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I’ve been reading a self help book. "Don’t worry, Make money". If only it were that simple.
However this book takes a different approach to the usual books of this ilk. I am going to attempt to take the author’s train of thought and adapt it to the way I bet on football. But only the GOOD BITS.
Imagine you go to a top class Buffet. The tables are laden with all kinds of top class finger food.
You’d take your plate and walk between tables and select only the items you wanted to eat. That’s what I intend to do.
Choose the parts of this book which will be most useful for my purpose.


The first step sets out which direction you’re heading to. Which way will your betting go? Horses, cricket, football, etc.
The first step is to decide which sport you will specialise in. In my opinion it’s better to specialise in one sport. The old saying holds well here, Jack of all trades Master of none. Decide on your sport and stick with it.


Getting attached to anything where betting is concerned can be other than helpful.
Sticking too rigidly to a selection method. Sticking to a team because it won for you on an earlier occasion.
Counter productive. When necessary let go.


Something we all posses. However, very often it’s something we use wrongly.
A passion for a certain type of bet. For a certain correct score. Or for one of a thousand things to do with betting.
Passion is not for the betting world. Passion rules the heart. A good punter’s decisions are made with his head.


Let your memory drift back through past occasions when you’ve been betting. Whether the bets were winning one or not.
Reflect on old happenings. Perhaps you made a mistake that cost you dearly. Think back to what went wrong . Don’t make the same mistake again. Or perhaps there was a day when everything went according to plan. Try to replicate that days happenings. Did you use a different selection method? The memory is a wonderful thing. Just ask it, what was so right about that bet?


Always make sure that you have attended to your monetary obligations before you even think of betting.
Betting money MUST ALWAYS be some that you can AFFORD TO LOSE. Otherwise NO BET.


Realise that you can make excuses when things go to pot. On the other hand you can make money when everything pans out. BUT you can’t do both.
Excuses are expressions of bad decisons. It can also be a way of saying,"I got it wrong, that’s scary".
Excuses can hide a lot of indecision.
Don’t make excuses. Realise all that happened was an error of judgement and take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
After all, there’s no excuse for making the same mistake more than once. Forget the error, make amends and make money instead.


Have you ever noticed, that when you’re under the weather you tend to back more losers. Don’t believe me? Just check your records.
It’s as if being "one degree under" automatically affects your selection ability. It probably does too.
When we’re at a low ebb, be it being unwell or just tired, our brain reacts too. Our spirits are low and when this happens our other faculties react too. So the answer is, if you’re under the weather leave your betting for a later time. Read a joke book or something
else that makes you laugh. Then think about your bets.
Bad moods or low spirits can seriously damage your wealth.


Then it’s probably too good to be true.
Never a truer word spoken. In this world you "NEVER GET ‘OWT FOR NOWT". Believe me this is true.
How often do you read about a horse so well handicapped that he should be made to run with front legs tied together? Do these unbeatable certs ever win. You’ve more chance of being struck by lightening on a Preston Guild. How often do you see a team quoted at ridiculous odds and they then go on to lose? The handicapper and the odds layers know their jobs.
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is and old saying. But it does apply to betting. you might pinch the odd "tick" occasionally but a teaquoted at 5/1 usually has only that much of a chance, no matter what the "experts" tell you.  


Something about which I feel strongly.
Tipsters come in many guises. I want to look at those from newspapers, other media and the Internet.
Many years ago, well before overnight declarations a newspaper correspondent also ran a "Payment for Service".
He did by all reports give his clients a good number of winners. However when he sent out his information he had a little problem. His readers.
He couldn’t very well give them a losing tip (perhaps he had a conscience) nor could he give them his "information". So his newspaper tip for the race in question was a NON-RUNNER.
These days of course, he’d be stymied. Non-runners are very few and far between and not known when newspapers "go to bed".
Today though we have tipsters in various media positions who also run tipping services. They tip via the media and also to their services.
What are the ethics of such schemes. Who are they short-changing. The person who gets the tip for free, as he is entitled to do, whether by newspaper or TV or whatever method, or the paying customer. For surely he can’t give the tip for free, via the media and also charge his customers for the same advice.
Is someone being misled.
The whole business sounds VERY UNETHICAL TO ME.
It can of course apply to football betting. If you are tempted to subscribe to any tipping service, do your research first. Don’t get caught. 
A few years ago  one of these "experts", Derek Thompson Managed to tip 72 losers out of 89 low-priced advices to his Premium Service clients. His "live T.V."
tips were no better either.

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