernie Sanders rallied the left a little bit more in his favour.

As a nod towards the chances of it being Warren, her plans to reboot the economy after COVID-19 got a public endorsement from former President Barack Obama.