Don’t worry, make money with sports betting (part 3)

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Reactions to anything critical can get out of hand. We are our own worst enemies when it comes criticism. We often take it too seriously, over re-act and become defensive.
When a selection lets us down we start looking in depth for a reason. At least those of us who are serious about our betting.
The tendency is, of course, to delve too deeply. We begin to question  all aspects of our selection method. Then set about tightening them and virtually making it impossible to make a selection with any confidence. All sorts of things float through your mind and you try to focus on too much.
DON’T look too deeply for answer. Decide on the most important reason that the selection failed and deal with just that. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.


Belief has a lot to do with how you deal with set-backs etc. Many a team has been beaten unexpectedly. but they come back next game. Because they believe in themselves.
When something goes wrong you must believe that you can deal with it in a way that will be successful.
There’s no place for negative thinking. "I CAN’T" WON’T CUT IT. Look at the problem and tell yourself, "The answer’s here, I just need to find it".
And you will.
Always believe that "You can". Never entertain "I can’t".


Circumstances, or how you deal with them, will decide what kind of punter you become.
A successful punter is just that because of the way he deals with circumstances.
The successful punter doesn’t whinge or moan about circumstances which might obstruct him. He deals with them.
How would you have reacted if you had bet Liverpool to win at Sunderland last season? Remember the Beachball Incident?
That’s the kind of problem the successful punter takes in his stride.
You must take control when things aren’t going right. Make the circumstances work for you.


Two heads are better than one, so the saying goes.
When it comes to betting it’s probably true. Many of us already have a partner without realising it. How many of us read what Joe Bloggs is tipping in the daily paper? It’s amazing how many of us can be persuaded to back the same as the tipster.
However what we really need is a person who knows what he’s talking about, who we can sit down with and have a really good chat about whatever our betting genre is.
If you subscribe to a tipsters service, then you’re already in a partnership.
Some people won’t even consider pairing up with someone else as it might reduce his potential winnings. This shouldn’t happen. It should be very easy to each run their own staking methods. Just use the compounded knowledge for the good of both of you.


Whenever we make a decision about a bet we immediately fill our minds with thoughts of, "What if this happens, what if something else happens".
Thoughts that have us dithering about our selection(s) are something which we don’t want. When we think about all the times we’ve had worries about various things. How many times have those worries been worth even thinking about. not very often, I’ll warrant.
There are so many variables attached to any bet that trying to come to terms with any of them is wasted effort. An early red card, or a player injured during the pre-kick-off "kick about". You can’t legislate for things like that happening.
Set these thoughts aside, They’ll cause you more problems than they’ll solve.


Timing can be so important. Of course it depends on your type of bet. Some you can just "put on" and forget about but for others timing needs the utmost consideration.
For anyone using an Exchange, especially for "in-play" betting, timing can be the difference between profit and loss. Those people who use the Exchange to bet on involved strategies know just how important timing is. Probably the strategy that causes most problems is Lay the Draw. An equaliser on top of a leading goal can be very costly. You do have to get in quickly. On other occasions your bet may mean that you have to watch changing prices. These prices can, and do, change so quickly.
Getting your timing right is a big plus.


Some things you can change but others you can’t.
You can’t change the odds a bookmaker puts up for a match. However you can change your bookmaker.
You can’t change bookmakers rules but you can change the way you bet to get round any rule that stops you betting as you want to.
To most problems you can find an answer if you "think out of the box".
Bookmakers aren’t slow to change anything about their set-up if it’s not going according to plan. In fact they do it all the time. The most apparent is with price changes. They change things as they deem necessary, there’s nothing to stop you doing the same.


This is really about workload.
How many plans or strategies you can handle comfortably.
It’s easy to get bogged down with ideas when it comes to making money. The same applies to betting. If you have more than one strategy or betting plan, PRIORITISE. Doing so will allow you to decide how much time to spend on each plan.
A basic example. You have a single match to bet on for a large stake. You also want to have a very small stake correct score yankee bet. Which should be your priority? It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?
Ultimately it boils down to our own ability. We are each able to tackle a different amount of work at any one time. The secret is to make certain we give the most important our greater attention. Also we must make sure we don’t have too much on our plate. Too big a work load has a detrimental effect on our ability. 


No matter how long you work on something, or how hard you work. it doesn’t matter how intuitive you are or how talented. NEVER ever fail to listen to your inner voice. That’s the one we use when we have a problem and no else to talk to about it. The voice in your head that used to tell you to do something wrong when you were a youngster and also told you to run and hide when you were about to be found out.
The inner voice is the "mouthpiece" for the mind. Your mind will only tell you of the things you need to know for the job to hand. You can’t choose your circumstances but you can choose your thoughts. Choose the correct thoughts and you’ll find the correct answers.
Everything you do and are comes from inside you. Just make certain that you choose correctly from what is offered.


Along with low self-esteem doubt is the bugbear of our lives. We go through life doubting almost everything we have to do. Doubting our own ability is our number one fault.
We need to overcome this belief. We must stop doubting and trust ourselves to make decisions. We must be able to decide between two teams and if we forget how we doubt ourselves we’ll more often than not reach the correct result.


How many of us would like to make a living just betting? All most everyone, I’d guess.
The problem is of course money. Let’s face it if you haven’t got a decent bankroll the chances of becoming a professional punter are extremely low.
Betting shops are littered with would-be professional backers. They all fell into the same trap. Not enough cash.
People starting their ownn businesses are told that have even a remote chance of making a go of it they should have enough cash in the bank to see them through the first two years. Otherwise, forget it. I think that the same should apply to anyone even thinking about taking the plunge into betting.
Two years living expenses plus enough stakes to carry on through those first two years.
Stick to "part-time". Less aggro and fewer ulcers.


In this day and age it’s still unbelievable how many people disapprove of betting in any form. Especially since the Government have given there blessing for so long.
I don’t see why we should take any notice whatsoever of these people. To each his own and so on. Have your bets, in moderation obviously and let them get on with their lives.


We all use data in one form or another to help make our selections.
However there may well be times when we rely too much on it. We use it as an excuse to cover a bad result. Rather than rely on stats too much we should treat them as a crutch.
Something to help us along our way.
When your figures have given you a "bum steer", don’t delve too deeply into other data. Sometimes you might need to enlarge your set of stats but there will be occasions when it will be to your advantage to cut back on your databank. Unfortunately only experience will tell you which track to take. Experience can unfortunately be costly.
There does come a point where information at your fingertips can be excessive. knowing when to pare back comes with experience. Usually at a price, too.


No matter at what stage of life we may be, we can always find room to take on board a MENTOR. There is always someone out there, who can do what we are doing, ONLY BETTER.
Doesn’t do much for our ego but that’s the truth.
Talk to anyone you believe can be of help. Betting shops are full of "experts" but sort the wheat from the chaff and try to team up with someone who you would like to be friends with.
This approach doesn’t work one way though. You should be prepared to help anyone who has a lesser grip on the knowledge of whatever branch of betting you feel you are strongest.
If we all help each other, one day we might find ourselves on an almost level playing field with the bookies. It’s only MIGHT though.

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